Obama Orders Terrorists To Illinois

Posted: 12/12/2009 by Lynn Dartez in Zebra

The Land of Lincoln may still be licking its wounds over Chicago’s losing the Olympics to Rio, but Obama has delivered up a small consolation prize, the state’s very own federal prison for terrorists.

Big Government has received what is claimed to be a leaked DOJ memo that was allegedly sent yesterday from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.  The memo authorizes the transfer of Gitmo terrorists to the Thomson Correctional Center (TCC) in Thomson, Illinois.

Presumably, the inmates at Guantanamo Bay are there because they are believed to be a threat to national security.  How moving them into the United States then is a good idea is beyond our powers of reasoning.  While we are well aware of the Corleone advice to keep one’s friend close and enemies closer, we’re pretty certain it wasn’t meant as national security advice.

Thomson, Illinois, is little village.  It’s quite small.  There’s no real infrastructure to deal with any sort of “incident.”  It’s about 15 miles upriver from the Cordova Nuclear Power plant, and not too far from the Rock Island Arsenal.  Lots of good targets for “outside” influences.  It’s populated by many simple agricultural folk who don’t lock their doors at night.  There are small schools, ripe for a hostage incident.  You get the picture.  But, I guess Obama and Holder think Thomson is a good, safe place for these enemy combatants!


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