Obama’s Holiday Bribes Thank Longknife

Posted: 12/13/2009 by Lynn Dartez in 2011


News Analysis by Brigitte de Maubec

Obama will enjoy a 13 day Hawaiian Holiday repleat with a corps of jouralists, payed for with your tax-dollars.Obama will enjoy a 13 day Hawaiian Holiday repleat with a corps of jouralists, payed for with your tax-dollars.

(Dec. 11, 2009) — Just after the aftermath of yet another insult to our allies via the refusal to participate to the traditional events surrounding the award of the Nobel Prize including a dinner with the King, on the pretenses that the recipient was a very busy, sitting “President,” responsible for not one, but two, wars and facing the worst economic crisis “EVAHHH!”, the White House is quietly organizing yet another vacation-time for the Obamas.

They would have you believe that nothing has been decided yet, when in fact the logistics of booking their 13 day vacations in Hawaii, from December 23 to January 3, are in full swing!

And the invitations for the entourage are out!

Yesterday, December 10, Laurence Haim, the only French-Press-accredited, White House correspondent — but for the AFP — revealed that she had received an email inviting her and a guest to stay for the duration of Obama’s trip to Hawaii, at a Hotel next to the Obamas’ vacations spot.  Her revelations were aired on the French TV leading evening news program.

To listen to the program in French, go to the 20:00 mark in the broad cast at http://www.zataz.com/news/17388/canal-plus–regarder-gratuitement.html

According to Haim, the entire corps of White House correspondents, domestic and international has been invited (with a guest of their choice), to follow the Obamas under the sun at the American taxpayer expense.

In times when the American people are facing a bleak and sobering Christmas, when millions have lost their jobs and homes, the Obama Court is relocating to a Hawaiian paradise on the public dime.  And to insure the cooperative silence of the Main Stream Media, it is bribing the lackeys of the press, with lavishing and outrageous favors.

This would be cause enough to raise eyebrows, but since when is 13 day vacation outside of the mainland U.S.A.  accpetable the “President” of a nation at war?

I guess Christmas at home in Chicago or New Year at Camp David does not fit the standards of the Grandiose Obamas.

Probably not Historic enough!

  1. Longknife 21 says:

    Tell your kids when they get one toy and a bunch of clothes for Christmas instead of compurters for games, 4 wheelers, and a pony, to watch the TV and see where their Christmas money went! It will be ALL Obama, All the Time, with the entire Washington Press Corp spending Christmas in Hawaii on your money! Tell your kids! And all the Obama Voters!! And while their heating bills climb, tell them about the increasing energy costs because of Obama’s support of the Global Hoax! (the warming part went south!)

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