Canadian Company Will ‘Offset’ Emissions From Obama’s Air Force One Flight to Copenhagen Climate Conference

Posted: 12/16/2009 by Lynn Dartez in 2011, un

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
By Susan Jones, Senior Editor

( – A private Canadian company says it will plant 1,176 trees to offset the carbon emitted by Air Force One when it carries President Barack Obama to Copenhagen for the international climate conference.

President Obama will travel 3,979 miles to Denmark on Friday, Dec. 18, and Air Force One will emit an estimated 196 tons of carbon on that trip, said LimeGreen Earth, Inc., in a news release.

“By offsetting President Obama’s carbon emission, we are setting a precedent for the global community,” said the company’s president, Andrew Thomas. “It is up to every individual to do their part to eliminate carbon emissions. There is no one better to lead this revolution than the President of the United States of America.”

The company says it applauds the global effort in Copenhagen to prevent further climate depreciation and to take steps to remedy the existing damage. “We believe that President Obama’s leadership in Copenhagen will be imperative to achieving these goals,” the news release said.

LimeGreen Earth — a privately held company based in Saint John, New Brunswick — specializes in offsetting carbon emissions. Among other things, it offers several packages to make personal Internet usage “carbon neutral.”

  1. Brian says:

    I just checked out their site and it’s really easy to sign up

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