What Patriot Protest in D.C.?

Posted: 12/17/2009 by Lynn Dartez in Tea Party's


Editorial by Harry Hunter

(Dec. 16, 2009)  –  Here it is midday on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and I cannot seem to find any news about the big patriot protest yesterday in our nation’s capital.  Yesterday and last night I monitored various internet sites to no avail.  Today has been more of the same big batch of nothing.  However, we can take comfort in this hot news from AP:  “The Associated Press is the bastion of the people’s right to know around the world.”  Feel better now?

I did read about the District of Columbia legalizing gay marriage and public funding of abortion, but nothing about patriots playing dead in the halls of government buildings.  I read about protesters in Copenhagen storming the barricades at the Climate Conference, but nothing about patriots storming the offices of United States Senators.  I read about Iran firing a new long-range missile and planning legal action against protest leaders there, but nothing about the coalition leaders of patriots who are meeting in Washington, D.C.

Tea Party Patriots incensed at being threatened by Lieberman's staff.Tea Party Patriots are rightfully incensed at being threatened by Lieberman’s staff.

However, I did read here, at The Post & Email, about how Senator Lieberman’s staff threatened to call law enforcement officials on several concerned citizens yesterday afternoon as they waited politely to express their health care views to the Senator.  How’s that for responsiveness to voter concerns?

One relevant piece of protest news was reported by the mainstream:  Barack  Hussein Obama summoned all Senators in the Democrat caucus to the White House yesterday afternoon, which just happened to be the precise time when operation “Senate Emergency Call” was launched by various patriot groups in an attempt to express opposition to the pending gigantic makeover of our health care system.  Surprise, surprise.

What is also surprising is that patriot Internet sites are also not forthcoming with reports on the events they sponsored or participated in.  Lacking insider contacts, I depend on Tea Party Patriots, Grassfire, etc. to let me know what is happening.  Hopefully I will have more on this later.

P.S.  I hear on the radio that Republican Senators have required that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 700-page amendment calling for a single-payer plan be read aloud, which should take up the rest of today.  The single-payer plan is what the progressives/socialists/communists were aiming for from the beginning,  and they still intend to impose it by hook or by crook or creeping increment, if not this year then next, or the year after that, etc.


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