Updated: Tell Your Senators and Neighbors This, about Obamacare, Now

Posted: 12/21/2009 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Investigating Obama

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update (questions, really)

Government is putting an authoritarian gun to your head, to rob you, to make you pay for someone else’s healthcare. At the same time, it is poised to begin dictating what healthcare you and others will be allowed to receive. It is sapping away your own ability to provide for yourself and your family. What are you doing about it?

Have you called your senators again, this week? Or, Email? Or, Monday? Does anyone know if the Republicans get it, that they are being held accountable to use every parliamentary procedure necessary to prevent this bill from passing? — or else.

I don’t see from here, that they have truly gotten the message yet.

And for those like me, with “Democratic” senators, I humbly suggest a message less complicated, below.



Have you called your Republican senators yet, to let them know their cover is blown? If you do not know what that means, see this article: “U.S. Senate Republicans Outed: Their Mere ‘No’ Votes are ‘Yes’ Votes for Obamacare.”

Here is a number to call: 1-800-828-0498. (It is free number used by the Soros-backed anti-Americans, but go ahead and spend their money; never mind their message, just wait for the forward to the U.S. Capitol switchboard.) If you can not get through, phone numbers are listed in the U.S. Senate directory, here.

It appears that Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma for one, is getting the word. See the AP article, “Health Care Overhaul Bill Slowed by Read-A-Thon,” excerpted here:

To make matters more complicated, the Senate stumbled into health care gridlock after a Republican senator forced the clerk to read aloud a 767-page amendment.

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma had sought approval to require that any amendment considered by the Senate must be offered 72 hours in advance and with a full cost report.

When he was rebuffed by Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, Coburn invoked his right to require that an amendment by another Democrat be read aloud. That sent the Senate into limbo, since the amendment by Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders is 767 pages long. It calls for guaranteeing coverage to all through a public program similar to Medicare.

If you still need to know what is wrong with Obamacare, see this article. If you have already called your senators, call them again, anyway.

Let the Republicans know, if they do not block Obamacare with parliamentary procedures, their GOP is d-o-n-e. (See this.)

Let the Democrats know, the American People are learning that a vote for Obamacare is a vote for truly violent, authoritarian revolution and they will be brought down in shame. (See this.)

Send this information to all you know and let them see and do the same.

No excuses. Now is the time: 1-800-828-0498

Then, please come back for an article about how we can actually cement-in our counterrevolution for the authentic, constitutional America for which so many have died, so you would also pass that astounding gift and charge along.


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