Pastor Charles Finds Himself

Posted: 01/01/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

After Months of looking for himself Pastor Charles has found himself. Little did he know that someone was also looking for him.

Yar the pirate has sailed the seven sea. He has been to many lands looking for the good Pastor. Last position know of Yar was in the area of Florida. Also vowing to get revenge on him. Yar was heard saying, “eha ha haeo” Which mean he will get even. Also vowing to bring the Pastor to the high seas and forcing him to walk the plank.

This is the real image of Pastor Charles at the bottom. The top picture is of him in his special uniform.

  1. longknife21 says:

    So Mante/Crookit/Balderdash is still playing games pretending to be people he isn’t.
    Why don’t you send the evidence of him stealing the identity of Han Vermuelen, a real person in the Dutch banking system, to the Hague Police and Interpol? Maybe they can slow down this running-dumb idiot.
    What a waste of time, but he thrives on creating discord, frustration, and anger. Sick puppy!

  2. You’ll all just don’t get it do ya, Plastic Patriots . More about silly games and Got-ya times, Forgot Omama the King over all Ya serf’s. Oh well Lynn ya tried’ David ya tried’ and Pastor , the desastor Needs a lot of prayer. go gett out of here and post on Keyes or Lynn’s plea for his mom. Get a life check out move on .com

  3. tpgow says:

    Last post I can’t figure out. Is everybody nut’s on here???? What the hell is going on? I think there are more important things than Mante/Crockett or his ilk. He is a sheep pretending to be in wolf’s clothing. Just ignore him and his stupid wife. They are nobody’s, feeding at the Patriot’s troth. Stupid is as stupid does.

    The Realer Evangilist Chas$$$ click here now
    is a phony

  4. Rick M. says:

    I am confused here as to Pastor Charles’s commitment to this blog. Who is the realer evangilis ? I am confused. Lynn its up to you to let us know what is really going on here. Mr. Crooket is making a mockery out of this blog and is threatening you, our host. I am not liking that very much.

  5. It’s all about the glory and the money and ex-patriots deserting Obama shame shame

  6. longknife21 says:

    What is going on now?

  7. Rick M. says:

    OH and Pastor Charles he is definately a great and wonderful Man of God I’m not so convinced that he and Davey Croook et are one in the same. Remember if any of what I have heard about this crook et he is a master manipulator and not for the good of man kind.

  8. Rick M. says:

    looks like davey “crook et ” is still up to his games! He hates being ignored.. lmao. Anyways, Crooket is working for the beast. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he talks of peace etc then lashes out. This is a sign of a troubled man. God Bless you all and Happy New Year….

  9. Lynn Dartez says:

    Well, I guest I will have to head to Florida and take care of this Yar myself. Will make him walk his own plank. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum.

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