The Flute Maker

Posted: 01/02/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

In the park in a small Midwest town there was each day an old man sitting on

a bench whittling on a piece of wood and little Johnny after seeing him there for several days came up to the old man asking what are you doing with that old piece of wood?  The old man replied I’m making a flute!  A flute, what is that Johnny asks?  The old man with tired blue eyes looked at Johnny and replied if this is made right and the wood is good and sound this will someday make beautiful music.  So each day Johnny would watch as the old man whittled on that old piece of wood.

The old man said this piece of wood must be worked with care and each hole must be the right size and grooved right to make the proper note; one day when Johnny went to the park the old man was just setting there doing nothing but looking at that piece of wood that he had been carving for so long as Johnny approached the old man’s bench he took his flute and started playing the most beautiful music that Johnny had ever heard and everyone that was in the park that day came over in a hushed mood to hear the old man play on that old piece of wood

That became a beautiful musical instrument that sent tingles down Johnny’s spine

as he listened to that old man play. Each day the people would gather there to hear and enjoy the music played on that old piece of wood that became a finished instrument that played beautiful music for all to hear.

One day sometime later Johnny went to the park and saw that the old man was just setting there with his hands in his lap, there also was his flute and attached

To that flute was a note, but the old man made no movement at all so Johnny ran home to get his mom and upon returning there gathered around the old man was a crowd of people as Johnny approached the crowd parted and standing next to the old man was a police man holding the flute and the note attached upon seeing Johnny the police man cleared his throat and handed to Johnny the flute, all became very quiet as the police man read the note.

Little Johnny you have watched me make this flute from a discarded piece of wood that no one wanted. But I could see something special in that old piece of discarded wood and now Johnny I give this to you. I pray that you will always remember we all have something very special to give. But first, the master carver must find that special quality and work it so it makes beautiful music as this old discarded piece of wood that no one wanted. “That master craftsman Johnny is THE LIVING GOD”.


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