IRS to be Charged with Overseeing Healthcare

Posted: 01/04/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Prayer Request

Jan 4 Written by: christopher

Besides collecting the taxes that our founding fathers didn’t want and catching “tax cheats”, the Internal Retinue Service will soon be charged, by Congress, to go after the people that have not purchased health insurance.

Behind closed doors, the Senate is meeting to merge the health care bills, putting the IRS in charge of making sure Americans purchase a health insurance policy. All Americans will be required to purchase a health insurance policy and, those that don’t, will be penalized.

Besides making sure that citizens are purchasing health care, the IRS will also be assessing penalties from those that are not insured. They will also be responsible for collecting new taxes from businesses and oversee the enforcement of this new, unconstitutional, agenda.

The IRS is already understaffed and overburdened, collecting more taxes than any point in the history of this country, most of which, the American people don’t want. Looks like the beast is growing even larger.

  1. Rick M. says:

    When can I have a governmental agency that will tell politicans to stop lying to us and imposing more and more taxes on the people? Wouldn’t that be great if a politican is caught lying through his/her teeth and the jack booted thugs of say the anti – lying squad knocks down their doors, holds them at gun point and intimidate them like they have the arm of government do to us.
    I think its time that someone in America who has little to nothing rises to the occasion and becomes president. I know its a dream but really Abe Lincoln was self taught and so are alot of true red blooded americans who could govern this country without having a huge education etc. I think the media should be taken out of the voting process. Make it so they cannot “comment” with their “views” on the candidates. Just say this candidate went here , gave this speech and moved on to such and such a place. No more commentators just present the news or the candidate as is and let the people really decide! Also, all americans should be mandatororaly trained and made to vote in the process. … Im rambling.. I’ve got a terrific head cold… have a great day…

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