Full-scale rebellion ahead

Posted: 01/09/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011



Henry Lamb

Posted: January 09, 2010
1:00 am Eastern

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The underlying reason for America’s past greatness is the freedom of her people. As the people’s freedom is diminished, so is America’s greatness. Once lost, neither freedom nor the nation’s greatness can be easily regained. The people’s freedom has been dramatically eroded in recent years, and the Marxist majority now in control of the federal government is trying hard to extinguish those few flames that still flicker.

The underlying principle of America’s system of government is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence: Governments derive their just powers “from the consent of the governed.” People are free when they control their government. When government controls the people, there can be no freedom.

For most of the 20th century, the philosophy of Karl Marx permeated most of Europe and made strong inroads in America. The strong anti-communist movement of the 1950s collapsed when political power was abused. Except for a brief period during the Cuban Missile Crisis, communism, socialism and Marxism faded from the American vocabulary. Instead, “give peace a chance,” the war on poverty and environmentalism filled the popular agenda.

The new agenda required new government involvement. Lyndon Johnson’s 1960s War on Poverty promised to end poverty through government supervision and redistribution of wealth. Detroit’s “Model Cities” program was the predecessor of today’s “Sustainable Communities” agenda. Detroit provides a great example of why these Marxist policies should be avoided at all costs.

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Reduced to its lowest common denominator, Marxism is government managing society. Freedom is society managing government. The current arrogant, Marxist majority in Washington could not care less about what the people want or say. They are convinced that they know best how society should be managed, and they are hell-bent to manage it the way they want.

Led by President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, this government has become, as Thomas Jefferson describes governments of force, “a government of wolves over sheep.” The Marxist majority completely ignores the overwhelming expressed will of the people who say, “Do not enact the currently proposed health-care legislation.” They completely ignore the will of the people who say, “Treat terrorists as combatants, not as criminals entitled to constitutional protections.” The leaders of this government have turned the ship of state directly toward Marxism, and they fully intend to impose every people-management system they can create.

This is precisely the kind of situation Jefferson had in mind when he told his friend, James Madison, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” And a rebellion is rising.

The rebellion is not simply one political party rising to defeat another. This rebellion is deep-seated. It stretches across many political parties and stokes the fires of freedom in people who have not been politically active in the past.

People who have never attended a political party meeting are showing up at precinct meetings. They are bringing their friends. They are registering to vote in the primaries. They are meeting – and questioning – potential candidates. They are signing up to be poll watchers. They are volunteering to join mobilization teams to see that people are able to get to the polls to vote. They are examining the voting records of the incumbents. They are preparing for a rebellion.

They are looking for candidates who believe the U.S. Constitution created the best form of government yet devised. They are singling out for defeat those incumbents who want to “fundamentally change the United States of America.” They are looking for candidates who believe that the Constitution limits Congress to those specific powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8. They are looking for candidates who believe in a free market, rather than a government-managed market. They are looking for candidates who have the backbone to stand firm for the Constitution, despite what a president, a party boss, the media or fat-cat lobbyists may say.

The ruling party has pulled out all the stops to get its Marxist agenda enacted into law before the rebels frighten officials into withdrawing their votes. The ruling party has pulled out all the stops to discredit their opponents by ridiculing everyone who opposes their actions. This government-funded propaganda piece by NPRis a disgusting example.

Americans who prefer Marxist, redistributionist, government-managed lives will continue to accept the loss of freedom and the decay of America. Americans who cherish freedom will continue to train their troops and attack at the primaries, in preparation for a full-scale rebellion on Nov. 2, 2010.

  1. Rick M. says:

    We need to defeat Obamanism by any means necessary! Let’s see how we can turn their own radicalism on them. We have to stop at least for now their advances through the use of the ballot box. If they, however mess up the ballots or steal elections I would say its time to take up arms and use them where appropriate.

  2. longknife21 says:

    The Dems will try to register to vote every Marxist, parasite, illegal, criminal, & other anti-American lowlifes they can find. The big Battle will be election fraud and Federals taking control of State Supervisiors of Election.

  3. tpgow says:

    Looks like we will have to wait untill 2010 to solve this problem There are 18 seats up for vote. There is still 200 and somedays to go. I predict the Republicans will take all the seats available. People are really starting to see the corruption going on. We really have to worry about Obama putting the fix in. He has already taken steps to assure the dems win. We have to pay attention more than ever now. States need to rebel and We The People have to put pressure on our states.

  4. longknife21 says:

    The Marxist Dems continue to violate the Constitution, the contract between the People, the States, and the Federal Gov’t that creates the Federal Gov’t. If the contract is null and void, the Federal Gov’t has no lawful right to exist.

    When the States grow some backbone, and start to secede this nightmare will end. It is a simple contract and easy to enforce in court, IF there is an honest court left!

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