Just To Let you know

Posted: 01/13/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

There is something I need to let everyone know here.  I will not apologize for anything that is put on this blog. I owe no one nothing here. We worked bringing the truth out here and we have done that. I don’t go around stabbing people in the back here.

The truth was put here about Mante and if you choose not to believe it that’s your problem not mine. Sick of these Plastic Patriot’s  and keyboard warriors. If this site gets hacked again you know who is behind it.  Mante I will never bow down to you .

We have bigger fish to fry then mess with the likes of anyone associated with Mante. Here are the simple facts and will not back down from my commitment to the truth.  I know who I am and can show proof of who I am.  Mante has not shown any proof other wise than treats.

Lynn Dartez

  1. longknife21 says:

    Hey man, good to hear from you. You don’t sound freaky to me, just good sense. Don’t suffer fools lightly, it encourages them into doing stuff that they might get hurt bad.
    I think it is mostly ‘woof tickets’, but I’m glad to “meet” one of Lynn’s local friends.

  2. Lynn Dartez says:

    Welcome aboard all our new Patriots. Glad to see you here Freak. Thought you would never get here. LOL. Need all the help we can get in the fight for America. I see also machine1600, sovergn, wordsmith1776, and Paupee is here also. I know some of the guys just want to watch and not post. That is great also as long as they are here checking things out. Do You know if Cajun Fire, Creole Gator, Jaw Beaker, Bar Buster, and King Cajun are coming on board here? Have emailed them still but no response. Talked to all of them yesterday and forgot to find out if they will be on board.

    Tom said yesterday he has a place to train we need to setup some weekends for more training. Have not talked to Bert yet today but will call him later. Don’t know how my shoulder will be in a week or two.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    I’m new here and a member of Lynn’s Group in Louisiana. We are coming on and are watching for anyone that tries to discredit this true American Patriot. We are also watching his home. We aim to keep watch on Lynn for his safety.

    Knowing all about this Mante and his games. If he shows up here or any where’s in our state we will not take it likely. Any treats to Lynn is also treats to all his members in his group. I personally take this seriously and so do the rest.

    Be warned a head of time. The rest of the group will chime in later.

  4. tpgow says:

    LYNN: You never need to apologize to anybody. This is your blog. We follow because we chose to, and are like-minded people. We enjoy reading the articles that keep us informed. Even if a responder disagrees with our thoughts, that is what an exchange of ideas is all about. We can agree to disagree with respect.

  5. Rick M. says:

    I guess you opened the door Lynn. I didn’t choose to come to this blog because of Mante. I really do not give two shits for that moron Mante. I do not wish to be misunderstood here. We have patriot hearts no one doubts that at all. One thing is for sure is that I don’t want my dog in this fight. I didn’t envision this type of going on between two people and for a damn good reason. The last thing I want to know about is Mante, Crook- it . I have written him he knows where I stand and that is I do not like liars or “phoneys”. It is not my crusade to do anything with this guy.
    I think its time to put this behind you and move on. Make this blog so much better than what that jerk could ever do. So what you get hacked you get back up and keep trucking. The only ones that should matter here are those with great views, and good leadership/moderators. Oh yeah good manners matter also.
    Well I’m done talking if you want to discuss any of this with me I would be happy to. Good luck and best wishes.
    Rick M.

  6. longknife21 says:

    Lynn, my friend,
    I am proud to call you my friend. You have impressed me with your consistant courage and dedication to truth and freedom. I’m with you 100%.
    Some may question you courage because you take threats seriously, I say you do not fear the threat, but rightly ‘fear’ the paper-work, court appearances, and general BS that results when a stupid person pushes a country boy ( much less a Cajun, wow!). People watch too much TV, don’t take others serious. Those that have been, and are serious men take threats serious and react appropriately. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. I’ve been through the ‘system’ – Attempted Murder 1 to Improper Display of a Firearm (on my own property?) 5 years of pure political anti-gun, anti-Vet, liberal BS. I suspect my case was part of why Florida passed the Castle Doctrine, but to late for me.
    We do not fear the fight, but are naturally leary of the bureaucratic BS aftermath.

  7. don duck says:

    God Bless your True Patriot view and stance as you have the guts that we lack,But we are willing to learn great leader and thanks again My Friend! aaaaaayou don’t duck you go forth!!!

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