The Haiti Earthquake

Posted: 01/19/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

The reason I will not bring any stories about Haiti here is cause of the news coverage on this. There are far greater problems than Haiti. We have a country to to win back. Will not waste my time or money on Haiti.

When Hurricane Rita and Ike hit us there was nothing done about helping us in South Louisiana. New Orleans was not the only town affected by Hurricanes that year. We had more damage and went weeks without Electricity.  We survived and over came  without help from the rest of the world.

So Haiti does not concern me at all. Before trying to help out the rest of the world we first need to worry about our own Country. If I had my own News agency I would not cover Haiti and would not care if anyone had anything to say about it. There are a lot more important things to take care of in America.

No Money and No time for Haiti this is my choose you decide for yourself what you want to do. As far as for me Haiti will have no support from me. We have enough illegal aliens in our country we need no more. It’s time for us to move one from this subject and let them take care of themselves.

Lynn Dartez

  1. Rick M. says:

    Yes, you and I have discussed this. I have arcadian french in me. I have had a hard time tracing the tree on that side but I know I must be related to you Lynn… lmao..
    Hope your feeling better…

  2. Lynn Dartez says:


    Just tell them we are not cold we are frustrated with our own serpents in Washington DC. Our country should be taken care of first. Where is the out rage about our own unemployed and hungry children. They are so easy to forget about that.

  3. Lynn Dartez says:

    It reminds me of New Orleans. Creole and Voodoo go hand in hand. God has shaken Haiti from it’s foundation for a reason. A warning sign I believe. God will not be mocked. Creole people are not to be confused with Cajun’s. We are two totally different people. Creoles are mainly blacks that came from the Haiti area. Of course they brought there Voodoo with them. New Orleans is where they settled mostly.

    (Haitian Creole.)
    Archaic. a black person born in the New World, as distinguished from one brought there from Africa.

    Cajun’s live more through the southern part of Louisiana starting from (Baton Rouge)Which Meaning Red Stick or stick Red which ever way you want to say it. Baton Rouge on southward are where we settled.

    Acadians are the descendants of a group of French-speaking settlers who migrated from coastal France in the late sixteenth century to establish a French colony called Acadia in the maritime provinces of Canada and part of what is now the state of Maine. Forced out by the British in the mid-sixteenth century, a few settlers remained in Maine, but most resettled in southern Louisiana and are popularly known as Cajuns.

    I like giving a little history lesson every now and then.

    Lynn Dartez

  4. tpgow says:

    I agree Lynn. Haiti is and always has been the “arm pit of the world”
    Obama is now bringing them here by the thousands. More A$$ holes feeding at the peoples trough. We have enough people here that are having a problem feeding their families. It was tragic, but where are all the good samartians when FL and LA. got hit? Linda’s friends and mine said they don’t know how we can be so cold. I said easy! just look at the shape the USA is in. Maybe you will learn something.

  5. longknife21 says:

    EXCELLENT! Let the Liberals and their lap-dogs waste their money, not ours! The official State Religions of Haiti are Roman Catholic and VooDoo! How can this be? It shows how morally corrupt they are! Pick one! Or is the Catholic Church in Haiti as corrupt as the Gov’t? I would hope not, but the “co-existance” does raise serious questions.

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