Posted: 01/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in military

Monday, January 25, 2010

The arrogance and outright narcissism that proliferates in Washington now is astounding.  How can these people look each other in the eye?  They certainly can’t look any of the citizens of this country in the eye.
So now the party is fading.  The lights are dimming.  The music has long stopped.  The food has turned sour.  The carpets have been rolled up and have been returned to the rental agency in the fifth ward.  There are a few straglers hanging on, sipping from the left overs in the glasses left dirty and lipstick stained by the hogs who took more than they  either needed or deserved.  The trees outside are bare, the winter is coming.  It is getting colder by the minute.  Those who just minutes before were basking in the delusions of success and power are now scurrying about looking for a coat to keep them warm.  Their spirits are broken, they have no answers, so they shout the same old trite expressions that made no sense before and surely make no sense now.  They don’t even know where they will stay now that the land lord has taken up all the keys.  It is going to be a long, hard, and cold winter.  Dreams die hard, and foolish dreams die even harder.  Spring may not come for a very long time.
The lady who smiled from ear to ear, often looking like a caricature of some crazed animal that knew neither where it was nor where it was going, is now alone and reaching for help from those equally disillusioned souls who supported her.  To them she is still a hero, because they never learned the truth while they were smoking wild weed.  Now they are close to brain dead, which explains why they voted for her.  Only there could she find anyone who would be fool enough to think she had any chance of governing and leading.  Who would follow her?
Good times are coming, and we can expect Barack to move to the center, perhaps even to the center right.  The only thing that matters to him is re-election.  Second to that is his ideology, so old and spent that only he of no experience or real substance would think it could work here in  America.  He is an angry man because of slights experienced in the past.  He is determined to get even, but he is not even remotely up to the task.  We knew it all along, and are only surprised that it took so many people so long to see it.  He has angry foolish people all around him.  They too will gradually disappear into the background, irrelevant once again… we always thought they were.
God it’s exciting.

Bob Hayes

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