These 40 politicians support Islam or are practicing Muslims

Posted: 01/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

Compromised Politicians (Those who are Islamic Appeasers)

Senator Mikulski D-MD

Rep. Meeks D-NY

Rep. Lofgren D-CA

Senator Sarbanes D-MD

Rep. Wynn D-MD

Rep. Dingell D-MI

Senator Stabenow D-MI

Rep. McCollum D-MN

Rep. Moran D-VA

Senator Durbin D-IL

Rep. Capps D-CA

Rep. Rahall II D-WV

Senator Conrad D-ND

Rep. Pascrell D-NJ

Rep. Rangel D-NY

Rep. Sestak D-PA

Rep. Cardin D-MD

Rep. Ruppersberger D-MD

Rep. Conyers Jr. D-MI

Rep. Cummings D-MD

Rep. Stark D-CA

Rep. Ellison D-MN ***

Rep. Connolly D-VA

Rep. Van Hollen D-MD

Rep. Jackson Jr. D-IL

Rep. Eshoo D-CA

Rep. Carson D-IN

Rep. Davis D-IL

Rep. Filner D-CA

Rep. Jackson-Lee D-TX

Rep. Miller D-CA

Rep. Gilchrist R-MD

Rep. Schiff D-CA

Rep. Sanchez D-CA

Rep. Honda D-CA

Rep. Kilroy D-OH

Rep. Sanchez D-CA

Rep. Kucinich D-OH

Rep. Schakowsky D-IL

Rep. Lee D-CA

*** Representative Keith Ellison: CAIR supporter. Secret collaborator with

CAIR. One investigator says, “He spends so much time huddling with

CAIR’s leaders they might as well make him an honorary board

member”. Ellison and CAIR leaders meet regularly for “power

breakfasts” to talk about political policy and strategy. An investigator

for the FBI says Ellison and Awad are “tight” and have known each other

since college. Ellison has accepted campaign money from CAIR

members. In 2008 Rep. Ellison made the trip to Mecca, sponsored by (ie:

bought and paid for) the Muslim American Society, a known Muslim

Brotherhood front group. Ellison has gone so far as to work with CAIR to

protect terrorists. Ellison defended a Mosque that is pro-jihad and has

the honor of having, among attendees, the first US citizen to blow himself
up in a homicide bombing. Ellison has even urged Somalis to group
together to fend off FBI investigations (reeks of sedition). Ellison helped
get Rep. Carson, another Muslim, elected and continues to work with the
Congressional Muslim Staffers Association to get other Muslims elected..
Americans need to know that Congressmen do not have to undergo a FBI
background check before gaining access to classified information.
Ellison attends Friday prayer, in the basement of the Capitol, with
staffers and CAIR officials.

The CAIR and Congress attachment is a wake-up call, America.  Islam and political correctness are our biggest threat.  Islam’s goal is to have Sharia Law in place by 2050 in America, destroying our Constitution, our republic, our political, our way of life.  If we don’t get involved through educating others and removing these Islamic appeasers from office, Islam will win.  America wasn’t founded on Sharia law and she must not succumb to this sick, twisted ideology, the antithesis of our great nation.

Please help us take back America.  Take a look at, an organization that is singularly and unselfishly focused, dedicated to restoring our country to its founding principles.  Thank you.

  1. longknife21 says:

    Islamofascist Ellison has gotten 53 other anti-American, anti-Western civilization Dem Congress-vermin to sign a letter calling for Israel to “open it’s borders”.
    It is time to kick these idiots out of Congress and give them each a months ‘vacation’ in Gitmo where they can explain some of their campaign financing.

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