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Posted: 01/27/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

Louisiana News Link

Washington Mardi Gras: Mary Landrieu- Conduct Unbecoming A Senator

Our sources tell us that the big spin at Washington Mardi Gras was a spontaneous outburst by Senator Mary Landrieu at a breakfast sponsored by the Capital Region Legislative Delegation.

Apparently feeling the sting of the Massachusetts upset victory by anti-ObamaCare Senator Brown and mounting heat from constituents here in Louisiana, Landrieu “just lost it” and began screaming at Senator David Vitter in public at the early morning event.

Landrieu reportedly used language unbecoming a lady, much less a United States Senator, in her tirade.

The term ‘sore loser’ comes to mind in this episode. The Senator clearly needs to get a grip on herself, especially while representing our state in front of potential investors in Washington.

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