Texas: Call to Action

Posted: 01/30/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Tea Party's

It’s Time for You to Draw a Line in the Sand!

When was the last time you were involved in a fight for freedom? I don’t mean just your regular run of the mill political race. I mean a roll up your sleeves, take it to the streets, now or never campaign, waged because you know you stand to lose your way of life. You’ll lose the ability to decide your own healthcare or the ability to keep your guns for protection. Well this is it. The Debra Medina campaign is THE fight for freedom inTexas. This is the last line in the sand. Why have we, the fighting Texans who were once so bold as to be our own country, not taken the lead in declaring our sovereignty which is already the first part of our own Constitution? Why have we not been the first to say NO to Obamacare? Why have we allowed federal agents to come into our own capitol city and on a whim, without warrant, close down a premier gun show? Why have we Texans allowed 400 children to be taken from their parents, from a prank call, without warrant? Why has our own governor threatened to take millions of acres of private property through eminent domain? This is NOT FREEDOM. Other states have put their foot down against Obamacare, federal gun laws, illegal immigration and federalized education. We can do it now and with Debra Medina as our governor, we will! We have worked so hard and now because we are becoming a force in this race, our opponents are starting to attack. They are feeling threatened and they are biting like cornered animals. They have tried to keep us out of the debates and started whisper campaigns with false rumors because if they have nothing on you, they make something up about you. It is starting to get dirty but we will remain calm understanding that our fight is the fight for truth and truth sets us free. So, take it to the streets. Tell your neighbors about Debra Medina. Wave signs and put a bumper sticker on your car. Take every opportunity to knock on doors with your family. Blog and text and email about the Debra Medina campaign being the fight for freedom in Texas! Never before have we had such an opportunity in Texas because right now, with this race, we have someone to lead with courage and boldness. We can, and will, tell the federal government that we are Texans and we will not allow you to come into our state and tell us what to do with our health care, our gun laws or our children because we are free people and free people make their own choices. Now is the time to encourage everyone to watch Debra defend Texas freedom in the Belo debate at 7pm on January 29th. Early voting is just around the corner, starting February 16th – 26th. Be the first in your neighborhood to vote and make sure your friends are right there with you. This is our time. This is our state. We Texans can take it back! The Debra Medina Team Visit the Medina For Texas website at
http://www.medinafortexas.com. KHOU-Houston Investigates Perry Home HQ

KXTS-Abilene Investigates Perry Home HQ

Rick Perry gives lipservice to Texas’ sovereignty, but this video shows his true desire: to form a North American Union with an international superhighway from Mexico to Canada

It’s Time for YOU to Draw a
Line in the Sand!


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