Billy’s Back Thanks Longknife

Posted: 02/05/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

Unrepentant domestic terrorist, and self-described communist, William “Bill” Ayers, is seeking to create a peace movement, “I think that what we need is a peace movement, and I’m trying to build one.”

Ayers want to create a “peace” movement to “save” Obama’s posterior, saying, “With any luck, the peace movement, the justice movement can save his (Obama’s) presidency. … So to me the injunction is to get busy and build a movement,” Ayers stated in an April 2009 interview with The Commentary

When asked how he plans to build his “peace movement,” Ayers replied: “Well, I mean, how do you build a movement?  How do you build a civil rights movement or peace movement?  Look at history.  All kinds of ways, but what we need is to stop spending billions of dollars on war and we need to invest in being a nation among nations and giving up on the insanity of thinking we can conquer the world.”

But he’ll have to interrupt his recent activities.  Lately, Ayers has been involved with pro-Palestinian activism, and last month, Ayers and his wife, Weather Underground co-founder Bernardine Dohrn, were involved in provoking chaos on the streets of Egypt in an attempt to enter the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to join in solidarity with the territory’s population and leadership.

The protests were led by Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, a far-left activist organization formed in 2002 to protest America’s war in Iraq.  The group previously met with Hamas and with leaders of the Taliban.  During the Iraq war, Evans delivered $600,000, in cash and supplies, to the Fallujah insurgents — our enemy.  Evans, who has been described as “the face of the Democrats’ future,” was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

One of Obama’s greatest campaign lies was describing Bill Ayers as, just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.”

Ayers, not to be outdone, lied that he knew Obama only slightly: “I think my relationship with Obama was probably like that of thousands of others in Chicago and, like millions and millions of others, I wished I knew him better.”

Well, it is true that they were neighbors.  The rest is BS.

In fact, in 1985, Bill Ayers’ Woods Fund put up the money for Obama to move from New York to Chicago.  In 1985 the foundation gave a $25,000 grant to the Developing Communities Project (aka the “DCP”), which hired Obama, at 24, as an organizer on Chicago’s economically depressed South Side.”  Later, Obama joined the board of the Woods Fund in 1993 and remained until 2002.

In 1989, Obama was a summer intern at Michelle Obama’s law firm, Sidley & Austin.  Michelle was Barack’s summer adviser. One of Michelle’s co-workers was Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers’ terrorist wife.

In 1993, Barack Obama was named the the founding Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  Bill Ayers organized the team to put together a grant proposal to secure nearly $50 million from the Annenberg Challenge.  The money was to be used by Ayers and company to bolster the radical Local School Councils reform project that Ayers and Obama had championed back in 1988 through the ABCs.  Ayers personally selected Obama to serve as chairman, and Obama served on the board for eight years until the Challenge ended in 2003.  During this time, Obama and Ayers shared an office.

In 1995, “a small group of people came to the communist, Bill Ayers’ house, to learn that the communist, Alice Palmer, was stepping down from the state senate and running for Congress,” said the communist, Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and advocate for single-payer health care — “[Palmer] identified [Obama] as her successor.”

And, of course, they both taught at the University of Chicago.

When Obama was unable to deliver a manuscript of “Dreams…” to Random House, he turned to Bill Ayers to help him finish what was to become a work of fiction, supposedly on the advice of wife, Michelle.  Thanks to the help he received from the skilled Ayers, Obama was able to submit a manuscript to his editors.

Obama lied to cover up the 20-year plus relationship, and his long-time friend and associate Bill Ayers lied right along with him — remember, both these guys strongly believe that the end does justify the means.

And, there are those that believe Obama first met Ayers in 1981-1982, while Obama was at Columbia College and Ayers was 371 yards down the street at Bank Street College, where he received an M.A. in Early Childhood Education.

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  2. longknife21 says:

    Here again we have a f-a-a-ar left radical trying to spin the news to fit their commie agenda, while The Usurper says, “Oh, he is just a guy that lives down the street.” The truth is Ayers has been backing Obama since the 1980s, and wouldn’t have done it unless he knew Obama was a dedicated Alinskite/Marxist anti-American. Obama is a far left International/Socialist construct, and Bill Ayers was one of his MAJOR ‘Finishing School’ handlers!! WHY can Patriots find this stuff when the multi billion dollar international news organizations are “totally surprised” and usually in denial? Simply because they are brainwashed idiots with little or no real world experience, and paid by people like Soros and Ted Turner. The So-called ‘Main Stream Media’ does NOT represent American values, or even interests anymore! That is why many newspapers are going broke.
    Patriots need to quit buying lefty/lib papers and tell the publishers why. Write or Email advertisers and tell them you will avoid buying their products if they spend money with anti-American and anti-Christian Lefty/Liberal publications. Tell the advertisers that the papers are going broke because of their Liberal/Commie slant, and they are wasting advertising dollars! Sleez-bag no-money food-stamp shoppers are not profitable for them, and they need to be reminded. Also food-stamp shoppers need to be limited to basic food items. No steaks, lobsters, pies &cakes, sugar drinks, and other luxury foods, especially pre-cooked microwave stuff! Too lazy to work, got plenty time to cook soups, stews, beans, and rice. Working folks got to do it after they get home, or teach their kids to start meals when they get home from school.
    The free ride has to stop!

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