Glenn Beck states on Bill O’ – ‘Obama has released his birth certificate’

Posted: 02/06/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011, Obmamaaaaa File

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Last night Glenn Beck was on Bill O’ Pinheads show and he stated that ‘Obama has released his birth certificate’ after Bill O’ stated that Obama has NOT. These two liars and frauds can not even get their lies straight and Fox News has lost all creditability. These two frauds need to be removed from their network immediately and investigated, along with the rest of the liars in the media.

Every constitutional lawyer disagrees with Beck and I tend to believe them over some fraud that read a few history books while on the toilet and he is suddenly a professor.

The perfect person for Obama to hire for a situation like this is the opposition. Beck thinks that WE are working for Obama? That is very funny. No Glenn, it is your loyalty that needs to be questioned. After all, it was you that said ‘Even if it was true that Obama was not born here, do you know what it would do to the country? It would tear it apart.’

The left and Obama are clearly scared to death of this issue and they have the perfect shill to do it…BECK. It is the perfect cover, the guy bashes Obama, so the libtardarians that still watch him would never even dream that they are working together on the Obama eligibility issue to make it go away. There are many libertarians that know Beck is lying, but there are also many that will stick with him til the bitter end as well, because they are brainwashed.

The media is all following the same script on this issue and Obama is mentioning the ‘citizenship’ issue, because he knows he has his stooges out there like Glenn to squash any movement. Beck is the most important piece of the puzzle to Obama. If they did not have Beck on board, this movement would have exploded and the first black president would have been forced to resign. That is radioactive to Fox News and Beck, because they know that they would be blamed for eternity for destroying the legacy of the 1st black president and the civil war that ensued after Obama’s removal from office.

We are not going away Beck, you will be under a table with a bottle by the time we are done with you. This country is more important than some actor on TV, that acts like a goof ball libtardarian. Beck and the other media puppets have unsuccessfully tried to sabotage the Obama eligibility issue for the past 18 months. They have all committed treason, as far as I am concerned, because this could have been avoided if they had the guts to report this issue BEFORE the 2008 election.

Beck? YOU ARE A TRAITOR to this nation and the U.S. Constitution and millions of people see this Glenn. Go search the Internet and see what they think of your comments about us. These comments are from FORMER FANS like me, Glenn. The people know you are a liar and you can not be trusted any longer.

I have no beef with Hannity or Rush, because they have not attacked us, unlike Beck and Bill O’. They were all warned not to talk about it, but to attack us? That shows a hidden agenda.

Join us on Monday, Feb 8th for Operation: “Natural Born Citizen” when we call Glenn Beck’s radio show to let him know that we are tired of his lies and we see right through them. We are crazy loons? Well, you are a lying fraud and an enemy of this nation. Do you want to play Saul Alinsky with us? We can get real nasty right back in your face.

Feb. 12th is an official BOYCOTT BECK DAY, even if you still are a fan, we are asking you to shut Beck off for that day, because he is clearly lying right in your face.

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  1. sharethisurlaboutglenbek says:

    You may appreciate my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

  2. Longknife 21 says:

    Glad to see you back! And to hear your butt-cuttin’ went well. Take care, my friend. Looks like y’all in for another blast of winter blizzard. Where is that damn Algore and his global warming when you need him?

  3. Longknife 21 says:

    O’Reilly is wrong almost as often as he is right. I gave up on him years ago, but his books are good primers for Baby Patriots.
    Beck is an entertainer, not a serious thinker at all, but again his books are good for beginners. Glenn Beck was done alot of good in the past waking up people and attacking the Usurpers Czars. BUT they both have missed the boat badly on the NBC issue. Whether cowardice or ignorance was the cause I can’t say, but either way they are not serious men or real Constitutionalists. I don’t watch either of them. For Beck to say Obama has shown a real birth certificate is plain stupidity. But he seems to enjoy playing the fool!

  4. Rick M. says:

    oh, I missed something very interesting. I have heard on several occasions that the administration is talking about supressing our speech through the internet and possibly through a “fairness doctorine” !. The pundints have on Fox have been very bold to say that its not going to happen…..was there a deal with Obama???? Beck’s / O’reillys silence about the issue could mean that. I think there is call for some type of conspiracy here. Perhaps for the good. Who knows? I don’t think any good can come out of back room deals.

  5. Rick M. says:

    I think also that Becks rantings are also keeping Obama and his policies in check. By not talking about or putting down the Obama B.C. issue it will ultimately cause Obama to back down over other issues /policies of Socialism.
    I did not know about Beck selling out to nbc, interesting. I think the B.C issue will not go away. I also think that because states have been introducing legislation for candidates to prove they are “naturally born here” will in effect keep Obama from running a second term. Hence, his push to continue his “socialistic” policies. There is a point to be made that if Obama was uncovered completely through the BC issue to be the fraud he is America would face a real tough time in removal and all that would come from removing a black man from office.
    Personally, I think we need to prove him ineligable and protect our Constitution in both the letter and spirit of that rule!!! Perhaps a civil war cleansing is in order. Ignorant blacks and whites can be purged from the system and perhaps our nation will be better off for it. Just my thoughts for now!

  6. tuxkabin says:

    As an American GrandJury. Org. Member, I have to agree with this article. In fact Beck leaves out the fact that seven months ago he sold his show to NBC. And that the king of Saudi purchased 51% of Fox news just a few months ago. That was becks big pay off. The Saudi King is the person who illegaly donated money to Obama that put Obama in the white house.

  7. Rick M. says:

    What a bunch of bunk !!!! O’reilly and Beck have lost my respect especially Beck. He is lying ever so “cleverly” yet he has that phone that he wants the whitehouse to call him but Why wont Beck call me ? I gave him my number. I told him call anytime. Beware of Beck Is he teaching us about the constitution and how to regain our country back or is he teaching us about what our constitution once was?
    By the way thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It seems my surgery went well I did have a torn labram (significant so sayeth the doctor). Well I should be back up and posting more soon. My prayers to Lynn and his family. I know that through the grace of God he and his family will be healed from their sorrows.

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