Americans must defend America, as no one else is left to do it

Posted: 02/17/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Land of The Free

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 A.D.


by John Charlton

The Gadsen Flag, in the age of the American Revolution, symbolized the defiance of freemen in the face of tyranny.

(Feb. 16, 2010) — And there is no one left to defend the United States but We the People, because by stratagems and deceits various and obscure to most, the will to fight and the knowledge of who the enemy is have been sapped from those who govern and protect us, both in the Federal and State governments.

That this thesis is true can be proven simply by a calm consideration of the facts. However, such a consideration requires the soul of a patriot to steel himself to take up arms to defend the country, because when there is no law and order, the People must restore law and order, even by force.

That the “war on terrorism” — George Bush’s coined phrase — was lost when it was announced does not seem so obvious.  However, if you think about it, there never was an alliance of terrorists plotting against America; it was an alliance of Muslims, with the zeal of their religion ardent enough to put Muhammad’s maniacal agenda into action against the last remaining world superpower:  the U.S.A..

To call it a “war against terrorism” was, in my humble opinion, a concession to the Saudi interests which walked hand-in-hand with George Bush.  To call the reaction to 9-11 a war against Islamists or a  war against Islam, or even a war to defend American against Islam, was too much for Saudi Arabia.

That Saudi Arabia held the highest regard and influence over George Bush in the week following 9-11 is proven by this small fact:  when all planes were grounded, even Air Force One, one sole plane was allowed to remove the Saudi Ambassador and the relatives of Osama Bin Laden from of the country.

Then the war on terrorism took another blow when it was decided not to profile Muslims as threats.  All would be considered threats, even though no Christians, no Jews, no Hindus, no Buddhists, no Shintos, nay, not even Pagans, had declared war on the United States.  This was a move calculated by Muslim interests to stigmatize everyone, and therefore to psychologically conceal that it was they who were at war with America.

But while America fought to liberate Iraq from a Socialist dictatorship and introduce a democratic government in that country and in Afghanistan, to promote a more liberal and moderate Islam in the Mideast, Socialists and Muslims had forged a tacit alliance to infiltrate the West and take over our governments and companies, so as to win the war from within, since no one obviously could win it in open battle with the U.S. Military.

To achieve this, hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the country to advance the political career of Barack Hussein Obama and like-minded socialists.  With his installation in power, the Federal Government and all those mindless officials in D.C. and in the states, whose duty it is to defend us from within, are paralyzed, being politically and psychologically incapable of naming Barack Hussein Obama as Public Enemy Number 1, Usurper, Traitor, Domestic Enemy.

The natural law accords no right or respect for a usurper.  He can, by the natural right, be removed from power by any means, peaceful or violent.  In fact, it would be an act of heroism and patriotism to arrest him; nor can I deny that according to the great thinkers on this subject that it would not be a crime to use even lethal force to do so. But as a Christian I pray for, exhort and encourage peaceful means, even though I recognize that no crime can be committed to remove Obama, precisely because to remove a usurper from power is the duty of every patriot, and if done so for that reason is never a crime before God or men.

For similar reasons, such an action is not “vigilantism,” because that crime consists of taking authority into one’s own hands when authorities exist. When they do not exist, or have categorically renounced the enforcement of law and order and justice, it is a principle of natural law that every lesser authority subsumes the authority of every greater one.  And since We the People conceded all authority to the Federal and State governments, we can take it back when they have renounced it.  That’s only common sense.

We have become too quiescent, lulled to sleep for a generation, on account of the many public servants who faithfully guarded our nation during the Cold War.  But now with the open takeover of our Federal Government by Socialists and Islamists, there is no line of defense left but the common man.  If we do not take up arms and start a counter-revolution, the nation is lost.

However, I am convinced that no violence, let alone lethal, need be employed.  An Orange Revolution is sufficient.  The time for words, litigation, and political action has run out.  We the People need to set a date and march on Washington, D.C. with arms and take back the government.

Such an action must include the arrest, trial and conviction of all conspirators in the usurpation, both in the White House, in Congress, and in the Courts.  It also must mean the confiscation of the property of all who supported the usurpation, both that of the Democratic Party and of the corporations, law firms, unions and private citizens who financially supported the takeover of the government.  They are alone responsible for the trillions of national debt Obama has added to the Treasury; it is only right that their assets be seized to pay it back.

Americans must defend America in this, her darkest hour, because no one else is left do to it.

If America is still the home of the free AND the land of the brave, She will survive this hour.  If not, the Republic has fallen.

And bravery does not consist of words; it consists of deeds of valiant actions.  And it is the brave, whose posterity will inherit the nation.

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  1. Longknife 21 says:

    The first step in correctly solving any problem is to correctly identify the root cause of the problem. Mr Charlton has done excellent job in identifying the current threats to America when he names the Islamo-fascists and THEIR SOCIALIST ALLIES. But how do these Socialists get political power? Because of “democracy”, the insistance that everyone has a “right” to vote. People that do not contribute the society, but live off the society as parasites should NOT vote! Until this issue of “Universal Sufferage” is corrected, we could drive out all the socialists in gov’t today and they would be replaced in 2 election cycles. As long as the parasites decide elections in the large cities we will have universal sufferage of all kinds. Not just voting by incompetent wards of the state, but the economic ruin of high taxe, totalitarian bureaucratic meddling, and wasteful International spending.
    Mr Charlton is correct in his arguments that the Islamofascists, aided by socialist anti-Christians, led by The Usurper, who was put in office by foreign money and parasites are the real threat to America. Furthermore, I believe he is correct in his belief that the WILL and COURAGE to save America is lacking in Washington, in the Gov’t or the Military. If we ever get the socialists out we MUST control voting. Positive ID, a strict written test in English, military veteran or positive economic contribution (tax-payer/property owner), and a poll tax to pay for elections. Anyone unwilling or unable to pay $20 a year to vote, shouldn’t. No vote for felons or welfare recipients, may reapply after 5 years of productive citizenship. Strict limits on absentee ballots.
    We will never have responsible representatives if we don’t have responsible, educated voters. A responsible Congress would impeach, convict, and remove incompetent Judges that make unConstitutional decisions. A responsible Congress would never seat a President that was Constitutionally ineligible. And a responsible Congress would not exempt themselves from laws they pass for the People, and pass special laws for themselves.

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