Global-warming arguments contested yet again

Posted: 02/17/2010 by Lynn Dartez in un
Bill Bumpas – OneNewsNow – 2/16/2010 8:35:00 AM

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) faces more challenges to its claim that human pollution is causing global temperatures to rise. One of the challenges comes from a former lead author on the Panel.

The IPCC, according to a report in The Times of London, is warning that greenhouse gases are the culprit in already heating the planet by 0.7C — and that by the year 2100, warming could increase another 5 to 6 degrees Celsius with devastating results on humanity and wildlife. But some scientists are questioning whether those temperature increases are the result of human pollution.

Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, believes the weather stations around the world which have been used to collect temperature data over the past 150 years have been compromised by surface development, which he describes as “anything that disturbs the natural cover.”

“…I’m not just talking about urbanization with buildings and asphalt and so on,” he explains. “This is also large-scale farming and irrigation and planting trees where there was a desert before.”

Dr. John R. Christy (Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville)Those things, says Christy, work together to create a situation that makes temperatures warmer — especially at night. “And if that’s the cause, then the greenhouse effect could not be the main cause of that warming,” he points out.

According to the Alabama educator, some of the thermometers’ locations are “terrible” — very close to buildings and parking lots, for example. In contrast, Christy’s team collects temperature data via satellite measurements.

“We find the changes we can measure are not outside of that which is ordinary for the last few centuries or thousand years or so,” he shares. “So if we are in a range of what has already occurred, then it makes it more difficult to say humans are causing this.”

Christy’s research does show a warming trend — a trend he says could be due to extra greenhouse gases, but not at the high rate suggested by the IPCC’s climate data.

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  3. Longknife 21 says:

    Garbage in, Garbage out. Intentionally skewed data. He admits some temp recording devices were placed “close to buildings’ (also on south facing side), and close to “parking lots” (Asphault). Any kid that ever went barefoot can tell you how much hotter that gets and heats the air above. In other cases the temp recorders were placed on the tar & gravel roofs of buildings next to restaurant kitchen exhaust vents. Anyone that cooks knows what that would do to the accuracy of the readings.
    They say figures don’t lie, BUT we know that Liars can figure!!

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