Obama is a plant

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Today I am flying the Sons of Liberty Patriot Flag. I fly this flag when liberty is lost. In this case,  the fault is with the Main Stream Media who was NOT reporting what you will see below.  We have all heard bits and pieces of this, but Jo Anne Moretti has put all the information together in a readable format that connects the pieces and lets us see more clearly “who” our President was and now is.  She is my first “Guest Blogger” on The Patriot’s Flag.

Jo Anne Moretti and her friends spent three years compiling this information and putting into a format you could read quickly and refer to easily.  The information is factual and all facts have been checked for accuracy.  I hope you find this information enlightening. You can find all of this on her Jo Anne Moretti’s site at Blogster.  If you would like to download this information, I have put it into pdf format that you can download HERE. The pdf file has an index that will help you locate the details by page number withing the document.  The source of the information below is from Jo Anne’s Moretti’s blog.

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Part One

  • Obama is a plant.
  • In the Beginning
  • Eligibility
  • Cabinet Picks: Let’s look at his cabinet picks.
    • Rahm Emanuel
    • Carol Browning
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Timothy Geithner
    • Leon Panetta
  • T.A.R.P.

Part Two

  • Groomed from the Beginning 7
  • Obama’s Funding 8
  • Initial Campaigns (Illinios) 8
  • Banking Connections 8

Part Three

  • Early Ties – Connections

Part Four

  • Khalidi’s long time involvement with Obama 12
  • The Soros Connection
  • The Mutual Bank of Harvey

Part Five

  • Nadhmi Auchi’s connection to Obama
  • Rahm Emanuel and his connections to Obama
  • Let’s Review the Connections Again
  • A Closer look at Emanuel

Part Six

  • Media Involvement with Soros (promoting Obama)
  • Part Seven
  • Obama is a plant and here is what I have tried to show (Review)

In Summary

Part Eight

  • About Jo Anne Moretti and her motivations to create this document

Jo’s Thoughts after the Post

  • Today’s thoughts.
  • Let’s track his life and connections.

Part One

Obama is a plant.

He was here to study and learn Constitutional law, not practice it. That is evident in his 500 billing hours at the law firm. He was to find loopholes. He did just that.

Remember, we didn’t know him, but I am finding out he is very well known in some circles. I and a few others have been researching this for almost a year. I have a lot of names and a whopper of a story to tell. The problem is, the story is true and is provable.

In the Beginning …

Obama’s grandmother did not go under the bus for being racist. (His mother went under too, by the way). I know why they had to go under now. Please read this. It will let me start near the beginning. There was a lot of the current players, back then too. :

Both Madelyn Dunham and Anne Dunham were bankers and economists, on a world level. This is a huge organization of economists.

It is no coincidence Obama’s grandmother was a banker, at Bank of Hawaii, in charge of overseas escrow. It is no coincidence Obama’s mother, father and step-father were economists. It is no coincidence most of Obama’s cabinet picks are connected in some way to banks and the same billionaire donors.

Google Obama with names like: Khalidi, Soros, Mahajan, Auchi, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and Alsamaree. Also Google Clinton with these names. Google any Dem leader with Soros, including Franken. Then Search: Anne Dunham, Ford Foundation, Grameen Bank, Geithner. and Rockerfeller Foundation.

Our Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch have for all purpose joined ranks. They are one unit now. This includes both Republicans and Democrats. This fix was in long ago.

The Republicans threw the election.

If you noticed, McCain was dead last. How did he get to be the front runner? Palin was relatively unknown. They were the weakest link. Her instant popularity almost derailed the plan. The RNC had to let her get beat up by the press and the Democrats. They never came out swinging in her defense, like Obama’s supporters did.
When McCain still kept the public financing, after Obama had already broken the agreement, why did the Republicans not follow suit? They did not want to fight, but had to put up an appearance of a competition. The RNC could have competed with Obama money. They did not.

We footed the bill for the farce. I’ll buy the story of McCain not being able to use a keyboard, due to his injuries, but I won’t buy that not one Republicans could use one either. Obama had his supporters on speed mail. The RNC could have done the same. They did not.

Eligibility: Obama has refused to provide proof of eligibility

Again, he studied well.  It appears “We the People” have no standing to challenge him. Several have tried, but each time the cases were dismissed without comment and without ever having the evidence heard. The court dismissed them on technicalities, not merit.

Is anyone wondering how one man has the power to erase his entire history from the web?

Does anyone find it unethical for a Supreme Court justice to have dinner and a meeting with someone who’s case in front of the court to be heard? Justice Roberts had dinner and a meeting with Obama and Biden just recently.

Cabinet Picks: Let’s look at his cabinet picks.

Most are economists. Some are radicals.

  • Rahm Emanuel, big in CitiGroup, Countrywide and Bank of America all now holdings of Bank of America.
  • Carol Browning, Socialist Internation, board of directors
    • Carol Browner was listed on the Board of directors at Socialist International, until her profile was scrubbed. (it is not “truly” gone though, wink, wink).
  • Hillary Clinton. There are a great deal to discuss with her and Bill, starting with the donations from Arab billionaires.
    • What does that do to foreign relations? “What ifs” abound here. If you accept millions of dollars from these folks and a problem breaks out in that area, will our Secretary of State be independent of these donors in making what could be life and death decisions?
    • So if Hillary Clinton and her husband have and continue to receive huge donations from Middle Eastern Billionaires, yet the RNC sees no conflict of interest with this. She will be the Secretary of State.  Do these donors expect more than just gratitude?
  • Timothy Geithner. Tax evader, tax fraud. His father and Obama’s mother go way back.
    The RNC has not put up objection to Obama’s picks either.
    Anyone find that odd?

    • Geithner doesn’t pay taxes, although he “is the tax man”. Geithner does accept reimbursement for the taxes he did not pay. But he was still confirmed.
    • Geithner father and Obama’s mother were friends and long time co-workers, through the Ford Foundation and Grameen Bank in Indonesia.  They both were into the microfinance organization.
  • Leon Panetta. He’s a retread from the Clinton era. He has ties to Communism too.

T.A.R.P. Obama said our Constitution is “fundamentally flawed”. He should know. He studied it well. Look at what is going on with T.A.R.P.. It is illegal to take public funds and give them to a private entity. Now they have found a loophole to offset this.

The US government takes 51% stock, which now classifies the bank as primarily public. But this is only on paper. If you watch the bank and brokerage mergers, they tell a story. Our treasury funds are being transferred not spent.

We need to watch the banks and the T.A.R.P. money. If you pay attention to the mergers and acquisitions, you will see a pattern. The money is being used to buy other banks, not just in the US. Not all American banks are American. Look at the firms like CitiGroup, Countrywide and Bank of America merging. Our money is not being spent. It is being transferred. “And then there was one”!

Obama said “only the government can solve the economy”! Those are very divisive words.
They are meant to separate the government from the people, as two separate entities. There are many billionaires, politicians from both sides and other unsavory characters pulling off the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

While Obama is holding the greatest show on Earth, his fellow travelers are sneaking in legislation that eliminates term limits, (Look up: HJ res. 5)  Today it was reported that they want to establish one bank that will buy the bad debt, with taxpayer money. We get the bad debt and the real objective gets our treasury funds!

One more fact to note: The Federal Reserve is a private entity, not governed by the US Constitution. Before we transfer our treasury we need to know this. It is not about politics in the regular sense. It is about globalization, power and deceit.

Part Two

Groomed from the Beginning

As stated earlier, Obama was groomed for this position, his entire life.

Obama’s mother, (Stanley) Anne Dunham was born to Madelyn Payne Dunham and Stanley Dunham. There are several stories on the web linking them to the American Communism Party. They were self proclaimed atheists.

The Dunhams raised Anne Dunham to follow in their footsteps. They moved to Washington State, so Anne could attend Mercer Island High School. A school know for it’s Liberal teaching style. As expected, Anne became a radical and sought out friends like herself.

After graduation, her family moved to Hawaii. Anne continued school at Manoa and Madelyn took a job at the Bank of Hawaii. There she rose quickly to the top. She ended up being Vice President of the bank, in charge of overseas escrow accounts.

Stanley Dunham introduced his daughter to a friend of his, Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a complete radical and known pervert. His Marxist ideologies were well known and documented. Ann and he became friends. She made many connections through Frank Marshall Davis, including a possible meeting or two with Malcolm X. Frank Marshall Davis had another friend. He was a billionaire banker named Khalidi Al Mansour. Khalidi will become more important as I lay this part of the story out. (Khalidi funded several events among the up and coming radicals and politicians as he made his own fortune as an advisor to one of the world’s richest men. Khalidi sits on the board of African investment holdings. His boss was Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal).

Anne Dunham meets Barack Sr.

Barack Sr was an African exchange student. He was sent to America on a government run program. He and Anne marry and have Barack jr. The marriage and Obama’s birth get murky. The place is in dispute as well as other factors, but I will discuss that in another section.

Barack Sr. and Anne split up. Anne meets and marries another economist Lolo Soetoro, from Indonesia. Anne continues her studies and then gets a job with Grameen Bank in Indonesia running a microfinance organization under the tutelage of Peter Geithner and Yunus.Yunus is a Nobel Prize winner in economics and microfinance. Peter Geithner is our new Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner’s father.

(Yes. Obama’s mother and Geithner father were close).

Lolo Soetoro, who was a radical himself, adopts Obama and enrolls him in a Wahabbi school as an Indonesian citizen. The enrollment documents can be found on the web. The docs clearly state Obama is registered as an Indonesian citizen.

From Indonesia, Obama is sent back to the USA, Hawaii, to his grandparents. They enroll him in the exclusive Panahou school.

Obama says in his book that he was taken under the wing and mentored by Frank. Frank turned out to be Frank Marshall Davis. Davis hooks him up with Khalidi and Obama’s rise to the top begins.


College Days:

We know, or at least we are being lead to believe Obama attended Occidental College. In his books he states he sought out the radicals . He also says he traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan while he was in college. This also raises red flags. At the time he allegedly traveled to Pakistan, it was almost impossible for an American to travel to the area, due to unrest and restrictions on American travel. It is unclear what passport he used, Indonesian or American.

Obama’s Funding

While Obama attended Harvard, he was recruited to Chicago to work as a community organizer. It is no coincidence Chicago was the place he started. Khalidi and Mahajan had a stronghold on the corrupt, .political machine in Chicago. They funded and controlled the politicians and every public contract in the state. It was easy for Obama to enter the political scene without raising eyebrows.

Mahajan owners the Mutual Bank in Chicago. Through a $3. million deposit by Khalidi to Mahajan, then through Rezko, who was their bag man, Obama got the money for the mansion deal. The wife of Rod Blagojevich was the real estate broker for the deal.  Again, Khalidi bankrolling Obama. Khalidi and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal also bankroll the Clintons, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Initial Campaigns (Illinios)

Once Obama gets a little community organizing under his belt, he begins his rapid ascension to the top. Obama worked on the Dailey campaign with Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. They were all trained in the Alinsky rules for radicals. Obama taught Alinsky rules to other radicals. Mahajan funnels money into Obama’s campaigns as he did with all the Chicago politicians. Alice Palmer recommended Obama take her place in the Illinois Senate.(She was a Socialist by the way). Obama and his backers disqualified his opponent. Obama is in.

Banking Connections

Now, It is no coincidence Obama’s grandmother was in the banking industry. It is no coincidence Obama’s mother, father and step-father were economists. It is no coincidence Obama has all these billionaire connections. It is no coincidence Obama studied Marxism, socialism and Constitutional law.

Part Three

Early Ties – Connections.

As we know, Frank Marshall Davis was a radical, an activist and a Communist. There are plenty of facts out there confirming this, including Davis’ own books. Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers were in the same circles of radicals. Part of their organization’s policy was racial equality. Both Ayers and Davis were members of CPUSA as well as Obama’s grandparents.

Through Davis, Obama met Ayers and Khalidi. Khalidi had been bankrolling Ayers agenda too. The actual hook up with Ayers and Obama came through Columbia University. It is no coincidence Obama ended up in Chicago. Davis knew Ayers’ father, Thomas Ayers. It was through Ayers that Obama got the summer job at Sidley law firm.

Michelle Dohrn and Bernadine Dohrn also worked at Sidley. It was Michelle who mentored Barack.

We also discovered Michelle Obama, Thomas Ayers and John Ayers were also co-workers and sat on boards together at the Community Renewal Society and the Joyce Foundation

Barack was the first chairman of the Annenberg Challenge group. Annenberg Challenge was set up by Ayers’ father. Bill Ayers sat on that board and the board of the Woods foundation together with Barack Obama.

When Obama stated Bill Ayers was just a guy in his neighborhood, it was a blatant lie. The lie was made bigger when it was stated that the Obama children and Ayers kids went to school together.

Bill Ayers’ kids are adults. They do not go to school with Obama’s little girls.

Obama said when Bill Ayers committed the bombings, Obama was only eight. Obama was 41 when the article came out with the picture of Ayers stomping our flag. Ask yourselves, how old was Obama on 911? That was the day the NY Times published Bill Ayers saying he wishes he had done more!

I assure you. Obama knew all about Bill Ayers. So did his wife who was friends and coworker of Bernadine Dohrn.

Obama knew of Bill Ayers, long before he was recruited to Chicago.

Khalidi knows all about him too.

Here is a link with an excellent timeline.


Part Four

Khalidi’s long time involvement with Obama

We talked about Khalidi being a billionaire, an activist in Middle Eastern policy, an aid to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a political donor and a recipient of huge grants. a life long friend and bankroller to Obama and of course an international bank and finance expert.

Quote. Article highlighted:

“Professor Khalidi is a close friend of Barack Obama from their days together in Chicago. Their families socialized. As a director of the Woods Foundation, Barack Obama granted money to Khalidi’s wife’s anti-Israel group. Khalidi was one of the allies of Palestinians who saw a friend in Barack Obama, as the Los Angeles Times wrote in a trailblazing article earlier this year . Obama credited Khalidi with influencing his own views.”

This is a quote from the NY Sun

“Rashid Khalidi, a professor of history and Near Eastern languages and civilizations and director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Chicago, is set to move to Columbia University this fall, where he will teach as the Edward Said professor of Middle Eastern studies, a new – and supposedly anonymously funded – position at the school. He will also direct the school’s Middle East Institute.”

Rashid Khalidi, is a professor at the University of Chicago and Columbia University who was funded by Woods Fund grants approved by Obama and Bill Ayers. Khalidi founded the Arab-American Action Network   This info is readily available on the web.

Former Iowa Republican Congressman Jim Leach, former Rhode Island Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee, and lawyer and former White House intelligence advisor Rita E. Hauser formed a group called Republicans for Obama.

(That is also an Alinsky tool. “Get members of the opposing party to endorse your candidate”. This way, the opposing party thinks your candidate is better, if some of their own party leaders are willing to jump ship.) Rita Hauser is a fierce critic of Israel; an activist who tours the country promoting anti-Israel views

The Soros Connection

Rita E. Hauser is the Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the International Crisis Group. This is the Soros-funded group which was praised by Soros at a ceremony during which they gave him a Founders Award for their work on the Palestinian question. “

Robert Malley, Samantha Power, Zbigniew Brzezinski Also belong to International Crisis Group. They are Obama advisors too.

This is from Wikipedia.

I am including it, because I will now tie Soros to Chicago, Khalidi, Bill Ayers, Obama Emanuel, Axelrod, Clinton and several other politicians. I will tie him to Mahajan and the banking industry. I will also tie Blagojevich and Rezko.


“Soros is famously known for “breaking the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992. With an estimated current[update] net worth of around $9 billion, he is ranked by  as the 99th richest person in the world

Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute and is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is also one of three initial funders of Center for American Progress, and is represented on the board. Soros’s support for the Solidarity labor movement in Poland, as well as the Czechoslovak Organization Charter 77, contributed to ending Soviet political dominance in those countries. His funding and organization of Georgia’s Rose revolution was considered by Russian and Western observers to have been crucial to its success, although Soros said his role has been greatly exaggerated. In the United States, he is known for having donated large sums of money in a failed effort to defeat President George W Bush’s bid for re-election in 2004.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker wrote in 2003 in the foreword of Soros’ book The Alchemy of Finance:

George Soros has made his mark as an enormously successful speculator, wise enough to largely withdraw when still way ahead of the game.(This is important to note, as he was convicted of insider trading in France.) The bulk of his enormous winnings is now devoted to encouraging transitional and emerging nations to become ‘open societies,’ open not only in the sense of freedom of commerce but—more important—tolerant of new ideas and different modes of thinking and behavior.”

(Please note Soros is a member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations.)  I would like for you to look that up on YouTube or Google it.   We are coming to that part, when I tie the media in. Until then, search YouTube for  “C F R” you will be shocked at what you are watching).

Soros’ efforts go beyond spin. He has also bankrolled groups involved in the manipulation of elections, an activity that has increased since his money came into the picture. Two groups ,Americans Coming Together and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, were sanctioned recently by the Federal Election Commission for fraud.

Soros pledged $10 million to ACT, which has since been fined $775,000 for illegally funneling $70 million set aside for voter registrations to Democratic candidates.

He also gave at least $150,000 to ACORN, the left-wing group best known for pushing minimum-wage hikes, marching for illegal-immigrant amnesty and harassing Wal-Mart. ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 13 states since 2004 and was convicted of falsifying signatures in a voter registration drive last July, drawing a fine of $25,000 in Washington state.

Soros says he has ended funding to voter-drive organizations, but he still heads a secretive rich-man’s club called “Democracy Alliance” that has doled out $20 million to activist groups like ACORN.

Of course we know he didn’t really end funding politicians. If you Google Soros, Al Franken, you will see Soros held a fundraiser to help Franken, “win” the Minnesota re-count. How does one “win” a re-count? The election is over. All that is needed is to count the votes, the campaigning part is over. Why would he need a fundraiser after the election?

The Mutual Bank of Harvey

Now let me jump ahead here, to Amrish Mahajan and Mutual Bank of Harvey.

The real estate transaction involving Rita Rezko, the Obamas, the Mahajans and Mutual Bank of Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg. The Mutual Bank of Harvey is at the center of all the corruption in Chicago.

Looking at just the real estate transaction with the Obama mansion, you will see some red flags.

Khalidi (yes, him bankrolling Obama again), and a guy named Auchi, who transferred $3. million dollars into the Mutual Bank of Harvey, a day before Mahajan’s wife and Rita Rezko signed the land deal, allowing Obama to purchase the mansion. Rita Rezko also bought the land next door to Obama in the same transaction, and then sold Obama a ten foot parcel. That selling of the parcel prevents any structure from being built on the vacant lot, due to zoning. Blagojevich’s wife was the real estate broker in the deal.

The Real Housewives of Crook County

Here is an excerpt from Michelle Malkin’s blog titled “The Real Housewives of Crook County”:

Then there’s Anita Mahajan, wife of Chicago Mutual Bank owner Amrish Mahajan. Hubby is the Obama supporter and Blagojevich fundraiser who handled that boneheaded Obama land deal and loaned cash to Rezko. Mrs. Mahajan hired Mrs. Blagojevich to sell properties for her. In 2007, Mrs. Mahajan was indicted on fraud charges related to a contract from the state Department of Children and Family Services — awarded to her by the Blagojevich administration. Prosecutors say she bilked taxpayers out of $2.1 million. For the children, of course.

Part Five

Nadhmi Auchi’s connection to Obama

Now I will add a new name: Nadhmi Auchi. From this site, I have gathered a bit about Nadhmi Auchi and how he is connected to Chicago, Mahajan and the money.

Reference site is here: http://www.campus-watch.org/article/id/4823

Nadhmi Auchi of London, an Iraqi-born billionaire investor who founded his global enterprise General Mediterranean Holdings (GMH) in 1979 before he left Iraq.

Mr. Nadhmi Auchi apparently enters the political stage of Mr. Obama in 2003, when he was introduced to Mr. Rezko and became involved in developing a sixty-two-acre vacant lot along the Chicago River with his undercapitalized partner Mr. Rezko. Mr. Auchi is a prominent, mysterious figure, who was convicted in a French court in 2003 of political shenanigans in Iraqi oil contracts with regard French government officials and the oil giant TotalFinaElf. There are suspicions, never proven, of Mr. Auchi’s commerce with Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, and even the Byzantine and corrupt UN sanctions regime for Iraq called “Oil for Food.”

Nadhmi Auchi is important, because first, he is another Middle Eastern billionaire associated with Obama. He has been convicted of insider trading in France. He is involved with the banking industry. He was one of the largest private shareholders in BNP Paribas, the bank that trafficked most of the funds involved in the UN Oil-For-Food scandal.  and he transferred money to Rezko, so Obama could buy his mansion.

In recently discovered state documents in Illinois, there is a  recording that Fintrade Services, a Panamanian company, lent money to Mr Obama’s fundraiser in May 2005.

Fintrade’s directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi’s wife.


“In what appears to be a clumsy ‘cleanup’ operation, evidence of Auchi’s visit to Illinois has now been deleted from two websites linked to his company, General Mediterranean Holding,” Raw Story reports.

“After rumors began circulating that Auchi may have met with Obama, information was deleted from two websites connected to Nadhmi Auchi’s company about a spring 2004 visit to the United States that occurred as Obama was campaigning to be Illinois’ junior senator.

“On Tuesday, ABC News first reported the existence of photos showing Auchi meeting with Gov. Blagojevich on the website Middle East Online. The link on the website that the report pointed to, which said that ‘businessmen, and congressmen’ also met with Auchi, is now gone.

“Nadhmi Auchi had extensive commercial ties with Rezko, including the $130 million purchase of a property development near downtown Chicago from the indicted businessman. In 2004, according to Crain’s Chicago Business, Rezko brought Auchi to Illinois for the aforementioned meeting with Blagojevich and other government officials in Illinois. Blagojevich promised at the time that he was “ready to provide the necessary means for [GMH’s investments] to succeed

Rahm Emanuel and his connections to Obama

Now that we have outlined Nadhmi Auchi, let’s talk about Obama, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Blagojevich and the corrupt Daley machine.

What we know for sure, Mayor Richard Daley was the biggest crook around. That is not surprising either.

One of Mahajan’s oldest supporters in politics is Daley, who in one of his first acts as mayor in 1989 appointed Mahajan to the Chicago Plan Commission, which makes decisions on real estate and development. Daley and his brother Cook County Commissioner John Daley appreciate Mahajan’s political connections with Indian-American groups along Devon Avenue.

Rahm Emanuel worked for Richard Daley. So did Obama and David Axelrod. Obama publicly endorsed Richard Daley. Rahm Emanuel, Obama and David Axelrod all worked together Blagojevich’s campaign too. Obama was chairman of Blagojevich’s 2002 Governor Campaign.

Let’s Review the Connections Again

Mahajan bankrolls all the politicians in Ill. Blagojevich’s wife was the real estate agent in the Obama mansion deal. Mahajan’s wife was the seller. Rita Rezko was the co- borrower with Obama, who then sold Obama a small parcel of land, rendering her own parcel unbuildable. All this through mutual Bank of Harvey and a nice deposit from Auchi What happened to Blagojevich, was he was trying to broker the power that was not his to broker. His power was only on paper.

By trying to be a renegade, he got smacked back down to the curb for trying. Rezko is in jail, Blagojevich and his wife are on their way to jail. Obama, Emanuel and Axelrod, who ran everyone’s campaigns, are still out, though.

A Closer look at Emanuel

Let’s look more closely at Rahm Emanuel   He is what CitiGroup, Countrywide and Bank of America have in common. He was instrumental in all three, which have now merged to one. Rahm Emanuel is huge in the economist circles

Rahm Emanuel used his political connections to broker major deals. (One deal was a $16 billion merger that created Exelon Corp., now one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. Another involved SBC Communications, the telecommunications company run by William Daley, Clinton’s commerce secretary and the brother of Chicago’s mayor.)

After leaving the bank in 2001 to run for Congress, Rahm Emanuel benefited from the sale of Wasserstein Perella, which gave him an unusually large payout. Russ Gerson, global head of financial markets for A.T. Kearney Executive Search, told the Chicago Tribune in 2003 that Emanuel’s compensation would put him “in the top 3 to 5 percent” of investment bankers at that time.

The cash proved helpful when Emanuel found himself in a tough fight for a seat in Congress. He contributed $450,000 out of his own pocket to the primary campaign, and his leading rival accused him of trying to buy his seat, the Times reports. The financial industry also heavily financed Emanuel’s campaign.

After Emanuel left banking to run for Congress, members of the securities and investment industry became his biggest backers, donating more than $1.5 million to his campaigns dating back to 2002, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Rahm. Emanuel also leaned heavily upon the industry while he was chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2006 midterm elections. Financial industry donors contributed more than $5.8 million to the committee, behind only retirees.

Once he reached Congress, Emanuel served on the Financial Services Committee, which handles legislation involving financial markets and banks.

Now, we have parents, grandparents, mentors, bankrollers, middle Eastern and some western billionaires, politicians merging, banks merging, possible trillions in treasury funds being transferred to the unregulated Federal reserve, Socialist and Communist cabinet picks, Alinsky and soon I will tie in the media and web.

Part Six

Media Involvement with Soros (promoting Obama)

In order for me to show how the media is involved, I must first give you background on a couple of very powerful organizations: I’ll try to keep it brief, but I will include links to take you to more.

You will need to know these names, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Rockerfeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bilderberg, Carnegie, JP Morgan and some smaller ones that may pop up.

Counsel on Foreign Relations. This is an older list of members, here is a link.


(Note Jimmy Carter, GHW Bush, McCain, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissenger, Peter Geitner and Timothy Geithner, and Bill Clinton are on the list. So is Soros and all the media moguls. Some pundits, like Dan Rather, Tom Brokow, And Barbra Walters are also listed as members. Bill Gates has since been added.

Here is another few pieces of info on Soros, Then I will start the summary.

Four years ago Soros acquired 2.6 million shares of the huge diversified media company Time Warner. In 2006 his companies, Soros Strategic Partners and Dune Capital Management, paid $900 million to buy the DreamWorks SKG film library from Viacom.

Soros is also venturing into media overseas. Earlier last year Soros Fund Management plunked down $100 million for 3% of India’s Reliance Entertainment, a $3 billion conglomerate that aims to provide Internet-based TV programs in India

Soros and Dell, from Dell Computers just bought IndyMac. Soros did own AOL (until it spun off from Time Warner), and Google, as well as an interest in YouTube.

(Apple Computer is the only computer company that does not support or contribute to any political party.)

Now you can guess how everything in Obama’s past and the pasts of his cabinet members can be erased from the web.


The tape is of a conference held at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication in March of 2004. It shows Treglia lecturing to a gathering of academics, experts and journalists on just how some foundations plotted to create a fake grassroots movements. They made up businesses and groups that did not even exist, to put pressure on Congress.”Allinsky with a twist”.

The reason I included that tape at the end is to show there never were threats of unrest by these special interest groups. There never was the force behing the candidate. It was all a put on. These groups do not exist. There is no huge membership.

The same with Acorn. Their whole drive was a lie too. They registered voters alright! Dead ones and Disney characters. Fake numbers, is all it was!

Part Seven

Obama is a plant and here is what I have tried to show (Review).

  • Obama’s grandmother was a bank vice-president at Bank of Hawaii. She was in charge of international escrow.
  • Obama was born to a mother who was an international economist. She served on the Ford Foundation with our new Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner’s father Peter as well as working at the Grameen Bank in Indonesia.
  • Obama’s father and step father were economists, radicals and Muslim.
  • Obama attended school in Indonesia, until he was sent to the USA.
  • In the USA, he attended elite Panahou school, Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Universities.
    • He studied Constitutional law to learn it, not practice it.
  • Obama’s grandparents were registered members of the Communist Party USA, CPUSA,. They introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis.
  • Frank Marshall Davis was a mentor to Obama. Davis was a radical, a pervert, a Communist who studied and wrote about Marxism. Frank Marshall Davis introduces Obama to all his radical friends, including Bill Ayers and Khalidi.
  • Through Ayers and Davis, Obama met Mahajan then Auchi.
  • Bill Ayers sat on several boards with Obama. They were closer than was first thought. So close in fact that Michelle worked with Dohrn at the law firm Obama ended up working at. Obama worked with Dohrn at that time too.
  • Michelle Obama also sits on boards with Bill Ayers brother John Ayers. One of those boards is the Joyce Foundation. Thomas Ayers also worked with Michelle, before he passed away.
  • Khalidi bankrolled Obama all his life. Khalidi also benefitted from Obama’s position in the government that he helped Obama get elected to.
  • Bill Ayers held several fundraisers for Obama, including his first one. Ayers is working with Rezko, Khalidi and Soros has taken an interest in Obama.
  • Soros has his hands in everything from banks and investments, to energy, pharmaceuticals, Political action groups, entertainment and media organizations.
    • Soros is a member of Counsel on Foreign Relations.
    • Council on Foreign Relations is a huge, secretive organization.
    • It’s members consist of media moguls, corporate organizations, professors and economists.
      • They knew all about Obama, since he was born.
  • Obama’s cabinet members are all handpicked for him, his candidacy was orchestrated, his election was pre-planned and the media was controlled. Even the internet was scrubbed to advance the agenda.
  • Obama is not the boss. He was only the means to the end.
  • Soros hates Bush and set out on a mission to replace him. When that failed, Soros turned up the heat. Bush was in the way.
  • The plan is to transfer our treasury funds into a World Bank. That World Bank has been planned and is almost in the final stages.
  • If Europe and The US, as well as Asia, the Middle East and Africa all have their assets in one bank, each can draw on it equally. That appears to be what these all powerful, secret, billionaire society would like.
  • Our T.A.R.P. Funds are not being spent. They are going to the banks. The banks are buying other banks with the money.
    • Ask yourself how that is going to stimulate the economy.
    • The money will not be in circulation.
    • You will not see a nickel from it.
  • This is not about Democrats or Republicans. That is a ruse to keep you focused on a manipulated feud.
    • The parties have merged too. That is evident in the Clinton confirmation, 92 to 2 vote.
    • If they keep us feuding, they keep us focused on the trivialities and not paying attention to the big picture.

In Summary

You might want to keep an eye on a company called Fermilab. It is in Illinois. It appears they work with electro magnetic physics. Bill Ayers is associated with it and Soros is funding some.

If you know what this is, you will know how dangerous it is near Bill Ayers. Magnets can explode you know! The last thing we should ever let Ayers near is something that can be used in explosives, or worse.

I hope I have provided enough info, links and quotes to at least intrigue you into finding out more.

Even if it is to oppose any of my facts.

I hope too that I have stated my case in an effective and chronological order.

Obama is a plant, and I think I have proven it.

Part Eight

About Jo Anne Moretti and her motivations to create this document

I want to tell you all how I started this research. When this election started, I had never heard of Obama. When he first came on the scene, I was all for giving the new guy a chance. I wasn’t really into politics.

As the primaries got into full swing, I saw politicians like Kennedy, Kerry and Richardson going against their constituents and endorsing Obama, even though the voters in their states had chosen Hillary.

Then the Florida and Michigan debacle threw me.

I am originally from Massachusetts, the bluest state in the union. All my life, the liberals yelled when there were voter irregularities. I remember their battle cries of “count every vote”, but here they were now, stripping votes from Americans in two states.

Once the court decided the DNC was a private entity, even though the organization was full of public officials and they could exclude two states, I realized something was very wrong. I started trying to investigate Obama.

Soon, sites and videos were disappearing from the web. Obama had challenges levied against him, doubting his eligibility. Those challenges were systematically dismissed for standing, not merit. I found out the American citizens have no standing to challenge him.

As Obama’s associates came to light, they started to tell a chilling story.

I read Obama’s books. I read Corsi’s book. When I finished those, I read Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals”. It all started coming together, but who would I talk to about these things?

I was reading a story on Fox and found Gretawire, At Gretawire, folks were talking about all the political issues. Some were posting links, so I went to the links. From there I started to research every name associated with Obama, posting the finds at Gretawire. Other people responded and posted articles and links too. I collected all the stories I and others had found and decided to try to put them in order to tell a story that made sense.

I’d like to thank all of those who helped me and especially thank those who continue to send me everything they find.

I’m not sure I should mention their names, because of the nature of this story. I don’t want them to get any slack for helping write this. I too send them finds as well.

This will be the last addition to the story, although I will still post whatever I can find. I wanted to keep this focused on the grooming and rise of Obama. There is so much more, but I will post them separately.

Again, thanks for reading it. I know it sounds farfetched, but what I have written is true to the best of my knowledge.

Please do your own follow-up. If you find anything out there that you think I would be interested in, please invite me to read it.

Jo Anne Moretti

Jo’s Thoughts after the post

Today’s thoughts.

I’d like to just ramble on about several things this morning. Remember early on, when I first began writing about Obama being a plant, I had said he was groomed for this all his life? Well, after finding those articles about his church in Hawaii, it is more evident that I was right.

Let’s track his life and connections.

Grandparents card carrying Commies. They raised their daughter, Ann, in their own image. They sent her to Marxist schools, (Mercer Island High in WA. state). They hand her off to Frank Marshall Davis. Once he has finished her indoctrination that includes her introduction to Malcolm X and Bernadine Dohrn, he hands her off to a radical Kenyan named Barack Obama. They have a child; Barack Obama jr. Radical Kenyan turns out to be a loser. She goes to another Radical, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.

Anne, along with her son move to a Socialist, Muslim country. Her son is educated in a Wahabbi school. When the son matures a little, he is sent back stateside to the Commie grandparents. The grandparents hand him over to the same Marxist perv that they handed their daughter over to, Frank Marshall Davis.

The son attends an exclusive private school and also attends a Unitarian church. This church is so radical, the neighbors and townspeople don’t even know if it’s a “real” church. This supposed church harbors draft dodgers, radicals, fugitives and teaches radical religion.

The son continues his grooming.

It is a little sketchy as to how he was enrolled in college. Not sure if he was a foreign student. In his books, he claims to have traveled to Pakistan, while in college. The questions arise because it was very difficult for an American to travel to Pakistan at that point in time, as there were travel restrictions for Americans. That raises the questions of what passport he used.

In college, he says he sought out the radicals and Marxist professors. That can only mean, SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. Remember this point as it will come into play further on.

How he paid for college and was able to afford to travel around is a mystery, but it is clear, “someone was floating him”!

He gets into Harvard and Columbia. universities. His records are sealed to the public in both these universities. One should ask why. We should wonder if he even attended, how he enrolled and who paid these tabs, but right now, we do not have that info. The big question is why?

After college he is commissioned  to Chicago.I believe it was Bill Ayers and Khalidi who visited him after Harvard. Imagine that, a Harvard and Oxford graduate taking a measly job like, “Community Organizer”? You’d think he would have had offers from every major law firm in the world, with that pedigree!

In Chicago the corruption is so rampant; it was easy to get him into the political arena. A lot of money buys a lot of influence. Again, “someone is floating him”!

If you go back through my posts, you will see he continues his indoctrination. He associates with the radicals, the Muslims, the corrupt bankers, Palestinian billionaire Khalidi and of course Bill Ayers and his now wife Bernadine Dohrn, remember her? It sounds like we have come full circle but not yet

He gets rushed into office nearly unopposed. He gets help from the community programs. They were rabid with their tactics, from marketing blitzes to contesting signatures. They bully and bum rush all opposition. In all his elections, he won handily. Soon he is running for President.

These community organizations have now all merged and sprouted up everywhere.

The founders of these groups are the same radicals his mother was introduced to through Marshall-Davis, the SDS and the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn Founded Progressives for Obama and had a hand in Project vote. Wade Rathke and his brother Dale are founders of ACORN. Tom Hayden takes care of the media with MoveOn.org. Zach Pollet founded Project Vote on paper, bur it an appendage of ACORN. Alan Haber marries the first woman chair of the UAW. Through them SEIU and other small unions sprout. All are original SDS and Weather Underground. Drummond Pike founded the Tides Foundation and Tides Center. This is a huge money laundering organization.

What a racket this one is! Tides takes money from anonymous billionaires, like of course Soros, the Sandlers and Theresa Heonz-Kerry, and distributes it to radical organizations. You know, billionaires hate to get their hands dirty, but love to make money!Tides refunded the embezzled millions that Dale Rathke stole from ACORN. No charges were ever filed.

Soros also is a big donor to Tides, through his Democracy Alliance and Open Society. There are more, but we all know who they are, especially if Soros is tied to it, like MoveOn.org! MoveOn.org is another favorite pet of Soros. It was founded by good old Senator Tom Hayden. Hayden was married to Jane Fonda too by the way! Yes, SDS Weather Underground original was a Senator!

After being a State Senator, with a very thin voting record, Obama gets bull rushed to the Congressional Senate. He never actually takes a stance on a serious issue. I realize now that was brilliant. Nothing negative happens to pin him down on. He manages to stay once removed from any scandal and there is plenty around him, including his bank and his house.(Rezko)! His support structure is reinforcing daily.

While he is the Congressional Senate he stays with the don’t commit, don’t get your hands dirty policy. Meanwhile ACORN and all the little ACORNS are in full launch method. They have meticulously “Community Organized their butts off”. They have been doing this since the 60’s! Keep this in mind so you can really see how dug in and determined these radicals are.

They saturate the country with volunteers, paid organizations, and foot soldiers . All their organizations have politically correct sounding names like Working families Party, Get out the vote, ACORN, Project vote. All are radical, Marxist organizations, hiding in plain sight!

Soon, They Succeed!! They get him into the White House. This was done so patiently and so methodically, nobody noticed.

Nobody noticed all the infrastructure being put in place. Organizations like DSA, Democratic Society of America is a popular one for Democrats. It’s Marxist! Socialists International is another. We have a Cabinet member who sat on their board, Carol Browner. We have Red Diaper Babies like Tim Geithner and Peter Orzag. We know Geithner’s father was a co worker with Obama’s mother. We have Leon Panetta, Waxman, Waters, Conyers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Summers. Of course can’t leave out Brzezski! All of them are Socialists. How about Ginsberg? Mustn’t forget the Clintons. Hillary is from Chicago and studied Alinsky!

So who is going to object to what’s coming next, if there are this many operatives already in place? Already there just waiting for him!

He has already seized the banks, the auto industry, the financial industry, the insurance industry, private companies and corporations. He has usurped the power of the courts by constructing bankruptcies. That’s not his job. He is now trying to seize state and gun rights. These are buried deep in his bills. That is why he rushes

He has usurped the power of Congress, by replacing them with Czars, unopposed I might add! Czars do not answer to Congress. They answer to Obama. Czars are not elected by the people. They usurp us too! I think if Congress willingly surrenders their power to just one branch, it is a violation of their own oath to the Constitution!

Who’s going to press that issue, certainly not the operatives in Congress? Kennedy? Franks? Nope! They are on board. Look how fiercely they defend ACORN! Kennedy even gave ACORN a safety net, just in case they have to change their name. He wrote up to $8 billion dollars into the new bill for “Community Transformation”. Guess what that is!

The court? Nope! They surrendered their own power when they allow one branch to do bankruptcies! Now Obama wants “empathy” in the court. Courts are cut and dry law. Save the empathy for the emergency room, not the courtroom The Executive Branch is now the most powerful. The other two surrendered

So what’s next?

Already, the Constitution is under attack. State’s sovereignty, gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press and religious interference. Every bill he signs removes a piece at a time. This time it is state’s rights being taken in the Healthcare Bill. Another Rush job coming! He is selling this like a Sham WoW! This is so dangerous for America that he had ABC move into the White House to market it to fools!

T.A.R.P. meant TRAP. It also transferred our treasury to the private entity called the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is Not Federal at all!

He is putting the Census, along with the 2010 elections in the hands of the ACORNS who were waiting for their Messiah! The census determines political districting and we know the election will be destroyed with manipulation!

Nobody in politics will stop him.

They all know and now we all know!

America is in trouble from within. It’s the enemy hiding in plain sight that is taking us down.

Are we going to allow them to finish the job?

All they need now is the Youth Civilian Forces Obama promised us to our faces. Your kids and mine! Then they come for the guns! They have already identified their enemy, us! Their enemy is returning Veterans, Conservatives, pro lifers and Christians. They put it in a memo and made it public for all to see! Remember Janet Napolitano sticking to her statement?

So there you have it. I have provided enough evidence in my posts to back my convictions and my prediction of what’s coming!

I also want to add one statement. It’s a quote I have fallen in love with.


Thank you for reading this.

Jo Anne Moretti


  1. There is clearly a bundle to know about this. I consider you made certain nice points in features also.

  2. some truly prize content on this site, saved to my bookmarks .

  3. Leona Coca says:

    Great post, you have pointed out some great details , I too believe this s a very great website.

  4. betty Merry says:

    Time to take them all down, arrest and convict them all and start over. wiping all debt’s away (like biblical law) and begin anew in a new America without any of the old thieves!

  5. Longknife 21 says:

    It gets alot worse, but controlled Media and ‘Political-Correctness’ will not let a word be spoken.
    About the time “He kept us out of WAR!” Woodrow Wilson was told by the Banksters- We would go to war in Europe (WWI), a Special Sealed Train was sent by Jacob Shiff(?) and other Banksters connected to Goldman Sachs and allies, with Leon Trotski, a couple of hundred New York Marxists, and $20 million dollars in gold (US) was sent to Canada, loaded on a Neutral ship, and sent to Hamburg, Germany DURING THE WAR! Then towed by German Locomotives was taken to Russia and turned over to the Bolsheviks (Commies) while Russia was still at WAR with Germany! This was possible because Paul Warburg’s brother was head of German Internal Security (secret police). This is no conspiracy theory, well documented, even featured in a Lib/Commie Movie “Reds”. The Banksters say this is slander against them because they were “state-less Jews”, and were accused of supporting their fellow “State-less Jews” in the Marxist movement, but they did it to “create” an enemy of Democracy and Capitalism to continue and increase their hold on the FED and Treasury. They don’t care about Judiaism! MONEY!!! Most of the “State-less Jews” in the Bolsheviks were killed or oppressed along with everybody else. Did the ‘Jewish’ NY Banksters care? Big Whine about persecuted Jews, but not much else. They were too busy tightening their control of the US finances, and England, and France.
    Setting up for the biggest Boom-Bust Cycle yet known. The Great Depression. And then WWII, the Banksters Harvest!

    Old Amsel(?), the original Rothschield said ” I don’t care who makes the laws, as long as I print the money!” A country MUST have an Enemy for the people to put up with taxes and an oppressive gov’t and banking system!
    Same-o, same-o today. The commies are more or less gone (except in the Obama Admin), the Global Warming Hoax went bust, and except for Political-Correctness and the damn Media the Islamofascists can be stopped by April Fools Day. But, of course it won’t happen that way. Ain’t no money in it!!
    Now we have the Gold Scam and screw the Chinks. They have a huge surplus of males, a huge military, and the best industrial capacity (though still a lot low tech) in the world, so the Bankster-controlled DEMs and Obama kick sand in their face while destroying our military and industrial ability while staying bogged down in the Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, and let everyone else in the world that hates us have Nukes.
    Boy Howdy! What a brilliant Tactician!
    What the Hell, the Banksters will all move to the south of France. They LIKE France, always ready to surrender and collaborate! We get to fight in the ashes.

  6. Longknife 21 says:

    OF COURSE OBAMA IS A PLANT!! He was a Marxist construct from a child! Anyone who can’t see it now is a fool! But he is not a true socialist but totally owned and controlled by Goldman Sachs – The Rothschields.
    Also a HUGE influence is George Soros – is he a Rothschield Operator? or just an International Outlaw? Just as bad or worse.
    Obama scammed the London Gold Exchange and China, but the Lap-Dog Media are still covering up here. Gave over 5600 400 oz “gold bars” to IMF, who ‘sold’ them thru the London Gold Exchange to China. The plan was to dump the price of gold (screw the patriot conservatives), but it didn’t work. China traded a bunch of their (rapidly depreciating) US Treasury bills and bought the lot at market. There are a bunch more out there.
    The Chinks being suspicious little weasels (only smart dealing with Demon-rats), drilled 4 bars and all were gold plated tungsten! These are US treasury guaranteed 400 oz Serial Numbered gold bars! The Chinks are pissed no doubt, and the London people are – WTF! The bars were (allegedly) substituted during the Clintski Administration. Did Obama know? He is plenty arrogant and ignorant enought to try to screw the IMF, London, and the Chinese! WRONG!
    Also Jo Anne today (passed on to me by a friend)
    She is asking the right questions, just doesn’t have 40 years historical perspective!
    Hell, it goes back to 1910. ( Even before – undocumented) To Paul Warburg, a Rothschield operater, who created the FED and was the first “Chairman”.

  7. tpgow says:

    I believe all that was written above. It is as clear as the nose on your face. BUT! We can still do something about it. IT will be a hell of a fight, but FIGHT WE HAVE TO! We need to vote them all out. Even the few good Republicans left have no balls. He is going to overthrow Congress, That I said from the day he was elected. My friends said i was crazy. They are now working on no term limits for prez and America doesn’t even know it. Wake Up!!!!! It is getting closed to no return.

    MOLON LABE!!!!

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