Austin Plane Crash Labeled “Right-Wing Domestic Terror Attack” By Obama Supporters

Posted: 02/23/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Alex Jones

In this image made from KVUE-TV video, smoke billows from a ...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In anticipation of evening cable news shows exploiting one man’s grievances against the IRS to smear the entire liberty movement, websites on both sides of the political equation are being flooded with messages from what appear to be Obama supporters calling the Austin plane crash an act of “right-wing domestic terror” committed by a Tea Party activist.

Comments on both Democratic Underground and Fox Nation are blaming the attack on Tea Party activists and others in the freedom movement. They appear to be coming mainly from Obama supporters and liberals.

A selection of comments appears below.


“This is a right-wing domestic terror act. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – THIS SHOULD CONCERN YOU!”


“Looks like one of the Teabaggers woke up on the wrong side of the bed. LOL. You nuts better not start doing this regularly.”


“Not a single one of you is concerned that one of your own just committed an act of domestic terror. You are already attacking the messenger and they have not even brought the message in yet.”


“YOU need to take an ounce of responsibility. All you repubbers are complaining about Bush but still putting all the blame for Bush’s errors on Obama or “The Government”. This plane guy decided to attack the Government. Pilot-guy sounds like a thousand posts I have read on thee boards.”


“His “manifesto” is rank and file conservative/tea party/ repub rhetoric. I’ve read the same thing on these since before Obama was inaugurated. That dude would fit right in here, and maybe he did.”


“These “anti-government” right wing hate machines really need to realize that violence will be done by their followers. People like Beck think about ratings, but when you tell enough people that the “government is out to get them” , sooner or later some of these people will decide to strike first.
We will see more domestic terrorism. People like the posters here need to accept responsibility to police themselves. You preach hate and destroying your enemies “foreign or domestic” and people will start blowing up innocent people because of the message you preach.

YOU did this, and I;ve no doubt more blood will be spilled because of you. Right wingers have a terrible (actually worse the dems) record of fiscal responsibility, small government, and unobtrusive gov: yet you are yelling that America is being attacked by democrats in this area.



There is no point in “dialogue” with you right wingers, you guys are the taliban of america.”

“Accept responsibility. One of YOU committed a domestic terror act. You should be thinking about that rather than insulting democrats as usual.”

“Another terrorist attack by the GOP/FOXZI/Aryan Nation, and there Teabagger storm troopers.”

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  1. Longknife 21 says:

    The guy is screwed up, but kind of a desperate hero. Not ‘king of’.

  2. Longknife 21 says:

    The poor guy was insanely desperate! Burned his house down and destroyed his airplane to keep the IRS from attaching them after his death. If it had been an all IRS building I’d say it was shame he couldn’t fly a bigger plane!
    Anyone who works for the IRS in any capacity is NOT INNOCENT! Also the same for most of the alphabet agencies that target productive Americans. With Obamunism and the Holderwaffen DoJ exercising power to ram their agenda down our throats, you can expect more of this desperate resistance to Federal terrorism. The guy is screwed, but king of a desperate hero.

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