GOOOH: Get out of our house exposed

Posted: 02/25/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

On Friday, Feb. 19th, 2010 in Rock Hill, S.C., myself and Fred Vazquez met to break bread with his family, talk to some voters about his run for the 5th dist. of SC, as well as listen to the latest report to where G.O.O.O.H. is at this point in the 2010 election year.

Uncovered in a live conference call to the President of the organization the following questions were asked with the following answers.

1.) How many former employees of Dell, Inc. are on the team that help write vetting questions, and are they homosexual?  This question was asked due to the support Dell gives to homosexuals at work and agenda’s, and the President of GOOOH is a former Dell employee as well.

Answer: We do not discriminate against sexual orientation to be able to participate on this team.

2.) Is congressman Evan B., who is retiring from congress being sought by GOOOH to help promote your process across the country?

Answer: We are pursuing whatever means we can to move forward.

Posted 2010-02-24 6:02 PM (#33744) By: johnmadams
  1. Longknife 21 says:

    Dell is awful. They also support all kinds of anti-gun groups. Several years ago a gunshop ordered a Dell system with several workstations, 2 printers, mainframe and a backup. After several weeks the owners called Dell in texas and asked why it wasn’t shipped. After several run-around they were told that Dell didn’t want to do business with a gunshop, because they didn’t believe people should have guns!! Libtard creeps!
    BUY GUNS, NOT DELLS!! MOLON LABE! Now more than ever!

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