Posted: 02/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Tea Party's

(Please reprint this in your blogs or newsletters.  This is urgent. This trick could destroy the Tea Party movement if we don’t act quickly.  Marty RicKard, National Tea Party President)

The newest dirty trick on the political scene is the FAKE Tea Party.  The fake Tea Party is one comprised of liberal Democrats who will promote phony straw horse candidates intended only to split the conservative vote and allow liberal Democrats to win.

This is a real danger to our badly disorganized Tea Party movement.  Fakery is happening in Nevada right now.  A phony group of liberals has filed state papers to become a Tea Party.  The real Tea Party has no idea who they are.

Our enemies understand the power of getting organized.  WE DO NOT.   If we don’t wake up soon the enemy will organize the REAL TEA PARTY right out of our underwear.  All the work we have done so far will go right out the window because we are independent and we don’t need no “stinkin’ organization.”

I have been an outspoken supporter of getting our hundreds of Tea Party groups organized under a national umbrella since November of 2009.  My campaign to organize our beautiful movement has been opposed by many Tea Party members who pride themselves as being independent.

The “we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-leaders-and-we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-organization” was great for John Wayne in the Wild West, but it is a bad philosophy in this modern day political world.

We do need an organization under which all of our local groups can coalesce.  I have suggested a bottom-up structure where our local groups have strong representation.

This organization would strengthen our Tea Party Movement, and do nothing to weaken it.

FAKE Tea Party groups would not be able to form if we had an organizational structure.  Real Tea Party groups would be greatly assisted by a national organization.

I also suggested having a National Tea Party Photo ID Membership card for those who desired to pay a small fee to cover costs of the card.  I would proudly carry such a card if it was of good quality.

Many derided my suggestion.  Why?   Anything voluntary should not be criticized.  I can think of many ways this card could be used to benefit our Patriots once we become organized.  (Think of the many ways the AARP card was used before we all destroyed them).

I was disappointed that some organizational structure did not emanate from our first national convention.  We can’t wait my fellow Patriots.  The Tea Party is our best hope to save our country.  Let’s all join it and become a political power.  But let’s all join the REAL TEA PARTY.

Please respond if you agree.

God Bless You and our Tea Party

Marty RicKard, National Tea Party President

  1. Longknife 21 says:

    The rich bitch Repub ‘Tea Party’ Convention for $550 a seat and now ‘Tea Party’ Luxury Cruises are just as bad as somes Libs trying to horn in on the movement. In alot of places the Repubs controlled the local Tea Party, and shut it down when folks started exposing the bad and cowardly things done by the Dino-RINOs.
    Tea Parties should stay independent, not copyrighted, licensed by the States, or any of that. STAY Independent, even almost OUTLAW!! If the MSM, the Libtard DEMs, and the Repuke Neo-Cons all hate you, then you are just about right! Central control will be eventually sold out to the Big-Money Repubs. Too many other Christian Conservative groups have gone that way.

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