Obama’s Marxist beliefs deep-rooted but hidden

Posted: 02/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

February 22, 2010

Dear Editor:

Obama declared himself a Marxist while in college, but not a word was uttered by any mainstream media outlet during the campaign

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” – Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

“I wasn’t a casual acquaintance of Obama. I was an important leader in the larger social, cultural environment he chose to associate himself with. Many of the people that Obama and I knew are still friends with each other. I was well-known on the Occidental campus as one of the top radical student leaders. I ended up teaching at Williams College with two of Obama’s radical professors. I knew the “structural feminists” he talks about in Dreams from My Father. Most of my friends and relatives think going public with this story will cause physical and financial harm to me and my family. I think I deserve some credit for having the courage to share my observations with the rest of the world.” – Dr. John C. Drew

In past interviews by Dr. John C. Drew regarding his encounters with fellow student Barack Obama’s Marxist ideology as a student at Occidental College and before, I have come to many conclusions.

What I find amazing is that anyone in this country, especially people who are intelligent and educated, could be converted to Marxist theory. It is absolutely irrational! The only theory I can come up with is that they are mental cases – perhaps psychopaths who see in Marxism a means to gain power over people out of criminal motives. Dr. Drew came to his senses in 1984 and joined the human race; however, it is clear Obama is still the same piece of work today as he was yesterday. I pray that some day soon this vile creature named Obama will be tried for treason and sentenced to a long prison term.

If we could only have a glance at the liberal socialist Obama’s SAT and LSAT scores, this might shed a bit of light on things. Obama was clever enough to have gotten his way through many pro forma academic situations with a whole lot of help from Affirmative Action in exchange for the “favors” the liberal socialist agenda now is providing. In a way, I feel Obama is like a rapper being exploited by a far more sophisticated record company…

There is no doubt that this now liberal socialist man called Obama is a “Red Diaper Baby.” He is a good argument for the Constitution’s denial of the right to serve as president to anyone except a “natural born citizen.” No matter where he was born, he cannot be one, since his father was a British colonial subject, not an American citizen.

As far as being a student at Columbia University: Obama was more than likely in the School of General Studies, not Columbia University. The only requirement for entrance: a checkbook! By carefully selecting a course of study, one can actually get a Columbia degree. Bill Ayers, and his sister-in-law, a Columbia professor, were probably of some help there.

I believe we are stuck with Obama as the de facto, rather than the de jure, president, until 2012. He is now beginning a new phase of attempting to rule as an “Executive Order” president. That’s going to bring a whole lot of trouble to our nation.

Congress vets cabinet positions, the news media vets candidates, and the New York Times has discredited itself as a news organization. Just take a glance at the leadership in the liberal party: Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, three of the biggest flops ever assembled at one time in American history.

American citizens should read Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” so that they can recognize the ideas that this so- called liberal socialist regime is initiating. At this time there is a relevant reactionary movement seeking to reclaim the glory days of the past, even when it calls itself Progressive. The progressive liberal socialist Marxists are living in a very different time with a concept that most of us will not embrace.

I think many of us picked up on the fact that Obama was a fraud early on and failed to realize just how dumbed-down our populace has become by the leftist government schools. People have a very hard time thinking in terms of political veracities conjoined to financial realities. By being poor judges of persons due to the lack of ethics, morals and civics in education coupled with revisionist history and a forced disdain of Americanism, the stage was set for completion of the subversive leftist takeover of America. Many parts fit into the puzzle of how our current plight came about. Dishonesty and the vast corruption of politicians, bankers, investors, teachers, preachers, and anyone in positions of leadership reveals the proclivity of human beings to degenerate into selfishness inflamed by the desires of pleasure, gigantic ego, and pride of life-killing national identity. Today we make way in the suppurated remains of our once great Republic.

Too bad the American majority did not see the light before the liberal socialist Obama was put in the White House. If the American people actually knew what a Marxist/Fascist/Liberal/Socialist/Progressive Obama and his racist America-hating wife were before the last election, he would never have been sent there.

I believe the American people were deceived and betrayed first by the mainstream media, the Democrat-controlled Congress, and Obama all at the same time. Not only is he a Marxist; he is a Muslim sympathizer as well, thus endangering us all the more by ignoring our self-declared enemy, Islam.

Lies and deception are our biggest problem with Obama. An honest socialist is one thing and bad enough, but a person who lies so seamlessly and is grounded in narcissism and socialism and has the power of the US presidency is truly a dangerous man.


Phil S. Dedrick

  1. Longknife 21 says:

    Only hidden by the Lap-Dog MSM! Celebrated by the CPUSA and every one of it’s affiliates, plus all the far left socialist Black Liberation parasites!
    Any country boy that can tell a squirrel from a weasel can tell what he’s really all about. Bad enough having a Libtard Squirrel for PretenderPrez, but the reality is IslamoCommie Weasel behind the Squirrel Mask.
    Never let your intended prey see your teeth! But hard for someone that talks 10 hrs a day!

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