Tea Parties Go Global Thanks Longknife

Posted: 02/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Tea Party's

The FOX Nation

Our Founding Fathers would have never thought that over two hundred years later, British subjects would be throwing a “Tea Party” after being inspired by American activists overseas who demanded smaller government from their own policy makers in Washington.

The Freedom Association is sponsoring a tea party event this Saturday in Brighton. Their website gives the following information:

Join DANIEL HANNAN MEP at the Brighton Tea Party at 5.30 p.m. this Saturday 27 February at the Best Western Hotel, 143-145 King’s Road, Brighton BN1 2PQ

The event will take place on the Conservative Party Spring Forum fringe, but is outside the secure zone, so all members of the public are very welcome to attend.  Admission is free.  Tea and other refreshments will be available at a small charge.  Cash bar.

The Tea Party Movement in the USA has demonstrated the huge scale of public opposition to excessive taxation.  In the UK, tax is much higher and, in addition, British membership of the democratically unaccountable EU raises the issue of “no taxation without representation”.  From the Boston Tea Party to the Brighton Tea Party, it’s time to demonstrate our opposition to excessive taxation. Read more here.


British Tea Party Movement to Launch on Saturday

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  2. Longknife 21 says:

    Some of our Britfag cousins are growing political cojones!?! Gordon Brown will have the “vapors”!
    About time the real Brits showed some back-bone! What happened to the People that held back the Nazis for 2 years, practically alone? They can’t kick some Commies out of London?
    Their International/Socialist/Elite have disarmed the honest subjects, de-industrialized the nation, create huge welfare dependency, made homosexuality accepted (if not yet required), imported hordes of third-worlders that hate them, and given in repeatedly to the Islamofascists that want the whole country under dhimmitude! Terrible!
    The same is happening here, only we still got our guns! At least for now!

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