These clowns are unbelievable

Posted: 03/01/2010 by Lynn Dartez in CFP

By Aaron Cantor  Sunday, February 28, 2010

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama has the votes in the House of Representatives to force his flagship reform of US healthcare through without Republican support, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.


“We are here to do a job for the American people – to get them results that gives them not only health security, but economic security, because the health issue is an economic issue for America’s families” she said.

Actually what she really meant was we are here to do a job ON the American people.

While sitting here at my desk trying to get a handle on how many zeroes there are in the National debt and the Deficit (a feat which would cross

a Philadelphia Lawyer’s eyes), a very simple solution popped into my head.

We send billions of dollars in foreign aid overseas every year, but are the people to whom we give that aid grateful? No they are not, because in most cases it never gets to the people, it goes into the pockets of corrupt leaders.

First question.

What did these countries do for all the years before there was such a thing as foreign aid, or such a country as the United States of America to give them a handout?

Second question.

Why should we continue sending all this money (which we don’t have) off shore when we can’t even pay our own bills?


  1. Get out of the United Nations (which is mostly funded by America),  And let them pay their own bills.
  2. Immediately cut off all foreign aid.
  3. All government employees take a 50% pay cut from the top down, With the exception of the military, they are underpaid for what they do in the first place.
  4. Scrap this ridiculous healthcare scam the Democrats are trying to ram down our throats, and start over.
  5. Vote all incumbents out of office and put tight term limits on the new bunch coming in.

We have many problems that need to be fixed, but the most urgent one is the financial quagmire these idiots have got us in, so when you go into the voting booth this November, remember who handed you this mess Ds and Rs are equally guilty so get rid of them.

Pelosi was quoted as saying; “Time is up, we really have to go forth, the country can’t wait any longer”.

You are right about that, you Machashaifeh (Yiddish for witch).

Arrogance and Narcissism are alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and Pelosi and Reid are his conspiratorial partners in this madness.

Enough is enough!

  1. Longknife 21 says:

    I like the solutions, except in #5 there are a few we should keep. Ron Paul is our Congressman. Maybe a dozen others. They would have the seniority to run important committees.
    Also get the UN out of New York. Stop all immigration until it can be controlled. Audit the FED & keep under tight control if allowed to continue to exist. Adjust for inflation the income tax on investments and savings, inflation is killing any real growth! Actually, “Import Duties” should be used to finance the Federal Gov’t not Income tax!!

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