Beck’s Failure To Retract Global Warming Advocacy Provokes Online Firestorm

Posted: 03/02/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Alex Jones
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More conservatives are waking up to the fact that Beck is a shill for the bankers and the elite

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Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, February 26, 2010

Glenn Beck has failed to respond to a firestorm of reaction to his comments made during a February 21st interview with USA Weekend magazine in which he completely reversed his position on climate change by revealing that he believed in man-made global warming.

As we reported earlier this week, Beck appeared to stab his conservative audience in the back when he told USA Weekend magazine that man-made climate change was occurring in an article entitled Don’t judge Beck by his cover.

In the article, Beck tells interviewer Dennis McCafferty, “You’d be an idiot not to notice the temperature change.”

“He also says there’s a legit case that global warming has, at least in part, been caused by mankind,” writes McCafferty, under the sub headline, “He believes in global warming.”

“The blogosphere is on fire with reaction to McCafferty’s USA Weekend piece,” according to World Net Daily’s Chelsea Schilling, who pointed out that posters on the prominent conservative forum Free Republic were furious at Beck for seemingly performing a huge flip-flop on the issue.

“Seems like the rose-colored glasses are beginning to fall off those who used to view Mr. Beck with good approval?” wrote one.

“OK, final straw for Beck with me,” added another.


Becks Failure To Retract Global Warming Advocacy Provokes Online Firestorm 190110banner4

“When an unflattering quote comes out about someone, anyone, they all say, “I was misquoted.” Everyone does it. The people who were actually misquoted take legal action if a retraction/correction isn’t printed. In fact, that’s why newspapers print retractions/corrections. If Beck doesn’t sue USA Weekend, then it tells me his protestations ring hollow,” writes another.

Other respondents said they thought the article was a hit piece and that Beck’s comments on global warming had been misreported. However, Beck’s reaction to the controversy suggests otherwise.

Following the outcry, Beck responded by accusing McCafferty of inventing four of the ten beliefs attributed to him in the article, but since Beck made no mention whatsoever of it, we can only assume that his global warming comment wasn’t one of them.

“Beck had plenty of criticism of the USA Weekend story… he didn’t raise any objections to the article’s portrayal of his environmental views,” remarks Mother Jones’s Kate Sheppard.

Since Beck changes his tune every time the wind blows (he was for the bailout before he was against it), we can only assume that increasing suspicion from conservatives over his global warming comments will force Beck to back peddle and issue some form of retraction.

However, for some this will only confirm the fact that Beck is a shill and a performing circus clown who cries on cue while hoodwinking millions of conservatives into supporting policies which represent the antithesis of true conservatism, like a national sales tax (an idea also embraced by Nancy Pelosi), while attacking people who espouse real conservative principles without constantly flip-flopping, like Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters, who he smeared as potential terrorists.

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  1. Rick M. says:

    Bill I think you paint an accurate picture of Beck. I would add though, that he does educate some people with the Constitution as it concerns what is going on with the shift of power and what is really happening with our two party system. He has been I would venture to say very accurate about what he says about the constitution and what our forefathers believed and died for. I watch his tv show at 5pm most nites. I rarely listen to his radio program unless I’m doing alot of driving in the am. I am however not pleased with his stance on the “Natural Born Citizen Clause” of the constitution. His ridicule is not called for especially when he says ” question authority boldly or words to the effect” He comes across as a hypocrite alot especially if you know nothing about him. Fact of the matter is and I dont give him a pass for this but I believe he is being threatened not to discuss the BC issue. I believe most of these guys/ gals are being told not to discuss or its your job or even worse yet direct threats against them physically or their families.
    Just my thoughts for today…

  2. Longknife 21 says:

    Glenn Beck is primarily an entertainer, I heard some of his show in my truck last week and he was ridiculing Global Warming. He is sarcastic, but often silly. Hard to tell what he believes, but he wants those HEADLINES!!
    He thinks he is a comedian, but often is more of a buffoon.
    He is not for serious people, either to listen to seriously, or to worry about his comedic flip-flops.
    I think basicly he is helping at the ‘entry level’ to get people to question P-C and the Libtard gov’t, but doesn’t understand or can’t face how bad it really is and how much it will take to change it. He’s a light weight, the wind changes him.
    It is really sad how he made good rational arguments against Global Warming when it was “popular”, now that it has been proven a HOAX he wants to believe in it? Irrational! Best ignored and see what does next.

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