Posted: 03/09/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

(Editor’s Note: The following opinions are Marty RicKard’s and not necessarily those of other Tea Party members.  Please feel free to reprint this article anywhere.)

Obama’s health care bill is absolutely vital to the Liberal Progressives.  They will fight to the last man to pass it.   Why?  Not because they care about your health, but because it finally give progressives total control of the voters in our nation.  Make no mistake, that’s what it is all about.
The Tea Party must FIGHT hard to keep government out of our health care.  WHY?  Think in terms of health care for our nation and its form of government, not just for our people.
Health Care would be the final massive beauracracy (make that voter pool) in this nation to allow Democrats to win every election throughout eternity.  At that point the Liberal Progressives could convert this nation to Socialism, or any other form of government, without opposition.
What is a government beauracracy?  It is a huge mass of roiling humanity that depends on the government for their income.  They are paid far more than they are worth, do far less than they are capable of doing  and they receive benefits that far exceed any in the private sector.  In any office where 100 are needed 200 are hired.  They are quickly unionized, control their own work environment and are almost impossible to discipline or dismiss (fire).  Since they are handsomely paid by BIG government they do whatever is necessary to keep big-government Democrats in office (read that keep their jobs).
Please don’t misunderstand, some hardworking, capable, beautiful people work for the government.  In fact, to coin an old cliché, some of my best friends are government employees, and thank God for them, but even these people can tell work-place stories that would curl your toenails.
Amtrak, Post Office, Fannie, Freddie, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security are all government beauracracies (voter pools).  All those beauracracies would be bankrupt if they had to operate in the private sector.  Why? Because it is hugely expensive to buy votes.
Obama is going to do his best to get some form of health care passed.  He must get the camel’s nose under the tent now.  It may be his last chance.  We must do everything possible to stop it, because wherever you find a camel’s nose, the rest of the camel can’t be far behind.  Please Tea Party Patriots, if you care about your nation, call, email, fax your opposition to government health care.
God Bless you,
Marty RicKard, National Real Tea Party President

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