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Restoring Constitutional Government

Longknife 21

Friends and Fellow Patriots,

It is Sunday morning, March 21, and it appears that ObamaCare will be passed, by hook or by crook (literally). We know this is just the beginning of a huge Big Gov’t Socialist Boondoggle based on lies, false promises, hiding costs, and the overwhelming arrogance of a Usurper President leading a bunch of starry-eyed Lefty/Libs intent on creating a Socialist, unconstitutional, Federal Gov’t far different from what our Forefathers intended, most of us want, or many of us fought and bled to defend against, a Totalitarian Socialism. Tyranny by bureaucrats at the behest of a mob is no better than that of a despotic King or Dictator.

If we are to stop this perversion of our Constitutional Republic, we must attack the source of the problem, not the result. We must do this quickly to prevent the intended further erosion of Constitutional Law and Gov’t. We must clearly recognize our Enemies are, discover their Allies, and map their strategy, to effectively counter their plan to take over our Nation. Toward these ends I humbly suggest the following be made as MAJOR Campaign issues for all Congressional Candidates:

  1. Repeal ObamaCare. Any healthcare reform must have tort-reform, reduce fraud, have honest proven accounting, do away with unfunded mandates, and be gradually integrated into the systems that now work.
  2. Pass the Bricker Amendment, or similar legislation, to clearly state that the Constitution is supreme over any treaty. This is necessary because Obama & Co. want to use a UN treaty to do away with the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
  3. Audit the Federal Reserve. Return more control of our money to Congress.
  4. Pass legislation to send “The 28th Amendment”- Congress shall pass no law that applies to the People, but does not apply to them; and shall pass no law that applies to them and not the People – and send it to the States for ratification.
  5. Term limits – 3 terms as Congressman, and 2 terms as Senator.
  6. All internal Official Business to be conducted in English only! Exceptions for law enforcement and diplomacy. NO Foreign Language BALLOTS!
  7. Define Natural Born Citizen as born in US jurisdiction with both parents US Citizens. Native Born Citizen as born in the US under US Jurisdiction- both parents legal immigrants or citizens. Children of US citizens born abroad, not under US Jurisdiction, are automatically eligible for US citizenship if they pass Naturalization requirements. Naturalization requirements should be 5 years residency or service under US Jurisdiction, read & write English, pass a written test on the Constitution & Constitutional Law and History of the US.
  8. Immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, enforcing visas, and securing the ports and borders, as well as passing legislation defining citizenship, as a condition of any “Immigration Reform”
  9. Federal Judges serve under conditions of “Good Behavior”. Congress must define making unconstitutional decisions as “Bad Behavior” and start impeaching, trying, and removing offenders.
  10. Repeal the 17th Amendment, “Popular Election of Senators”. This is a failed experiment in ‘Democracy’ that has led to more mob-rule. The Senators are supposed to represent the States and should be chosen by the State Legislatures to represent the interests of the State.
  11. Every Bill submitted in either House of Congress must stipulate what Article and Section of the Constitution authorizes the power to establish and enforce the law.
  12. Pass legislation removing all sexual and reproductive matters from Federal jurisdiction. These belong to States and the People.

Any Candidate that does not support the Constitution, or would infringe on the Bill of Rights, should be immediately discarded.

These 12 issues will make a good “Report Card” to judge the suitability of any candidate.

We must start by getting real Constitutional Americans elected to Congress in 2010. Ones who will not sell out for personal gain or Party pressure. They are elected to represent their constituents, not the Party National ‘Leadership’!  If you have a Constitutionalist running in your district as a Democrat, warn him/her that their ‘leadership’ is anti-Constitutional, the ‘Democrats’ are now Communists, and so they march under the banner of America’s enemies, and therefore they should consider running as an independent or Independent/Democrat. I don’t say this lightly, I consider myself a Jeffersonian/Jacksonian America-First Democrat whose Party has been highjacked by a bunch of radical Socialists, One World Utopians, and Totalitarian Elitists. Idiots, criminals, and Enemies of Liberty all!

It has taken these Enemies since 1913 to create the mess we have today, so the repair and restoration will not be quick or easy. The first step is to elect a House of Representatives that WILL represent the American People and defend us from the depredations of the greedy mob, the criminals, and the Elitist Oligarchy. And to replace 1/3 of the Senate with Constitutionalists, not Opportunists and Socialist Ideologs. Perhaps that will change the inertia of the Beltway Buffoons from their lemming-like rush over the cliff of communism.

We must continue to encourage our Congressmen and Senators to block any further Obamunist legislation, Cap & Trade, immigration, any more spending on ObamaCare or ObamaCorps, or any other legislation that adds to the deficit or increases the size and power of the Federal Gov’t.

Until we can find out the real cost and effects of ObamaCare, NO MORE socialist changes!

The States should continue to work on State Sovereignty resolutions, ObamaCare bailout options & lawsuits, and Firearm Freedom Acts. States should start considering secession and re-alignment in a new Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, that may be the only way to overcome the arrogance and hubris of the District of Corruption.

  1. tpgow says:

    AWESOME ARTCLE ! Need right people in congress to make this happen. Nov Is coming fast. Never forget what they just did and never FORGIVE!

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