Aftermath, or AfterFIX of Obama Government Takeover, PART ONE:

Posted: 03/26/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

By Jerry McConnell  Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our illustrious United States Senate spent a busy day on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, just three days after the Sunday Night Massacre of the nation’s taxpayers who, in a majority, wanted no part of the Obama health care legislation that was snookered and fudged and then rammed down their throats by a tiny margin,  thanks to conscienceless maneuvering by turncoats who held their hands over their hearts and proclaimed faithfulness to the pro-lifers as they held their fingers crossed hoping not to be struck down by a higher authority for being blatant liars.


As stated: “The latest development came as the Senate completed nine hours of uninterrupted voting on 29 GOP amendments to the legislation. Majority Democrats defeated every amendment.”

In typical double-talk fashion, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV stated as reported by, “There’s no attempt to improve the bill. There’s an attempt to destroy this bill,” as if there were some other reason to hold the session.  It was a done deal that the Democrats would make absolutely no moves to improve a mistake-filled, travesty of justice and fairness to America’s tax payers and to senior citizens in particular who drew the short straw and the barbed shaft.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY offered that the Republicans “could improve the bill significantly,” and the 29 Amendments they offered that were battered into oblivion was his proof.  But most of the Amendments offered too much common sense for Democrat thinking and ideals as with this one offered by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, barring federal purchases of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders. Coburn said it would save millions.  It would also very likely help some defenseless women and children.  But Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., called it “a crass political stunt.”  Imagine that; a “crass political stunt”; but that’s how Democrats think.  They never consider the fate of an unsuspecting child or woman.

Republicans also tried to roll back cuts in Medicare to protect seniors’ health and lives, but the Democrats had plans for that one half TRILLION dollars to pay down some other scheme of theirs, so the seniors were out of luck.  Oh, they mentioned that there would be cost breaks for the senior’s drug purchases to offset the other reductions; a half trillion dollars worth of drug cost breaks?

If you’re an Internet fan you probably have seen the many petitions and requests for the government big-wigs to change the law so they would be forced to carry the same insurance that they were forcing on the public.  And you probably heard or noticed that, as usual, they ignored those demands as if they were too good to be in the same plan as THE PEOPLE – UGH!

So the Republicans made that one of their 29 amendments.  Here are the details of that vote:
Amendment Number:
S.Amdt. 3564 to H.R. 4872 (Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010)

Statement of Purpose:
To make sure the President, Cabinet Members, all White House Senior staff and Congressional Committee and Leadership Staff are purchasing health insurance through the health insurance exchanges established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Vote Counts:
Not Voting—1

3 Democrats voted with Republicans in favor of this Amendment, but the 56 votes of the rest of the Dems doomed it.  So, as much as the public wanted the President and his Cabinet and Staff and all members of Congress to enjoy all of the wonderful and beautiful benefits of this heavenly healthcare plan that is being crammed down the throats of the rest of the peons who pay the bills for these exalted creeps, IT AIN’T GONNA’ HAPPEN.  The BIG “O”, wants to be a cut above the common folk.

Out of the 23 so-called conservative Republicans voting to stop the pork along with 3 Democrats were, of course some of McCain’s amnesty comrades, including Graham and Hatch; trying to be fiscally conservative for public consumption on earmarks, while just itching to reward more of those law-breaking illegal aliens with “instant citizenship.”

Now get a load of this one:

Question: On the Amendment (McCain Amdt. No. 3475 )
Vote Number:—60
Vote Date:—March 18, 2010, 04:45 PM
Required For Majority:—1/2
Vote Result:—Amendment Rejected
Amendment Number:—S.Amdt. 3475 to S.Amdt. 3452 to H.R. 1586 (No short title on file)
Statement of Purpose:—To prohibit earmarks in years in which there is a deficit.

Vote Counts:
Not Voting—4

McCain very wisely proposed an Amendment to prohibit earmarks (pork) in legislation during years when there is a deficit.  Once again, the liberal Dems jumped all over this money-saving measure when 54 out of 57 voted against being frugal with our tax dollars; (three did not vote and 2 Independents voted with the Dems) while the Republicans who are always putting the Dems down for being big spenders, had 16 of their members voting to keep the pork rolling (1 did not vote.)

Is it any wonder why the public calls them RINO’s; even the newest Senator, Scott Brown of MA, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, (??) voted to keep the pork, regardless.  I sometimes wonder if ANY politician has ANY conscience. They can look you right in the eye and say something then turn around and vote just the opposite.  How do they face that reflection in the mirror in the morning?

Quite naturally, the Amendment, along with all the others was beaten down by the Democrats with a large measure of assistance from the “want-to-be-known” as fiscal conservatives, Republicans.  Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to just barf and never vote again.  But then, I think that is what they would love to see; so they can keep right on rampaging our tax dollars to their whims.

Most of them are profound hypocrites.  Even John McCain, who I’m sure piously got astride his white horse, donned his white ten gallon hat and holding his lance aloft, went charging into the press arena claiming fiscal responsibility as his mantra.  Then when finished, he started rounding up all the criminal illegal aliens he could find to tell them that he was going to make them all “instant citizens” ahead of the more productive, industrious and patient Europeans who have been on the waiting list for LEGAL immigration into our country, sponsored by good Americans who will see that they become self-sufficient instead of wards of the state and current citizenry.

How much is that going to cost us, John?

  1. Longknife 21 says:

    On John McCain,
    As much as I would hate to see another potential Demo-Commie in the Senate, it might be better than sending this proven traitor back.
    The new thief is far less dangerous than the old, experienced thief!
    Unfortunately, that is way of the Beltway Bufoonatorium! Either vote ’em out, or you will have to hang ’em, if you want to keep a Constitutional America!

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