Preacher peeved, play canceled

Posted: 04/01/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

TexasA public outcry is being credited with getting a university in Texas to cancel a controversial play depicting Christ as a homosexual.

Critics say the play Corpus Christi is blasphemous. But the student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville who was directing the production said he chose it to help homosexual youths who may be struggling with their faith.

David Harris, a local preacher, was one of first to find out about the play at the school. Harris helped inform the public about the planned production through his local radio program. “We as Christians are the only advocates that Jesus Christ has,” says the pastor. “And if we don’t speak up for him, no one will.”

Harris says when he protested to officials at Tarleton State, their initial response was that they had no choice but to protect students’ First Amendment rights. The pastor questions that rationale.

“Had the play been as demeaning to one of the black leaders, or one of the Jewish leaders, or one of the leaders of Islam, they never would have allowed it to happen,” he asserts. “So there is an unequal distribution of this First Amendment right.”

The school eventually canceled the play, citing security reasons. But Harris says he knew of no threats — just anger.

“Even Jesus had righteous indignation over things that were absolutely wrong and demeaning to his father,” he points out. “And I don’t know that it’s wrong for a Christian to have righteous indignation over things that are wrong to Christianity and Christ in general.”

The school says the production will not be rescheduled.


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