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by Angie Ress, Staff writer,

Denver, CO |Author and speaker Tim Cohen, in the second edition of his critically-important book, The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea, itself subtitled Charles, Prince of Wales, Foretold, presents a number of startling new revelations.  Among those, are technical proof that the well-known and much maligned “number of the beast,” or six-six-six (666), is all around us even now.

In a recent interview with Gary Franchi, host of the weekly Reality Report news cast, Mr. Cohen reveals that three sixes are not only encoded in every UPC (United Parcel Code) and EAN (European Article Numbering) barcode globally, and thus on goods bought and sold throughout the world–as many have suggested for decades–but three sixes are, in fact, also directly associated with — and technically embedded in — all Electronic Product Code (EPC) chips, and many other RFID or Radio-Frequency ID chips, currently used for commerce and related applications globally.  However, public statements made by some well-meaning researchers, have mistakenly refuted the notion that six-six-six is in UPC and EAN barcodes; indeed, the mark of the beast is apparently already largely implemented.

Cohen offers technical proof, and even provides quotes from his discussions and correspondence with key creators and overseers of the technologies themselves, in the second edition of The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea.  Those responsible for the technologies have, per available technical documentation and their own statements, which Cohen both cites and quotes, simply lied when claiming that six-six-six is not present. Cohen points out that because this material truly is technical in nature, it has escaped the recognition of other researchers until now. Cohen has over three decades of Information Technology engineering experience.  While Cohen’s voluminous evidence does not lend itself to a short article, we are able to share, with the author’s permission, that where EPC and similar RFID chips are concerned, the three sixes are found within “partitions.”  The book is heavily documented, sourced and cited.

Apparently, the only thing that remains to be accomplished to fully satisfy the biblical prophecies concerning the mark of the beast, which are mostly found in chapters 13 and 14 of the book of the Revelation, is for a prophesied false prophet, the “second beast” of Revelation 13, to convince the world’s rulers to begin to place the mark (e.g., an EAN barcode and/or related RFID chip, or a similar derived technology) on or in the hands, arms, foreheads, or necks of men and women as a requirement to buy or sell goods–which are themselves already so-marked.  It should not go unnoticed that there are clubbers who attend the Baja Beach Club in Spain and others around the world who have already begun to accept such implants in their arms as a “convenience.”

As mentioned, these are just a couple of the many salient and extremely important “prophetic” last-days revelations in “The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea: Charles, Prince of Wales, Foretold” which is due to be published in 2010.

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NING Network

Posted: 04/06/2010 by Lynn Dartez in We The People

We are living in interesting where we see the Bible coming to life. So many things happening at one time. God is still in control of everything. Many things are working for the good of the country.  On the other hand the Devil is hard at work to bring America  down in all factions and forums.

At the same time there is a network called NING that are locking good American Patriots like myself out of all there sites. I’m not the only one there are a lot of Patriots being locked out also.  Just wanted to warn you a head of time about this.

Belonging to over 50 NING sites myself I can not access one of these site. What every you do don’t setup a website on NING. Let them know that We The People will not stand for this. I’ve written to them today and am waiting for a reply.

Be warned that they are Usurper Supporters. Soon as I get more information on this I will post it here. God will make our way clear.  Jesus is the light upon my feet.

God Be praised in all we do.

Lynn Dartez