Bruce Ray Riggs is running for Congress from Florida

Posted: 04/09/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Land of The Free
Good Morning,
Bruce Ray Riggs is running for Congress from Florida. He has put together a web page, which includes a video and is well worth watching.  He also makes available the documents referred to in the video.  It is a wake up call.
Every Candidate for Congress should view this video. Then like Bruce Ray Riggs they would go to Congress knowing what and how to effect real change.  State Candidates should also see this video and they too would know what the State needs to do to Stop the Federal Socialism upon the States.
Suggest you forward his web page on to everyone you know.
If you continue to do what you have
always done then you will continue
to get what you always got!
To get something you never had, you
have to do something you never did.

“In God We Trust”

Hi, Bruceray here from I just put up a new video with over 50 documents available for download and printing on the website to backup the statements made within. I’ve managed to take 24 years of research and study and condense it to a 17 minute video. This also my campaign video as I’m running for U.S. Senate. Win or lose I will wake the people up to the truth as I go along. is a free information site with no log in or personal information required that shows how a different form of government citizenship with jurisdictions that differ from the ones outlined in our Constitution have been imposed on Americans. This Unconstitutional jurisdiction is the vessel that carries the laws and problems associated with most tea party complaints. For example: gun control, income tax, health care, carbon tax, etc… Basically 90% of all laws and taxes come from this illegal jurisdiction which the Supremacy clause of the Constitution strikes with null. You can help by spreading the word about by telling friends and family or by sending out emails with a link to the site

If you would like to support the campaign you can click here for infomationon contributions. I’m running for a federal office and can receive donations from any U.S. Citizen in any of the 50 states.

Bruce Ray Riggs

  1. Bruce Riggs says:

    Hello Bruce Ray Riggs here again, I have since did another great video on it is 43 minutes long so be prepared to ake some popcorn! I decidedto make a new video for my campaign. It brings more detail to all the points in my previous videos plus alot more. A lot has happened for us lately we also started (the video is available there too) completley free hosting and i am very welcome to patriot websites and such so create away i have free subdomains and discount domains i wish i could give free domains away. Anyway just stopping by to say hello and update your followers 🙂

    Bruce Ray Riggs

  2. joe says:

    I found out about you on AIB Radio, I like what you have to say!!!

  3. Topping their email list of changes this year is really a sharp decrease in the amount of Medicare Advantage plans. … Government studies have concluded the ‘advantage’ in several of the Medicare Advantage plans goes not to the policy holders, but to the main point here of the insurance companies selling the policies, and there’s a move by the government to phase them out. … Another significant change this season is much more prescription drug coverage for many, although not all, Medicare beneficiaries signed up for the voluntary drug plan

  4. Lynn Dartez says:

    Thank You Bruce! You have some great Video’s on your site. If I lived in Florida I would vote for you my friend. Will post them on front page once again and we are praying that you win the race. We need more American’s like you to run.

    Lynn Dartez

  5. Thanks Larry. Bruceray here. I just launched a new site where no one pays anything out of there packet they just pledge what they will pay if someone can provfe the 14th Amendment is real and Constitutional. The pledges are up[ to 2400 dollars and were only on our third day. As the amount grows so will the attention this gets. Just think how hard it will be for teachers to falsly teach the 14th Amendment was Lawfully ratified when all they got to do is prove such and clame the pledge. LOL. They say money is the root of all evil. I know its even got most preachers wanting it. Spread the word. As this thing hits 5, 6 or even 7 digets were putting our money where our mouth is the 14th Amendment is FAKE an UNLAWFUL. And bright ideas drop this country boy a email. Peace out Y’all. Bruce Ray Riggs aka Bruceray.

  6. Larry M. Meyer says:

    Mr. Riggs: Thank You for the return telephone call this Sun. AM!
    I just wanted to inform you that I am there for your Run @ Washington and your Campaign to Inform the Citizens of America about the TRAVESTY called the 14th Amendment!!
    The Declaration calls upon the Citizens Duty to ABOLISH or CHANGE Government!
    I will support your efforts in both Endeavours
    Your efforts to “Call forth the Power of the People of the United States of America” and bring action against the 14th Amendment WILL come to Fruition, just as the Patriots gain strength in numbers and recognition in the Tea Party!!

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