The Sacrifices of the Religion of Liberalism

Posted: 04/11/2010 by Lynn Dartez in CFP

By Kelly O’Connell  Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why is it that leftist regimes always demand the same type of illogical and damned-to-fail policies? Most people see socialist programs as “goal oriented” in terms of outcomes, and of course this is how they are sold to the public. But, at a deeper level and given their ill-fated nature, there must be a unifying theme connecting all the different leftist plans. In fact, what is proposed here is a schemata tying together all the socialist, Marxist and leftist notions.


The fact is policy outcomes are not nearly as important as the sacrificial religious element found within. In brief, neo-liberalism is a humanistic religion, with its chief ideas stolen from Christianity, which encourages its adherents to see themselves as a small band of self-proclaimed geniuses. It instructs its immodest adherents to look down on non-leftists, and do anything possible to force the blinded masses into a liberal paradise on earth. This is essentially Barack Obama’s world view.


According to Eric Voegelin in various works, the fundamental design of leftism was hammered-out upon the anvil of religion by the post-French Revolution socialists, using the bible’s messianic redemptive outline of history. This intellectual germ was further influenced by the tripartite nature of history proposed by rogue medieval priest Joachim of Floris. Then was added the humanistic eschatology of the Middle Eastern pagan Gnostics whose Eastern understanding of religion filtered into the writings of early collectivists.

There is no doubt what is now called socialism or Marxism takes its elan, its joi de vivre, its essential life force, not from humanism, but from stock biblical themes. Some will understandably ask – How is this possible when all mature leftist regimes seek the conversion or demise of Jewish and Christian sects? The answer is the antagonism is caused not by disbelief, but results from envy. Such familial jealousy disputes the right to hold ground usually assumed by the church. In other words, Marxism and socialism seek to supplant true religious movements with a zombified doppelganger, or a malignant, evil-minded twin.

As such, modern neo-liberalism has been erected as a massive religious forgery, a titanic heretic cult. Modern “liberalism” itself began as a fraud movement when socialists changed their name to “liberals” when they realized they could never outstrip classical liberalism for its legendary reputation in helping build the West. So early 20th century progressives simply decided to steal the name and re-brand their undertaking.


In analyzing modern liberalism, we must begin with the preliminary premise that leftists see the secular state as not only godlike, but literally assuming all authority previously held by any religion. To point out the obvious, the assumed power and authority of the modern liberal state create a dangerous, pseudo-religious heresy. As a blind, humanistic replacement for traditional Christianity, modern liberalism has revealed itself as a murderous fraud that brooks no opposition, allows no human rights, and accepts no deviation from its manipulative and simplistic creed.

Specifically, neo-liberalism stands for certain propositions about the nature of reality. The claims: First, there is no God. Second, humans evolved and are therefore on our own and so we must create our own standards. Third, there is no soul, or attendant human nature. Fourth, since there is no God, no afterlife exists, and therefore all reward and punishment occur on earth. Fifth, it is the job of the small number of elites to create paradise and then drive the dull-minded masses into this earthly heaven. Any means of doing this are perfectly acceptable. Sixth, all warfare and weaponry is wrong. The only excuse for such is to defend socialist states, or to force other countries to accept reality – that the only moral government is collectivist. Sixth, all we can measure life by is the holding of material wealth, since no other humanistic standard exists. Seventh, the real work of mankind is building a human paradise that will protect all people, even via theft, fraud, propaganda, or at the end of a gun. The stakes are too high to accept any compromise on this last point.


The essential spirit of modern scholarship could be described as what happens when radical skepticism meets “scientific” dogmatism. The philosophy of modern liberalism is neo-positivism, being a supposed empirical approach to intellectual ideas. Science itself is therefore the only supposed arbiter of values, creating an alarmingly vapid circular model. That neo-liberalism has completely commandeered and derailed many “scientific” endeavors is a foregone conclusion after the exposure of the astounding socialist hoax called Global Warming. But such dishonesty will continue to be sold in the name of various studies, such as Evolution, environmentalism, and the like. It is no coincidence that Marx claimed all his ideas were the quintessence of science, which he appears to have done merely to push his theories past any criticism. But science’s formerly pristine method has been handed over to the godlike State so that order and values can be instilled in the blind masses.

The Hive

Meaning and secular salvation come to people from having a group identity. Liberals believe the only hope for mankind’s future lies in joining forces in the socialist group, much like how ant hills or bee hives survive. All authority is vested in the government. Antiquated cliques such as churches must be discouraged so that all humans can be on the same page, making decisions that benefit everyone, not just the few rich or powerful. So the notion of free will and rugged individualism, for so long a linchpin of American exceptionalism, must be sacrificed to the deified State so that all may be equally exceptional.

Bill of Rights

It goes without saying that the Bill of Rights must be handed over to the deified State so that all may be saved en mass, and live in peace. There can be no “individual rights” if salvation is only offered to the group, as pointed out by Igal Halfin in “From Darkness To Light: Class, Consciousness, and Salvation in Revolutionary Russia.” The Anglo-American legal heritage itself has been debased from its common law roots, and is likewise now simply a tautological undertaking known as positive law. This can only end in catastrophe. For example, that marriage is being remade without any regard for the natural law is itself a staggering failure to keep intellectual rigor. But law itself must be sacrificed to debase the population of any claim of fictive natural rights so people can be properly processed as mere automatons in the State’s self-articulative process into godhood.


In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as “taxes,” since the State as god would rightly own all wealth, wisely distributing it. But since America is not communist, a short-term compromise is found in collecting ever increasing levels of taxes until the capitalist society collapses and becomes Marxist. Because only a socialist society can truly make good decisions based upon the welfare of the whole, and not simply selfish, capitalist greedy ones. People ought not worry about building a vain empire for themselves on earth, but instead about the welfare of their fellow man. So, in offering up taxes, the people proffer a worthy material sacrifice to the god of materialistic government.


Liberals claim a delusion the notion that any parent has a natural right to direct their family outside of the State’s protocols. The “family” is now simply a subset of government, who properly holds all authority over it, such as in decisions for how to educate children. Leftists claim the family-cult is a root of much ignorance, selfishness, and dangerous fundamentalism. Christian fixations can only hamper the prophesied evolution of society as it moves from self-centered individualism into a group-oriented pod. Government-directed schooling, based upon John Dewey’s savage humanism, has achieved terrific socialist progress. Easy, no-fault divorces, unfettered abortion rights, and youth encouraged to amorally experiment with various partners without any regard to marriage, and with complete disregard to gender, all help plant future seeds of confusion and instability. The deified State erases timeless norms via lax laws and mindless propaganda campaigns, supplanting fatherhood by disdain and welfare support, in its bid to claim status as the only dependable human reality.


Whether to choose an abortion is a decision putatively belonging to the mother, which secular society itself ceaselessly promotes, upon the back of innumerable canards. The government has a vested interest in keeping down fertility rates so the planet does not get despoiled by Global Warming and overconsumption. A fetus has no rights, but even the rights of its parents are fictive. The State always has the option of preempting individual choices to make sure the group survives. In ancient societies, it was acceptable to leave children outside and allow them to die of exposure. Further, ancient religions, like the omnipresent Baal cult also had rites where children were incinerated or put to the sword as a sacrifice to the gods.


Liberals have a nuanced approach to the military. For America, they demand a decrease in armed forces spending, as well as disarmament because the US has too much power and so forces political and economic decisions upon weaker regimes. But for communist countries its argued they should be allowed to build up their arsenals, as illustrated in the atomic treason of the Rosenbergs. So why the seeming contradictory standards? In part, it is due to the influence of the historic peace churches, such as the Quakers, who helped develop the modern idea of pacifism later borrowed by neo-liberalism. From this angle, all violence is evil, even defensive. But when discussing the colossal militarism of the USSR, for example, unspoken concessions are made for the notion that to reach a one-world government, or socialist regime, some eggs will have to be broken. From this view, an army is allowed if it is used to coerce others into a socialistic, pacifist world, where the deified State can therefore more properly be acknowledged and accepted.


Capitalism is a profound evil because its manner of building wealth is based upon theft. The stages of economic history go from feudalism to capitalism, then from socialism to finally communism. Only in a communist country can true justice be achieved. The sacrifice of capitalism by the middle class and wealthy pleases the deified state since no longer will problems caused by greed, envy, or poverty.


The purpose of modern education is not to teach children how to think, because then they might go off on tangents and develop anti-social theories, like demanding “freedom.” Instead, the purpose of learning is to inculcate youth into the “truth,” and so prepare them to fit into a vertical command matriarchal society. Socialism must be the bottom line value, because therein lies the only hope of escaping capitalistic folly, menacing militarism, or the murderous evils of individualism. In the USSR the New Man was to be constructed through the university system, according to Halfin. But the god of the secular State must be worshiped via education, or all else will be lost.


To a socialist, religion is merely the illusion of a God who cares, or will intervene in human affairs. But instead of being a harmless delusion, religions are extremely detrimental because they distract and mislead the masses. Contra, people need to direct their gaze towards the government and put their faith in the political leadership. The trashing of traditional religion is the best sacrifice to the deified State imaginable.


The government itself is the only real God, according to genuine Marxists. This is why, even if liberals are involved in a “church,” their doctrines are debased into socialist programs that emphasize redistribution of wealth, and racial remunerations. Many Christians now declare the final age at hand, the so-called eschaton, ie “last days.” Liberals instead declare this as a secular apocalypse, where all that will remain is government and its authority. Any individual human rights will be extinguished. There will be no more wars, as all wealth will be owned by the deified State, and distributed for the good of all. Finally, happiness will reign for all people as mankind achieves its ultimate potential.


We must finally confront the vicious humanist creed of neo-liberalism. Modern leftism, aka socialism, ie Marxism, proposes a state that is indistinguishable from God. It is therefore owed every kind of sacrifice and allegiance typically demanded by the most deranged and aggressive cults. Marx borrowed the idea from Hegel that the government is the only approximate deity. Hegel had joined philosophy with the Christian religion and placed both in a German context for his deified State, according to Karl Lowith in “From Hegel to Nietzsche.” Hegel was merely moving along Spinoza’s theory that God was not a personality, but was the universe itself. This soulless entity gained voice via the political process of the government. In doing this, Spinoza was no mere modernizer, but a subtle advancer of the classical world’s idea of the deified State. In other words, Spinoza brought ancient Greek and Rome paganism into the modern world via his radical humanism.

It is now time to confront the fact that leftist speculative philosophy has overrun its bounds and is again menacing the entire West. One would think that communism’s murder of at least 150 million innocent souls in the last century would awaken the most indifferent American to the dangers we face in Obama’s infatuation with Marxism. Instead, we are reaping the rewards of several generations of desultory education of our youth. Now it is up to the remaining few patriots to once again rouse the countryside, like Paul Revere, to warn our people that our freedoms, and in fact our very lives are menaced by self-righteous and angry brainwashed collectivists. Let’s also hope the warning comes not too late to save ourselves.

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