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Free Speech or Over The Top?

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Date Posted: Saturday 10-Apr-2010

By: Norm Liebmann

Another Judas Democrat Congressman turned traitor. His name is not “Stupak”, it’s “Stugots” – which is Italian slang for the word penis. That works for me.

I now pronounce political correctness dead. Obama has replaced political correctness with political corruptness. The Democrats jettisoned all their principles. You can’t travel lighter than that.

Let’s face it. Bribery has a name. It’s called “Black racism”. There’s no sense trying to bring back black hatred. It never went anywhere. The Obamacrats remain the rabble in ascendance.

These days television commercials are full of black people telling us how to live – just as Washington is full of black politicians telling us how to live. The only passwords you need to get into the White House are “If you’re black, you’re okay, Jack”. The Obama Administration will be remembered as The Great American Blackout.

Obama’s Healthcare Plan reminds us of the words of H.L. Mencken, who said, “For every complex problem there’s a simple solution that doesn’t work.” Even so, at the signing of his health care bill Obama was described as “happy as a Chinaman with his first blond”. In the meantime, the Caucasians have been left to wallow in the after-rot of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Obama Healthcare Plan’s most urgent effort will be a crash program for doctors to find a cure for a racially selective disease called nigger cell anemia. Health care is the cornerstone of the Obama’s Voo Doo Presidency. Perhaps Obama care should begin with doctors putting Nancy Pelosi’s tongue in a splint.

Joe Biden’s speeches invariably include “f” words and other vulgarities, which he is obliged to read from a device called a Porno-o-Prompter. (Obama’s teleprompter automatically converts claptrap into clichés.)

With Obama and the blacks taking over America these days, the cruise lines are equipping their ships with scrambling nets so the Caucasian passengers can go over the side. The American Ship of State has taken on a portside list. It is just a matter of time until the blacks cause it to founder.

The Democrat message is constant. Obama is the Jim Jones of Healthcare – so just drink your Kool aid and shut up!

The Democrat gloating has won out in Congress. The Democrat triumph has caused Patrick Kennedy to wet his pants and hopefully rust his zipper permanently shut. Incidentally, didn’t satellite photography reveal that the Ho Chi Minh trail ran through Cambodia and ended up in Hyannis Port?

The Obama Bribe-o-rama has won out. Barack is America’s Black Bag Man – not due to the color of the bag he carries. Anyway, if there is anything blacker than the Ace of Spades it’s Barack Obama’s heart. Chicanery is the only steady job this bastard ever had in his life. If there was anyone in Washington with a conscience there would be crime scene tape around the White House. Obama is the first President crooked enough to need a getaway motorcade.

Obama’s Chicago boyhood friends believed he would one day become President, or become involved in some other enterprise where his natural gifts would always require him to have police scrutiny.

Obama is working on his Middle East policy called Jewicide. Barack Obama has taken a three room apartment up Louis Farrakhan’s ass. Anti-Semitism has blossomed in the Obama household. Perhaps the White House dinner table is being set with fingerbowls containing the blood of Holocaust victims so the Obamas can dip their digits into their hemoglobin. Will the Obama’s Jew hatred justify the return of the word nigger? It is known that Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer will never do anything to offend Barack Obama – no matter how much it offends Jehovah. Jimmy Carter’s screwing of the Israelis has since become a Washington political tradition.

Fascists come in all colors. The black atrocity is alive and devoid of crayon colors. The Obama White House is now known as Uncle Slave’s Cabin. The tsetse flies are presently in a holding pattern over the Oval Office.

Obama’s next move will be to declare amnesty. Hussein-baby hopes by legalizing the immigration from Mexico he will be able to head off the coming graffiti shortage in America.

Michelle Obama, our Licorice First Lady, keeps complaining that American children are too obese – this from a woman who has a rear end like a Clydesdale.

In honor of Obama an Ivy League University plans to establish a chair in Black Poetry. The seat will go to the candidate who can find a word that rhymes with “muttherfukka”.

The Affirmative Action diploma certifying Inner City Ignorance should not be handed to the graduate but slipped under his door. Rather than all this university falderal it would be a better world if the 7 Eleven store managers held up the minorities.

The Obama Presidency is a case of the blacks leading the blacks. The Democrats have decided they’d rather be rabble than right. Is the answer to America’s financial problem to Tax the Blax?

In the White House they finally have the color of the Ace of Spades memorized.

The Democrats are suffocating the nation as a result of Obama over-exerting his authority as “The Head Nigger”.

Cupid stunt Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional Freak Show has ripped off America. Still, she is ready to have her image sculpted on what can only be called Mount Slutmore. Instead, Pelosi should be tried for suborning fascism?

The Obama base includes the leftovers from the ‘sixties – slobs who went bathless at Berkeley and washless at Woodstock.

Obama has had to delay his return in triumph to his native Indonegro? Or as it is presently called Negronesia – romantic islands where weddings are consummated by an exchange of nose rings.

Barney Frank’s bumper sticker reads No Faggot Left Behind. It didn’t specify whose behind he would be obliged to leave.

How many times this year has Allan Greenspan been turned over to the Animal Shelter as a lost basset hound?

Is that the stench of rotting Acorns wafting across Lake Michigan or is that just the smell of Chicago politics. (If you are going to give the world an enema, Chicago is the appropriate place to insert the nozzle.)

Reverend Jeremiah Wright should do some time in San Quentin and see what a really great bunch of aborigines his people are.

Are Mulattos a form of demographic pollution?

Obama has come out and revealed he is a Muslim. It could have been worse; he could have claimed he was a Negro.

If Alan Combs had a little more smarts he’d be another Fredo Corleone.

Why is it the more Humanity sinks into barbarism the more its computers become polite?

Barack Obama has more ways to screw America than a carpenter on steroids.

Obama has always been more redical than radical.

Hieroglyphs reveal that the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt never got lonely because some Arab was always dropping in to rob their tombs.

The most striking resemblance between Geraldo Rivera and Joseph Stalin is their moustaches – if you don’t include their politics.

Is it true off-shore drilling in Arkansas has been cancelled? It wasn’t mentioned on “Huckabee”. And incidentally, if you want to know what Iraq is really like try to picture Arkansas with oil derricks.

The most generous evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s patriotism is that it is “under review”.

California is collapsing due to the Stalinist dialectics of the Hollywood Commintern. Sean Penn has already busted it with his smile.

The Presidential Plane should be renamed Bribery One. As far as staffing his Administration is concerned, Obama closed the gap between czardom and condom.

Madonna took the mystery out of sex and damned near took it out of Krafft-Ebbing.

A Little Rock psychotherapist (mules, a specialty) diagnosed Bill Clinton’s unrelenting promiscuity as due to the fact that he grew up in Arkansas “sibling deprived”, where safe sex means just the immediate family.

Is America ready for a Dennis Kucinich/Forest Gump Debate?

Bill Clinton turned Haiti into Arkansas-by-the-Sea.

Is it scripture that when the Pope is out of town “anything goes”?

It seems irrefutable that serving in Congress is inherently corrupting.

End Black Rule in America or at least the caramelization of the races.

Dennis Kucinich should be elected Chairman of the Looney Toons Caucus.

A sure way to piss off the Democrats is by giving Halliburton a seat at the Security Council.

Washington D.C. needs a political turnout lane.

Affirmative Action is an educational bribe on which the civil rights gang never delivers. Exposure to the process of being educated is not the same thing as education. The Ivy League has become the Jurassic Park of cockamamie erudition in which professors are custodians of extinct wisdom. Universities are cradles of casual, corrupt, and worst of all, convenient information.

The Democrats have made Washington D.C. the Mecca of Muck.

The main thing that’s wrong with minorities is they become majorities and continue to behave like minorities.

NASA should get to work on a device that will perform vasectomies on the entire Islamic world by satellite.

Chances are even if your father was wrong about everything else, he was right about Negroes.

Would Miss Jane Pittman have considered Charlie Rangel “a hunk”?

The National Press Club is an informational honky-tonk. The media’s principal function is to keep America in an uncomfortable and unwelcome awareness of its presence. CBS lives on – but barely.

Not since the Clintons’ wedding night has Bill Clinton been able to speculate what it feels like to get your genitals caught in a paper shredder.

The Libs are going to a lot of trouble to finally prove the late Joe McCarthy was right when he called the Democrats “The party of treason”.

March 21 will be remembered as the day that O.J. Obama slit America’s throat.

And this …

The Obama Administration got the contempt of the American people the hard way. They earned it.

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Coming Civil War

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Producers vs. Expropriators: America’s Coming Civil War?

by Edward Hudgins

April 13, 2010 — America is drifting toward civil war, albeit one that does not yet involve bloody battlefields.

This is not mere rhetoric. It describes a crack in the American community that since Barack Obama’s election as president has widened into a deep fissure and might split the nation apart. The divide is not based on regional, racial, or religious differences, factors that often set neighbors at one another’s throats. Rather, the conflict is between producers, those who work to earn their own way and prosper through their own efforts, and expropriators, those who survive by taking from others with governments as their agents.

In debt

What motivated hundreds of thousands of Americans to express their ire at government in Tea Party rallies coast to coast while others demonstrated at town hall meetings that saw members of Congress cowering before their angry constituents? What are the targets of outrage of those taking part in the 2010 Tax Day protests?

On top of 2008’s $700 billion bank bailout, there was the $800 billion stimulus package with a catalog of stupid and useless projects that could keep late-night comedians in jokes for years and that, by the way, did not stimulate the economy. There was the 2009 federal deficit of $1.4 trillion or 40% of the budget. There was the national debt, which was 50% of the GDP in 2008 and will approach 80% of the GDP in 2012.

And there was Obamacare, the new entitlements that will add at least $1 trillion, maybe $2 trillion—who can tell?—to the nation’s debt, with money borrowed from China to cover the overspending.

What’s new?

But governments have been redistributing wealth and spending wastefully big time since the New Deal. So what’s new today?

To begin with, the magnitude of the spending is unlike anything Americans have seen since a temporary spike during World War II. But today we don’t have a spike but, rather, a trajectory that is only going up. Americans know that such unconscionable irresponsibility will be taken out of their hides in higher taxes, higher inflation, and economic stagnation as governments squeeze more and more out of productive citizens and enterprises. The whole country economically will soon look like Greece or California.

Furthermore, Obamacare was rightly seen by productive Americans as a tipping point. The country really could go socialist. Obama brushes off the label, but it will soon be the case that government will openly and outright control over half of the economy.

In the past, statists justified redistribution programs as necessary to help those Americans who temporarily and perhaps through no fault of their own found themselves in dire economic straits. And too many productive Americans whose hearts throttled their brains actually bought this argument.

But with Obamacare statists simply asserted that everyone has a right to have health care paid for by their neighbors. (They don’t, by the way.) And everyone will be forced into the system and will obey the dictates of government apparatchiks or go to jail. And the corrupt and thuggish means by which Obamacare was passed gave productive Americans a vision of the government fist in store for their faces in the future.

With Obamacare many productive Americans made a psychological switch, seeing those on the other side of the issue not as opponents but as enemies.

Producer consciousness

What has morally outraged productive Americans—whether plumbers, store clerks, merchants, professions, or small-business owners—what galls them the most as they pay their taxes is the knowledge that the fruits of their efforts are bailing out those who purchased houses that they couldn’t afford and who made risky investments that didn’t pan out.

They’re outraged that as their jobs are threatened they must pay to prop up the salaries of auto workers who demand more for their services than the sales of the vehicles they make would cover. They’re outraged that their earnings pay the salaries of federal workers who now, for the most part, collect more than for similar work performed by private sector workers. And the feds are hiring thousands more IRS agents to squeeze everything they can out of productive Americans.

Their self-consciousness as producers is emerging. They see themselves as suckers and cash cows to be slaughtered by expropriators. They see themselves as the Atlases holding up a world of moochers and deadbeats. And they’re damned sick of it!

There is an even deeper divide between producers and expropriators. Most productive Americans not only take responsibility for their own lives and well-being, they also value their independence, their freedom to make their own lives as they see fit, not to make themselves subservient to politicians and government bureaucrats. Now they see their independence taken away from them in the name of those who allegedly can only survive as subjects of charity expropriated from them.

Beyond elections

The election of a Republican majority in the House and Senate might slow the growth of government, but it will not bridge the growing divide between producers and expropriators.

Some suggest that Americans will simply get used to the Euro-style socialism that Obama and his minions are imposing on them the way they eventually acquiesced in Medicare, Medicaid, and a long list of entitlements, with restrictions on freedom attached. And Europeans got used to it, in spite of adverse consequences like chronically high unemployment, low job creation, and high prices for pretty much everything.

This isn’t likely to happen in America. Too many Americans still have enough love for their own lives and liberty as well as pride in their achievements so that they will not acquiesce in their own servitude. The problem is that too many Americans also have swallowed the moral poison that their neighbors owe them medical care, an education, a job, a high salary—you name it. But this poison requires a self-blind lest they see just what moral midgets they’ve become. They blank out their brains with emotional screams that, because they can’t run their own lives, they should be allowed to destroy the lives of those who can.

And here is where the specter of a civil war comes in. Look at Greece, a European country where those who live through expropriation outnumber those who produce. That country is bankrupt, but it is the expropriators who take to the streets blindly defending the current system even as it leads all to destruction.

In the United States the producers, with minds wide open, should take to the streets, Tea Parties, town hall meetings, and ballot boxes to protect themselves and head off catastrophe. But they must fight a long-term battle for moral clarity, for the right of all to live by their own productive efforts for their own rational self-interest and against any claim that others have a right to take from them by government force. Only then will Americans live not as enemies poised for battle but, rather, with good will toward one another, dealing with one another as proud producers based on mutual consent.


Hudgins directs advocacy and is a senior scholar at The Atlas Society, the center for Objectivism.

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Note:  An update has been posted at the end of the article.

In October of this year, one month prior to the November midterm elections, a special army unit known as ‘Consequence Management Response Force’ will be ready for deployment on American soil if so ordered by the President.

(AP Photo/David Longstreath).

The special force, which is the new name being given to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry, has been training at Fort Stewart, Georgia and is composed of 80,000 troops.

According to the Army Times,

They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.

The key phrase is ‘may be called upon to help with civil unrest.’

This afternoon a local radio talk show host reported that he had been in contact with a member of the military.  This military source stated that the armed forces have been alerted to the strong possibility that civil unrest may occur in the United States this summer, prior to the midterm elections of 2010.

The source described this as ‘our long, hot summer of discontent’ that could be eerily reminiscent of the summer of 1968 when riots broke out in many of our largest cities.

However, the summer of 2010 could well be much worse due to the players involved.  In 1968 the major players were war protesters.  This time, the outrage simmering beneath the surface of American society involves a broad cross-section of the heartland, and most of them are heavily armed.

It is highly unlikely that these citizens would ever initiate armed conflict of any kind.  In their view, gun rights are for self-defense–and for defense against tyrannical government, which our Founders regarded as the most dangerous force on earth.

However, it has become clear that other groups may well initiate violence in order to start an ‘incident’ that would give Obama and a rogue Congress a reason to implement martial law, confiscate the citizens’ guns, enforce curfews, and suspend all future elections until such time as it is deemed ‘safe’ to proceed with human liberty as encapsulated in the right to vote.

Tea Party members, for example, have been warned in recent days that members of Andy Stern’s SEIU union and members of the organization formerly known as ACORN plan to infiltrate Tea Party gatherings in order to incite some sort of incident that could result in armed conflict.

In addition, all indications point to a humiliating defeat for the Democrats and Obama in November.  Not only will the House in all likelihood transfer to Republican control, but it is increasingly possible for the Democrats to lose the Senate as well.

And there are Leftwing groups in this country that would use whatever means necessary to prevent that from happening.

ACORN has already gone underground, changing its name so as to fly beneath the radar screen.  How many people will  the group register to vote illegally?

And with Obama’s plan to naturalize between 10 and 20 million illegal aliens, a brand new voter base for the Democrats will be in place prior to November.

Add to this the growing unrest over continued high unemployment, the coming spike in interest rates and inflation, and the still-boiling outrage over the manner in which Obama and the Democrats shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the citizens, and all of the ingredients are present for a major F-5 tornado to sweep across the heartland.

To what extent would soldiers use deadly force during such ‘civil unrest’ should the Consequence Management Response Team be utilized?  During the anti-war riots of the 1960s they killed student protesters.  What about now?

The military source cited by the radio host today was asked this very question.  He would merely say that the culture of the U.S. military is changing–half support Obama and the other half are dead-set against him.

His conclusion?  There is no way to know for sure if they would obey an order to open fire on ordinary citizens.

Update:  The Cato Institute published this warning when the program was launched in its first phase in 2008 (the program has been updated and expanded since 2008). The Founders insisted that standing armies were never to be used against American citizens on our own soil, no matter what violations of this principle have occurred in the years following.  In the spirit of the Patriots and of real journalists government must be questioned constantly and held to intense scrutiny in order to preserve liberty.

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