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BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry

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The British Legal System Of Mixed Common And
Roman Law Has Been Used To Enslave The USA!

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Let me start By saying every Judge and Lawyer (Paid Lairs as I call them) needs to be run out of America! When you are arrested they tell you that you have a right to a counsel. What is a counsel? Is This a lawyer? No it is not a Lawyer. It can be anyone that has the knowledge to help you.

(counsel–Advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person. )

Can you begin to see the picture here. Now here is another Difinaton

( To give counsel to; advise.)

Do lawyers have the privileged with this area ? No they are not anyone can do this that has the knowledge to do this.

What are Judges then? They are ex-lawyers. Do they have any more power then a jury? No they do not have. It is the power of the people to render a verdict. A jury has the last say into if some one is guilty or not. If it is not a Constitutional law it is not a valid law. You must decide if it is. So what is a law that is not Constitutional? A seat belt law would be one for starters. The states can not dictate to you what is not in the Constitution. Each state has it’s own Constitution it is there for a reason. The reason is for all states senators and governors to follow.I advise you to learn all you can about what is truthful about the laws of your states and what is not. Lets move on.

Lawyers lets take a look at the facts: What is the BAR stand for that Lawyers take? BAR stands for (British Accredited Registry) If you don’t believe me look it up yourself. Here is more evidence.

Why Attorneys are not lawyers

In the U.S., they’re collectively called everything from “attorney” to “lawyer” to “counselor.” Are these terms truly equivalent, or has the identity of one been mistaken for another? What exactly is a “Licensed BAR Attorney?” This credential accompanies every legal paper produced by attorneys – along with a State Bar License number. As we are about to show you, an attorney is not a lawyer, yet the average American improperly interchanges these words as if they represent the same occupation, and the average American attorney unduly accepts the honor to be called “lawyer” when he is not.

In order to discern the difference, and where we stand within the current court system, it’s necessary to examine the British origins of our U.S. courts and the terminology that has been established from the beginning. It’s important to understand the proper lawful definitions for the various titles we now give these court related occupations.

The legal profession in the U.S. is directly derived from the British system. Even the word “bar” is of British origin:


BAR. A particular portion of a court room. Named from the space enclosed by two bars or rails: one of which separated the judge’s bench from the rest of the room; the other shut off both the bench and the area for lawyers engaged in trials from the space allotted to suitors, witnesses, and others. Such persons as appeared as speakers (advocates, or counsel) before the court, were said to be “called to the bar”, that is, privileged so to appear, speak and otherwise serve in the presence of the judges as “barristers.” The corresponding phrase in the United States is “admitted to the bar”. – A Dictionary of Law (1893).

* From the definition of bar, the title and occupation of a “barrister” is derived:

BARRISTER, English law. A counselor admitted to plead at the bar.


2. Ouster barrister, is one who pleads ouster or without the bar.


3. Inner barrister, a sergeant or king’s counsel who pleads within the bar.


4. Vacation barrister, a counselor newly called to the bar, who is to attend for several long vacations the exercise of the house.


5. Barristers are called apprentices, apprentitii ad legem, being looked upon as learners, and not qualified until they obtain the degree of sergeant. Edmund Plowden, the author of the Commentaries, a volume of elaborate reports in the reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Philip and Mary, and Elizabeth, describes himself as an apprentice of the common law. – A Law Dictionary by John Bouvier (Revised Sixth Edition, 1856).


BARRISTER, n. [from bar.] A counselor, learned in the laws, qualified and admitted to please at the bar, and to take upon him the defense of clients; answering to the advocate or licentiate of other countries. Anciently, barristers were called, in England, apprentices of the law. Outer barristers are pleaders without the bar, to distinguish them from inner barristers, benchers orreaders , who have been sometime admitted to please within the bar, as the king’s counsel are. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

* Overall, a barrister is one who has the privilege to plead at the courtroom bar separating the judicial from the non-judicial spectators. Currently, in U.S. courts, the inner bar between the bench (judge) and the outer bar no longer exists, and the outer bar separates the attorneys (not lawyers) from the spectator’s gallery. This will be explained more as you read further. As with the word bar, each commonly used word describing the various court officers is derived directly from root words:

3 From the word “solicit” is derived the name and occupation of a solicitor; one who solicits or petitions an action in a court.


SOLICIT, v.t. [Latin solicito] 1. To ask with some degree of earnestness; to make petition to; to apply to for obtaining something. This word implies earnestness in seeking .


2. To ask for with some degree of earnestness; to seek by petition; as, to solicit an office; to solicit a favor. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


4). From the word “attorn” is derived the name and occupation of an �attorney;� one who transfers or assigns property, rights, title and allegiance to the owner of the land.


ATTORN / v. Me. [Origin French. atorner, aturner assign, appoint, f. a-torner turn v.] 1. v.t. Turn; change, transform; deck out. 2. v.t Turn over (goods, service, allegiance, etc.) to another; transfer, assign.
3. v.i. Transfer one�s tenancy, or (arch.) homage or allegiance, to another; formally acknowledge such transfer. attorn tenant (to) Law formally transfer one�s tenancy (to), make legal acknowledgement of tenancy ( to a new landlord). – Oxford English Dictionary1999.


ATTORN, v.i. [Latin ad and torno.] In the feudal law, to turn, or transfer homage and service from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate.
– Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


ATTORNMENT, n. The act of a feudatory, vassal or tenant, by which he consents, upon the alienation of an estate, to receive a new lord or superior, and transfers to him his homage and service.
– Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


ATTORNMENT n. the transference of bailor status, tenancy, or (arch.) allegiance, service, etc., to another;
formal acknowledgement of such transfer: lme. – Oxford English Dictionary 1999.


5). From the word advocate comes the meaning of the occupation by the same name; one who pleads or defends by argument in a court.


ADVOCATE, v.t. [Latin advocatus, from advoco, to call for, to plead for; of ad and voco, to call. See Vocal.] To plead in favor of; to defend by argument, before a tribunal; to support or vindicate.
– Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


5). From the word “counsel” is derived the name and occupation of a counselor or lawyer; one who is learned in the law to give advice in a court of law;


COUNSEL, v.t. [Latin. to consult; to ask, to assail.] 1. To give advice or deliberate opinion to another for the government of his conduct; to advise. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


LAWYER. A counselor; one learned in the law. – A Law Dictionary by John Bouvier (Revised Sixth Edition, 1856).

* Although modern usage tends to group all these descriptive occupational words as the same, the fact is that they have different and distinctive meanings when used within the context of court activities:

Solicitor – one who petitions (initiates) for another in a court


Counselor – one who advises another concerning a court matter


Lawyer – [see counselor] learned in the law to advise in a court


Barrister – one who is privileged to plead at the bar


Advocate – one who pleads within the bar for a defendant


Attorney – one who transfers or assigns, within the bar, another’ s rights & property acting on behalf of the ruling crown (government)

* It’s very clear that an attorney is not a lawyer. The lawyer is a learned counselor who advises. The ruling government appoints an attorney as one who transfers a tenant’s rights, allegiance, and title to the land owner (government).
* Feudal Tenancy
* If you think you are a landowner in America, take a close look at the warranty deed or fee title to your land. You will almost always find the words “tenant” or “tenancy.“ The title or deed document establishing your right as a tenant, not that of a landowner, has been prepared for transfer by a licensed BAR Attorney, just as it was carried out within the original English feudal system we presumed we had escaped from in 1776.
* A human being is the tenant to a feudal superior. A feudal tenant is a legal person who pays rent or services of some sort for the use and occupation of another’s land. The land has been conveyed to the tenant’s use, but the actual ownership remains with the superior. If a common person does not own what he thought was his land (he’s legally defined as a “feudal tenant,” not the superior owner), then a superior person owns the land and the feudal tenant – person pays him to occupy the land.
* This is the hidden Feudal Law in America. When a person (a.k.a. human being, corporation, natural person,
* partnership, association, organization, etc.) pays taxes to the tax assessor of the civil county or city government (also a person), it is a payment to the superior land owner for the right to be a tenant and to occupy the land belonging to the superior. If this were not so, then how could a local government sell the house and land of a person for not rendering his services (taxes)?
* We used to think that there was no possible way feudal law could be exercised in America, but the facts have proven otherwise. It’s no wonder they hid the definition of a human being behind the definition of a man. The next time you enter into an agreement or contract with another person (legal entity), look for the keywords person, individual, and natural person describing who you are.
* Are you the entity the other person claims you are? When you “appear” before their jurisdiction and courts, you have agreed that you are a legal person unless you show them otherwise. You will have to deny that you are the person and state who you really are. Is the flesh and blood standing there in that courtroom a person by their legal definition?
* British Accredited Registry (BAR)?
* During the middle 1600’s, the Crown of England established a formal registry in London where barristers were ordered by the Crown to be accredited. The establishment of this first International Bar Association allowed barrister-lawyers from all nations to be formally recognized and accredited by the only recognized accreditation society. From this, the acronym BAR was established denoting (informally) the British Accredited Registry, whose members became a powerful and integral force within the International Bar Association (IBA). Although this has been denied repeatedly as to its existence, the acronym BAR stood for the British barrister-lawyers who were members of the larger IBA.
* When America was still a chartered group of British colonies under patent – established in what was formally named the British Crown territory of New England – the first British Accredited Registry (BAR) was established in Boston during 1761 to attempt to allow only accredited barrister-lawyers access to the British courts of New England. This was the first attempt to control who could represent defendants in the court at or within the bar in America.
* Today, each corporate STATE in America has it’s own BAR Association, i.e. The Florida Bar or the California Bar, that licenses government officer attorneys, NOT lawyers. In reality, the U.S. courts only allow their officer attorneys to freely enter within the bar while prohibiting those learned of the law – lawyers – to do so. They prevent advocates, lawyers, counselors, barristers and solicitors from entering through the outer bar. Only licensed BAR Attorneys are permitted to freely enter within the bar separating the people from the bench because all BAR Attorneys are officers of the court itself. Does that tell you anything?
* Here’s where the whole word game gets really tricky. In each State, every licensed BAR Attorney calls himself an Attorney at Law. Look at the definitions above and see for yourself that an Attorney at Law is nothing more than an attorney – one who transfers allegiance and property to the ruling land owner.
* Another name game they use is “of counsel,” which means absolutely nothing more than an offer of advice. Surely, the mechanic down the street can do that! Advice is one thing; lawful representation is another.
* A BAR licensed Attorney is not an advocate, so how can he do anything other than what his real purpose is? He can’t plead on your behalf because that would be a conflict of interest. He can’t represent the crown (ruling government) as an official officer at the same time he is allegedly representing a defendant. His sworn duty as a BAR Attorney is to transfer your ownership, rights, titles, and allegiance to the land owner. When you hire a BAR Attorney to represent you in their courts, you have hired an officer of that court whose sole purpose and occupation is to transfer what you have to the creator and authority of that court. A more appropriate phrase would be legal plunder.
* The official duties of an Esquire
* Let’s not forget that all U.S. BAR Attorneys have entitled themselves, as a direct result of their official BAR license and oaths, with the British title of “esquire.” This word is a derivative of the British word “squire.”

SQUIRE, n. [a popular contraction of esquire]


1. In Great Britain, the title of a gentleman next in rank to a knight.


2. In Great Britain, an attendant on a noble warrior.


3. An attendant at court.


4. In the United States, the title of magistrates and lawyers. In New-England, it is particularly given to justices of the peace and judges. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


ESQUIRE n. Earlier as squire n.1 lme. [Origin French. esquier (mod. écuyer) f. Latin scutarius shield – bearer, f. scutum shield: see – ary 1.]


1. Orig. (now Hist.), a young nobleman who, in training for knighthood, acted as shield-bearer and attendant to a knight. Later, a man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking next below a knight. lme. b Hist. Any of various officers in the service of a king or nobleman. c A landed proprietor, a country squire. arch. – Oxford English Dictionary 1999.

* During the English feudal laws of land ownership and tenancy, a squire – esquire – was established as the land proprietor charged with the duty of carrying out, among various other duties, the act of attornment [see definition above] for the land owner and nobleman he served. Could this be any simpler for the average American to understand? If our current U.S. BAR Attorneys were just lawyers, solicitors, barristers, advocates or counselors, then they would call themselves the same. They have named themselves just exactly what they are, yet we blindly cannot see the writing on the wall.
* The BAR Attorneys have not hidden this from anyone. That’s why they deliberately call themselves “Esquires“ and “Attorneys at law.” It is the American people who have hidden their own heads in the sand.
* Knowing these simple truths, why would anyone consider the services of BAR Attorney-Esquire as his representative within the ruling courts of America? Their purposes, position, occupation, job, and duty is to transfer your allegiance, property, and rights to the landowner, a.k.a. STATE. They are sworn oath officers of the State whose sole authority is to transfer your property to their landowner-employer. Think about this the next time you enter their courtrooms. From now on, all Americans should refuse to enter past the outer bar when they are called. Who would voluntarily want to relinquish all he has by passing into their legal trap that exists inside that outer bar?
* We must all refuse to recognize their royal position as Squires and refuse to hire them as our representatives and agents. They can’t plead or argue for you anyway; all they can do is oversee the act of attornment on behalf of the ruling government whom they serve as official officers. Nothing stops your neighbor from being a barrister or lawyer. No real law prohibits any of us from being lawyers! Even Abraham Lincoln was a well-recognized lawyer, yet he had no formal law degree. Let the BAR Attorneys continue in their jobs as property transfer agent-officers for the State, but if no defendant hires them, they’ll have to get new jobs or they’ll starve. Fire your BAR Attorney and represent yourself as your own lawyer, or hire any non-BAR-licensed lawyer to assist you from outside the courtroom bar.
* Refuse to acknowledge all judges who are also licensed BAR Attorneys. Every judge in Florida State is a member of the Florida BAR. This is unlawful and unconstitutional as a judge cannot be an Esquire nor can he represent any issue in commerce, such as that of the State. Every Florida State judge has compromised his purported neutral and impartial judicial position by being a State Officer through his BAR licensure. This is an unlawful monopoly of power and commerce.
* The Unauthorized Practice of Law
* Fire your BAR Attorney. Refuse to acknowledge their corrupt inner-bar courts of thievery. Formally charge them with the illegal act of practicing law without lawful authority. Why? A BAR Attorney is not a lawyer by lawful definition. An Esquire is an officer of the State with the duty to carry out State activities, including “attornment.”
* State officers have no constitutional authority to practice law as lawyers, barristers,advocates, or solicitors. Americans should begin formally charging these false lawyerswith unlawfully practicing the profession of law since their BAR licenses only give themthe privilege to be Attorneys and Squires over land transfers.
* What has happened to America? I will tell you we have never been Totally set free from British rule even today we are are still being ruled by the Queen of England. Like I said before Judges and Lawyers are not real citizens of America they belong to British law. Do the research and you will find the truth.
* What must be done? We must run all these Judges and (Paid lairs out of America.) WE must take a stand with God and do this. Until we do this every America can not be totally free from British rule. What will you do? As for me I will die trying to get our country back.
* I know there is no easy way out. It will not happen without a Revolution of Armed American’s fight for our real Freedoms. War has been waged already against us. The Constitution has been tramped on by every Senator and congressman in office today. Our fore fathers warned about this so many years ago. There vision was clear because of there trust in God.
* Any Judge, Government Agent, or Bureaucrat Who Has Sworn to
Uphold the Constitution of the United States — Who is Violating
that Oath — is Guilty of TREASON.
* The Penalty is still *DEATH BY HANGING*.
* After the Revolutionary War of 1776 was over – since no actual surrender papers had been signed – King George III decided that the colonies still belonged to him, to England, and all that remained was for him to figure out how to get them back again under his direct control. To do this he determined to use the banks, both of the United States and of England, as one method. But to underpin his efforts, he needed lawyers or attorneys here in the ‘colonies’ to make it all happen. The ‘legal’ ramifications of how things had to be brought about had become an important issue to England ever since the days of the Magna Carta.
* Lawyers, known more prominently as “Barristers”, had arisen to great power in England since the days of the old knights. But the battle by these heirs of knighthood this time was forged against good and not evil, for this new thing that the People in America were calling “freedom” was a dangerous consideration for a King.
* King George needed the lawyers or attorneys over in the Colonies to be members, or Esquires, of England’s International Bar Association, the only Bar association in the world, headquartered right in good old London town and under his own direct control, but with operations established in the United States, with certain strong ties into the Congress. The International Bar Association was alive and well in America.
* That thing called “Freedom” would soon come to its own end. So said King George.
* The Bar was England’s own British Accreditation Registry, its members were considered to be nobles – being above the common person, and all lawyers or attorneys had to belong to it, and they were under the will of the King, and the Bank of England. And if there was any opposition to his plan, he might just cause another WAR to maintain his position for control of the United States. He just might…
* We now fast forward to consider an interesting legal issue. According to this and many other sources, there was a 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America — not the one that we think we have now – that was removed during the time just before or during the Civil War.
* In the winter of 1983, archival research expert David Dodge, and former Baltimore police investigator Tom Dunn were searching for evidence of government corruption in public records stored in the Belfast Library on the coast of Maine. By chance, they discovered the library’s oldest authentic copy of the Constitution of the United States (printed in 1825). Both men were stunned to see this document included a 13th Amendment that no longer appears on current copies of the Constitution. Moreover, after studying the Amendment’s language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this ‘missing’ 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers, particularly members of the Bar association, from serving in government! Our government!
* This missing 13th Amendment suppressed and even stopped the forming or continued existence of any Bar association for over four decades, from 1822 to 1867, and evidence of its existence has been found in over 10 different states and territories throughout the United States.
* How did a lawfully ratified Amendment to the Constitution of the United States simply disappear, vanish, without so much as a nod of disturbance or at least some curiosity from the American people? And an Amendment that deliberately targeted attorneys who were members of the Bar association, to prevent Bar members from holding any public office – thereby preventing attorneys from passing legislation that would most assuredly serve the greedy and nefarious interests of not only the Bar association itself, but also the King of England, right along with the other royal heads of Europe? So that WE might not be conquered from within as opposed to without?
* The courts only recognize TWO classes of people in the United States today –
* Debtors And Creditors
* The concept and status of DEBTORS AND CREDITORS is very important for you to understand. Every legal action where you are brought before the court (e.g. traffic ticket, property dispute or permits, income tax, credit cards, bank loans or anything else they might dream up to charge you where you find yourself in front of a court) – IT IS AN EQUITY COURT, administering commercial law having a debtor/creditor law as the controlling law. Today, we have an equity court, but not an equity court as referred to in the Constitution of the U.S., or any of the legal documents before 1938.
* All the courts of this once great land have been changed, starting with the Supreme Court decision of 1938 in Erie R.R. v. Thompkins, 304 U.S 64 (1938)
* That case gives you the background which led to this decision. Some of this information is from the Ben Freeman tapes of 1989. They are excellent tapes if you have them. Ben used to talk about “legislative democracy.” I couldn’t find a definition for legislative democracy. It bothered me. However, by listening to his tapes as well as other tapes. I began to see the fraud that is being perpetrated on all of us Americans. Please understand that this fraud is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, year after year continuous fraud. It doesn’t happen just once in a while. This fraud is constantly upon you all your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, this fraud is perpetually and incessantly upon you and your family.
* U.S. Inc. Goes To Geneva – 1930’s
* In order for you to understand just how this fraud works, you need to know the history of its inception. It goes like this: from 1928 – 1932 there were five years of Geneva conventions. The nations of the world met in Geneva, Switzerland for 5 continuous years in order to set up what would be the policy of all the participating countries. During the year of 1930 the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc., all declared bankruptcy. If you try to look up the 1930 minutes, you will not find them because they don’t publish this particular volume. If you try to find the 1930 volume which contains the minutes of what happened, you will probably not find it. This volume has been pulled out of circulation or is hidden in the library and is very hard to find. This volume contains the evidence of the bankruptcy.
* Going into 1932, they stopped meeting in Geneva. In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt came into power as President of the United States. Roosevelt’s job was to put into place and administer the bankruptcy that had been declared two years earlier. The corporate government needed a key Supreme Court decision. The corporate United States government had to have a legal case on the books to set the stage for recognizing, implementing and supporting the bankruptcy. Now, this doesn’t mean the bankruptcy wasn’t implemented before 1938 with the Erie RR v. Thompkins decision. The bankruptcy started in 1930-1931. The bankruptcy definitely started when Roosevelt came into office. He was sworn in during the month of January, 1933. He started right away in the bankruptcy with what is known as the “The Banking Holiday” and proceeded to pull all gold coins out of circulation. That was the beginning of the United States’ Public Policy for bankruptcy.
* Roosevelt Stacks Supreme Court
* It is a known historical fact that during 1933 and 1937-1938, there was a big fight between Roosevelt and the Supreme Court Justices. Roosevelt tried to stack the Supreme Court with a bunch of his pals. Roosevelt tried to enlarge the number of Justices and he tried to change the slant of the Justices. The corporate United States had to have one Supreme Court case which would support their bankruptcy problem.
* There was resistance to Roosevelt’s court stacking efforts. Some of the Justices tried to warn us that Roosevelt was tampering with the law and with the courts. Roosevelt was trying to see to it that prior decisions of the court were overturned. He was trying to bring in a new order, a new procedure for the law of the land.
* The “Mother Corporation” Goes Bankrupt
* A bankruptcy case was needed on the books to legitimize the fact that the corporate U.S. had already declared bankruptcy! This bankruptcy was effectuated by compact that the corporate several states had with the corporate government (Corporate Capitol of the several corporate states). This compact tied the corporate several states to corporate Washington, D.C. (the headquarters of the corporation called “The United States”). Since the United States Corporation, having established it headquarters within the District of Columbia, declared itself to be in the state of bankruptcy, it automatically declared bankruptcy for all its subsidiaries who were effectively connected corporate members (who happened to be the corporate state governments of the Union). The corporate state governments didn’t have to vote on the bankruptcy.
* The bankruptcy automatically became effective by reason of Compact/Agreement between each of the corporate state governments and THE MOTHER CORPORATION. (Note: The writer has taken the liberty of using the term “Mother Corporation” to communicate the interconnected power of the corporate Federal government relative to her associated corporate States. It is my understanding that the States created the Federal Government, however, for all practical purposes, the Federal Government has taken control of her “Creators”, the States.) She has become a beast out of control for power. She has for her trade names the following: “United States”, “U.S.”, “U.S.A.”, “United States of America”, Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, Feds, Federal Government.
* She has her own U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Parks, Post Office, etc., etc., etc. Because she is claiming to be bankrupt, she freely gives her land, her personnel, and the money she steals from the Americans via the I.R.S. and her state corporations, to the United Nations and the International Bankers as payment for her debt. The UN and the International Bankers use this money and services for various worldwide “projects”, which includes war. War is an extremely lucrative business for the bankers of the New World Order. Loans for destruction. Loans for re-construction. Loans for controlling people on her world property.
* U.S. Inc. Declares Bankruptcy
* The corporate U.S., then, is the head corporate member, who met at Geneva, to decide for all its corporate body members. The corporate representatives of corporate several states were not in attendance. If the states had their own power to declare bankruptcy regardless of whether Washington D.C. declared bankruptcy or not, then the several states would have been represented at Geneva. The several states of America were not represented. Consequently, whatever Washington D.C. agree to at Geneva was passed on automatically, via compact to the several corporate states as a group, association, corporation or as a club member, they all agreed and declared bankruptcy as one government corporate group in 1938. The several states only needed a representative in Geneva by way of the U.S. in Washington, D.C. The delegates of the corporate United States attended the meetings and spoke for the several corporate states as well as for the mother corporation located in Washington, D.C., the seat and headquarters of the Federal Corporate Government. And presto, BANKRUPTCY was declared for all!
* From 1930 to 1938, the states could not enact any law or decide any case that would go against the Federal Government. The case had to come down from the Federal level so that the states would rely on the Federal decision and use this decision as justification for the bankruptcy process within the states.
* Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Emerges as Law of the Land
# By 1938, the corporate Federal Government had the true bankruptcy case they had been looking for. Now, the bankruptcy that had been declared back in 1930 could be up-held and administered. That’s why the Supreme Court had to be stacked and made corrupt from within. The new players on the Supreme Court fully understood that they had to destroy all other case law that had been established prior to 1938. The Federal Government had to have a case to destroy all precedence, all appearance, and even the statute of law itself. That is, the Statutes at Large had to be perverted. They finally got their case in Erie R.R. v. Thompkins. It was right after that case that the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws listed right in the front of the Uniform Commercial Code, began creating the Uniform Commercial Code that is on our backs today. Let us quote directly from the preface of the 1990 Official Text of the Uniform Commercial Code, 12th edition.
# The Code was originally approved by its sponsors and the American Bar Association in 1952, and was revised in 1958 to incorporate a number of changes that had been recommended by the New York Law Revision Commission and other agencies. Subsequent amendments that were deemed desirable in the light of experience under the Code were approved by the Permanent Editorial Board in 1962 and 1966.
# The aforementioned groups and associations of private lawyers got together and started working on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). It was somewhere between 1930 and 1940, I don’t recall, but by the early 40’s and during the war, this committee was working to form the UCC and got it ready to put on the market. The UCC is the law merchant’s code for the administration of the bankruptcy. The UCC is now the new law of the land, as far as the courts are concerned.
# This Legal Committee of lawyers put everything; Negotiable Instruments, Security, Sales, Contracts & Agreements, and the whole mess under the UCC.
# That’s where the “Uniform” word comes from. It means it was uniform from state to state, as well as being uniform within the District of Columbia. It doesn’t mean you didn’t have the uniform instrument laws on the books before this time. It means the laws were not uniform from state to state. By the middle 1960’s, every state had passed the UCC into law. The states had no choice but to adopt the newly formed Uniform Commercial Code as the law of the land. The states fully understood they had to administrate bankruptcy. Washington D.C. adopted the Uniform Commercial Code in 1963, just six weeks or so after Kennedy was killed.
# Your Lawyer’s Secret Oath?
# What was the effect and the significance of the Erie RR. v. Thompkins case decision of 1938? The significance is that since the Erie decision, no cases are allowed to be cited that are prior to 1939. There can be no mixing of the old law with the new law. The lawyers (who were members of the American Bar Association, were and are currently under and controlled by the Lawyer’s Guild of Great Britain) created, formed and implemented the new bankruptcy law. The American Bar Association is a franchise of the Lawyer’s Guild of Great Britain. Since the Erie RR. v. Thompkins case was decided; the practice of law in this country was never again to be the same.
# It has been reported (source unknown to the writer) that every lawyer in existence and every lawyer coming up has to take a SECRET OATH to support the bankruptcy. This seems to make sense after reading about Mr. Sweet’s CASE FILE DISAPPEARANCE, discussed below.
# There is more to it. Not only do they promise to support the bankruptcy, but the lawyers and judges also promise never to reveal who the true creditor party is in the bankruptcy proceedings! In court, there is never identification and appearance of the true character and principal of the proceedings. This is where you can get them for not making an appearance in court. If there is no appearance of the true party to the action, then there is no way the defendant is able to know the true NATURE AND CAUSE OF THE ACTION. You are never told the true NATURE AND THE CAUSE OF WHY YOU ARE IN FRONT OF THEIR COURT. The court is forbidden to tell you that information. That’s why, if you question the true nature and cause, the judge will say, “It’s not my job to tell you. You are not retaining me as an attorney and I can’t give you legal advice from the bench. I suggest you hire a lawyer.”
# Practicing Law Without A License?
# Lawyer – Learned in the law to advise in a court
# Barrister – One who is privileged to plead at the bar
# Advocate – One who pleads within the BAR for a defendant
# Attorn-ey – One who transfers or assigns, within the bar, another’s money, goods/ property, rights and title to and acting on behalf of the ruling crown (government).
# If anyone ever charges you with illegal/unlawful “Practicing law without a license”, just say: “No attorney or lawyer in the U.S. has ever been “LICENSED” to practice law” (they’ve exempted themselves, and no such crime exists) as they are a abstract, artificial, bogus, bullshit, counterfeit, dead, fraudulent, imaginary, non-existent, statutory “FICTION OF LAW” “person” and only an “ADMITTED MEMBER” to practice law in the private franchise member “club” called the “BAR” (British or BARrister Aristocratic Regency, or British Accreditation Registry — B.A.R. as in put in Jail Behind BARs, to BAR = stop = arrest = kidnap = abduct, or also attorneys are absolutely “BAR”red from challenging the jurisdiction of the court), and as such they are unlawful “un-registered foreign agents”. Attorneys and lawyers only have “BAR Cards” which are clearly not “licenses.
# The lawyers, who are members of one or more of the 50 State Bar Associations (private membership clubs), which are franchised by the American Bar Association (A.B.A.), are all under and controlled by the Lawyer’s Guild of Great Britain which created, formed, and implemented the U.S. financial BANKRUPTCY Law filed 3/9/33, which bankruptcy is still in full force and effect today, for and on behalf of the International Banksters as “Creditors” thereof. Therefore, said attorneys/lawyers are Traitors, Esquires (noblemen training for knighthood, Un-Constitutional title of honor and nobility = Esquires), alien and foreign “non-citizens” and are specifically prohibited by the USA Constitution from ever voting in any election (Election Fraud) or from ever holding any elected public office of trust whatsoever! Even “jailhouse lawyer” prisoner inmates are Constitutionally protected and assured access to the courts.
# Attorneys are not really lawyers, as attorneys practice “attorn-ment” (turn over goods, services, etc. to another; i.e. robbers and thieves) and lawyers practice “law”. Lawyers are supposedly learned in the law and advise in a court while an attorn-eys transfer or assign someone’s rights or property, etc to another and acts on behalf of the ruling crown (government). In 1878 the American legal system came under the control of a Labor Union known as the worldwide (BRITISH) BAR ASSOCIATION. Consequently, “their” courts have become “Closed Union Shops.
# The judges have become the union bosses of those “private” for-profit courts. These judges are overseen by a principal union boss or union superintendent, a Supreme Court Justice of the State. The criminal attorneys, barristers and counselors at law, and lawyers, together with the international banksters, control everything of importance in government (they unlawfully control, own and have usurped (by force of law) all 3 branches of government), the Bar Association controls the Attorneys, et al, and the aristocratic elite monied power control the worldwide franchised “private” British Bar Associations (the American Bar Association is but one private franchise amoung hundreds worldwide).
# The Bar Association Labor Union only allows union lawyers called attorneys to use the pubicly tax-financed “private” courts (Union Hall or Local Union) with Local Rules called “Rules of the Court”. The ultimate goal of the BAR Associations is the overthrow the GOVERNMENT of the United States and its Constitution, the complete and total enslavement and subjugation of its people, and to re-establish an absolute incontestable form of ancient Babylonian and Masonic Medieval British Feudalism in America and the rest of the world which will become the New World Order, One World Government, under Mob Rule “Democracy” (the merging of capitalism and communism, and a “military Dictatorship run by the “Commander-in-Chief” called the “President”).
# Attorneys first came into existence because GOVERNMENT-created and invented abstract, artificial, bogus, counterfeit, dead, fraudulent, non-existent statutory “FICTIONS OF LAW” “persons”, “citizens”, “individuals”, “people”, the “public”, “res-idents” (the thing, identified), “taxpayers”, “registered voters”, etc. could not (re)present themselves in court since they did not really exist and so could not speak for themselves and thus need a “spokesperson”. Therefore, they had to have a mouthpiece [someone to speak for and on their behalf and to “DE-fend” (NOT fend, NOT ward off, not fight for NOR offer defense) them] to speak for and “RE-present” (RE-create, RE-fashion, RE-form, RE-make, RE-mold, RE-place, RE-produce, change, convert, exchange, substitute and TRANCEform) these non-existent brainless, deaf and dumb fictions. Back then as now, living and breathing souls, real and natural, flesh and blood “men or women” as defendants in court could not be re-presented by a third party since they could and were required to speak for themselves. A “human being” does not have a right to re-presentation, he has a right to “assistance of counsel”. These are two very different concepts.
# Pro Se status is nothing more than the de-fendant moving the court to allow him to waive the right to “assistance of counsel”. The word “attorney” (attorn-ee, attorn-ey) definition derives from “to attorn” meaning “to turn over, to transfer to another money, goods/property, rights or title”. In other words, lawyers are simply high paid criminals, embezzlers, leeches (blood suckers), magots, parasites, prostitutes (who persecute and prosecute), robbers and thieves, etc., hired to rob and steal from Peter (the plaintiff and the defendent) to pay Paul, Paul being the British Aristocratic Monarchy which franchises the worldwide BAR associations, the creditors of the U.S. bankruptcy of 3/9/33 and the international banksters.
# The true Creditor would have to say “It’s a bankruptcy proceeding” and “I’m the Creditor and the DEFENDANT is the DEBTOR.” In all court cases where the GOVERNMENT is the alleged plaintiff, ninety four percent (94 %) of all private DEFENDANTS are summarily found “guilty”. Today, we are again enslaved. Private natural American people have been deceived, lied to, set-up and tricked to carry the U.S. Inc. perpetual corporate debt under bankruptcy laws.
# Every time Americans appear in their private for-profit courts, the corporate U.S. bankruptcy is being administrated against them without their knowledge and lawful consent. That is criminal FRAUD in the highest order and fraud is internationally exempt from any “Statute of Limitations”. All corporate bankruptcy administration is done by “Public Policy” of, by and for the Mother/Parent Corporation (U.S. INC.). Lawyers and judges also swear secret (un-constitutional) satanic (kol nidre)/masonic oaths, which oaths have always dis-favored the plaintiff and the DEFENDANT, and which secret oaths swear total allegiance to either ancient dark secret societies, the worldwide BAR Association(s) originating and franchised out of Britain, and/or the state (ie, fiction “GOVERNMENT”). Such oaths are in direct conflict with the attorney’s presumed fiduciary capacity, duty, relationship and responsibility to his client, the plaintiff or the DEFENDANT (those who hired and pay him), his sworn loyalty, confidence, dedication, good faith, trust and representation already having been previously given, pledged and sworn to his masters and handlers, and as such, it is absolutely impossible for any admitted member of the BAR to re-present (re- create, re-form, re-package and TRANCEform a real live soul/man into a fiction STRAW MAN) any client in honesty and truth, and are simply high paid legal prostitutes.
# The false argument and rebuttable presumption that attorneys are “licensed” when they are sworn in by the presiding judge of the STATE or the U.S. Supreme Court and issued a “Bar Card” is pure bullshit hogwash. Since when can an officer of a private CORPORATION, the “administrative non-judicial” Court, not legally different than McDonald’s CORPORATION, Federal Reserve CORPORATION or Federal Express CORPORATION – swear in or license anybody?. Anyone who “affirms or swears under oath” with or without your (right) hand on a bible or raised up in the air is specifically prohibited, estopped, ab initio, from so doing in Matthew 5:33-37 (” … Do not swear at all …”) and James 5:12 (”But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth, or with any other oath. But let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”, lest you fall into Judgement”). Generally, judges must be attorneys first and foremost because that tends to ensure that the judge has been properly brainwashed, conditioned, indoctrinated, programmed and trained by the GOVERNMENT’s” law schools and peers.
# Any and every lawyer, judge or court system is your “SWORN ENEMY” affording you NO “Full Disclosure” of all material facts, NO “Equal Protection” of/under the laws NOR “Due Process” of law, and they are NOT your advocates seeking fair play, equity and justice for the real you. When you accept a GOVERNMENT court appointed defense attorn-ey or you hire your own attorn-ey you have then contracted with a “third party agent” to act for and on your behalf to “re-”present (transform) you, and you have just given that criminal attorney your “Power of Attorney”. The original “missing” (stolen, removed and replaced) Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows: “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour (all attorn-eys have accepted the alien/foreign title and honor of “Esquire, Esq.” or knighthood), or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince (aristocracy), or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” — (Words in parenthesis are mine).
# Why Attorneys are not Lawyers
# In the U.S., they’re collectively called everything from “attorney” to “lawyer” to “counselor.” Are these terms truly equivalent, or has the identity of one been mistaken for another?
# What exactly is a “Licensed BAR Attorney”? This credential accompanies every legal paper produced by attorneys – along with a State Bar License number. As we are about to show you, an `attorney’ is not a `lawyer’, yet the average American improperly interchanges these words as if they represent the same occupation, and the average American attorney unduly accepts the honor to be called “lawyer” when he is not.
# In order to discern the difference, and where we stand within the current court system, it’s necessary to examine the British origins of our U.S. courts and the terminology that has been established from the beginning. It’s important to understand the proper lawful definitions for the various titles we now give these court related occupations.
# The legal profession in the U.S. is directly derived from the British system. Even the word “bar” is of British origin:
# BAR. A particular portion of a court room. Named from the space inclosed by two bars or rails: one of which separated the judge’s bench from the rest of the room; the other shut off both the bench and the area for lawyers engaged in trials from the space allotted to suitors, witnesses, and others. Such persons as appeared as speakers (advocates, or counsel) before the court, were said to be “called to the bar”, that is, privileged so to appear, speak and otherwise serve in the presence of the judges as “barristers”. The corresponding phrase in the United States is “admitted to the bar”. -A Dictionary of Law (1893).
# The ABA is in Control
# A 1996 article that still applies…
# Neither law nor elected representatives govern America. Our nation is controlled and manipulated by a committee of lawyers, the American Bar (fly) Association, the infamous Bar(flies), who care not about us but about themselves and their wealth.
# In September 1995, for the first time in American history, the inflow of tax revenues was less than our government had pay on just the interest it owes. In other words, our Federal government can’t even pay the interest on the loans they’ve promised to pay to mostly foreign entities. So, we decided to dig deeper into how this came about. What we uncovered is shocking, to say the very least.
# It seems that the crafty powers that control this great land behind the scenes are about to choke us into submission. The United States, Incorporated declared bankruptcy, once again, in 1933. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the author of American socialism, declared this in Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, and 6260. At the same time, all gold and silver was taken away from We the People. This was done pursuant to the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917 when our entire nation was placed under an economic “emergency”.
# Incidentally, this “emergency” has never been rescinded and we are still subject to the same “emergency” declaration today.
# In order to bail out our insolvent federal government, the several incorporated franchise States of the Union pledged the faith and credit of We the People to the National Government. This is how we ended up with the Social Security Administration and the Council of State Governments, among many other socialistic entities. On January 22, 1937, these organizations published their Declaration of INTERdependence in The Book of States where they openly declared that all farmers (land owners) were no more than feudal tenants (page 155, 1937 edition). This was, and still is, the method used to literally steal private property from We the People in order to benefit others, without just compensation.
# Today, a homeowner doesn’t receive a lawful deed or title to his land. Instead, he receives a Warranty Deed whereby the State holds the actual title and deed as collateral for the National government’s debt (the corporate body known as the United States located in Washington City). You don’t own your land… the United States does.
# You only hold a piece of paper that warrants that the “original deed” exists.
# The same applies to motor vehicles. You are given a Certificate of Title when you buy a car, but the actual title itself is being held as collateral by the government. You are holding a piece of paper that certifies that the title exists. In other words, even if you have no house mortgage or car loan, you still do not *own* them … the United States holds title to *your* private property!
# The previously mentioned Council of State Governments is now the National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws. This organization membership consists of only Bar(fly) licensed lawyers, the illegal and immoral monopoly that controls our nation. These licensed socialists (communists seize private land without compensation, don’t they?) parade around with the royal Nobility Title of Esquire (Esq.), but according to the Constitution And By-Laws of their organization, they lobby for, pass, order, and execute statutory provisions to “help implement international treaties of the United States or where world uniformity would be desirable” Source-1990/91 Reference Book, National Council of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws, page 2.
# The ABA LIE: Unauthorized Practice of Law. Just how does a Good and Lawful Christian defend Himself when forced, against His Will, to stand and speak before the purported ‘courts’ now operating in the United States? Is He to be mute and say nothing, citing the Laws of God? Although every Christian has the Right to choose His own court, this is not so practical when he is forced by duress and coercion to ‘appear’ in a court He has not chosen nor recognizes as being subject to God’s Laws. How can he ‘appear’ in an un-Godly court? Our answer to this is to do as Christ Jesus did when He was forced to stand before the judgment of the un-Godly. There is no set of Rules other than the example His Word has already laid out for Us. However, every Christian should have knowledge of how this world operates, and that includes the purported ‘laws’ and ‘courts’ being forced upon us over and above God’s Sovereign Laws. To defend oneself is nearly impossible in their ‘courts’, and to seek the assistance of Godly counsel is not allowed by what they dare to call, but refuse to define, as the “unauthorized practice of law”.
# There may be much truth to the claim that the Fourteenth Amendment to the federal constitution was instigated by the legal professionals’ trade union, now known as The American Bar Association. Many facts support the claim that this “Bar” monopoly was established in Christian America, immediately after Lincoln’s (un)Civil War, to create and substitute a ‘colorless’ system of uniformed general slavery to replace the previous system of black slavery. This was to have been implemented by guaranteeing a monopoly of the courts for their own member attorneys, judges, and Municipal Corporations (City, County, and State). This monopolizing and unlawful labor union, The Bar Association, has forbidden anyone but their own exclusive member attorneys to give legal advice or representation, which has prevented any Good and Lawful Christian from being assisted in these purported ‘Courts of Law’ by a non-union lawyer or by a “non-lawyer”, as used in their own terminology.
# U.S. Inc. is Distinct and Separate From PRIVATE AMERICANS
# “We the People” who created and signed the contract/compact/agreement of, by, and for the Constitutional Corporation (U.S.); using the trade name of the “United States of America”, is a corporate entity (legal fiction) which is DISTINCT AND SEPARATE from Americans or the unenfranchised people of America.
# The private natural American people did not create the corporation of the United States. The United States Inc. did not create the private natural American people. America and Americans were in existence prior to the creation of the United States Corporation. The United States Corporation has located its U.S. headquarters in Washington, D.C. Virginia state (state territory) gave land to the newly formed United States Corporation. Notice, here, we have a state giving something of value (land) to the United States. The United States Corporation agreed in the Constitutional contract, to protect the states.
# Instead, because of their bankruptcy (Corporate U.S. Bankruptcy) this particular U.S. corporation has enslaved the states and the people by deception, and at the will of their foreign banksters, with whom they have been doing business. Our forefathers gave their lives and property to prevent enslavement. Today, we are once again enslaved.
# Private natural American people have been tricked, deceived and set up to carry the U.S. Inc.’s perpetual corporate debt under bankruptcy laws. Every time Americans appear in court, the corporate U.S. bankruptcy is being administrated against them, without their knowledge and lawful consent. That is FRAUD! All corporate bankruptcy administration is done by “Public Policy” – of by and for the Mother Corporation (U.S. Inc.).
# The Mother Corporation’s “Public Policy”
# The corporate bankruptcy is carried out under the corporate public policy of the corporate Federal Government in corporate Washington, D.C. The states use state public policy to carry out Federal public policy of Washington D.C. Public Policy and only public policy is being administered against you in the corporate courts today. The public policy that is dictated by all the courts, from the smallest to the most powerful courts in the world, is public policy.
# This is why, when people like us go to court without being represented by a lawyer, we throw a monkey-wrench into the corporate administrative proceedings. Why? Because all public policy corporate lawyers are pledged to uphold public policy, which is the corporate U.S. administration of their corporate bankruptcy. That is why you will find stamped on many, if not all of our briefs,
# When we go in to defend ourselves or file a claim, we’re not supporting the corporate bankruptcy administration and procedure. The arguments we put forth pre-date 1938. We come in with Constitutional law, etc. All these early cases support our rights not to be in bankruptcy. However, the corporate court, lawyers, and judges have promised to give no judicial recognition of any case “before 1938″.
# Before 1938, the law was not a public policy law. All these old cases were not public law deciding cases.
# Today, the cases are all decided under corporate public policy. The public policy exists in order to administer the bankruptcy for the benefit of the bankster creditors and to protect the bankster creditor. Corporate public policy can allow the creditor to say to the corporate legislatures, “I want a law passed requiring my debtors to wear seat belts. Why? Because I want to be able to milk my debtors for the longest period possible.” It doesn’t behoove the creditor to allow all of his labor-producing debtors to die at an average age of 30 years.
# The Real Estate Snare
# How do they work this scheme in the area of real estate? These bankster creeps have made an agreement that it is corporate public policy, that all land (property) be pledged to the creditor to satisfy the debt of the bankruptcy, which the creditor claims under bankruptcy. They get away with this the same way that they get away with any other case that is brought before the court, whether it is a traffic ticket, IRS, or whatever. Here is how it works. You have signed instruments giving information and jurisdiction to the banksters through their agents. The instruments (forms) you signed include, but are not limited to the following: social security registration, use of the social security number, IRS forms, driver license, traffic citation, jury duty, voter registration, using their address, zip code, U.S. postal service, a deed, a mortgage application, etc. etc. The banksters then use that instrument (document) under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as a contract/agreement. These documents are considered promissory contract where you promise to perform. This scheme involves you, without you ever becoming directly in contact or in contract with the true creditor. What’s more, you are never informed as to whom the true creditor is and it is never divulged to you the true nature and the true cause of the paperwork that you are filling out.
# If you will examine your real estate deed, you will find that you promised to pay taxes to the corporate government. On property you originally acquired through a mortgage, you will notice that the bank never promised to pay taxes. You did. The corporate government at all levels never promised to pay taxes to the creditor. You did. In tax and collection problems relating to real estate being enforced against you, you will notice that there is no mention in the mortgage or the deed stating the true nature and cause of the action.
# Since you made the promise to perform, you get a bill every year for property taxes. You don’t realize that the only way they can bill you for taxes is through your own stupidity of AGREEING to pay the tax. You volunteered. They took advantage of you, conning you to promise to pay property taxes. When they send you their bill, they are coming against you for the collection of the promise you made to the creditor. Now the creditor on the paperwork appears that it is the local bank. The bank has loaned you credit. The bank hasn’t loaned you anything. It was not their credit to loan. This is why the bank can’t loan credit. There is a credit involved, but not the bank’s credit. It is the credit of the International banksters. The international banksters are making you the loan based upon their operation of bankruptcy claim which they presume to have against you personally as well as your property.
# Now, let’s say you are not aware of your remedies provided for you within the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC provides or allows you to dishonor the county’s presentment of the tax bill. You don’t pay your tax bill. You therefore just sit on it and don’t do or say anything. A couple of years go by and all of a sudden you are being sent letters to pay up what is owed or else in a certain period of time your property will be taken from you and put up for a tax sale. Now here is what is interesting – If you don’t pay your tax bill, and they contact you asking you to pay it and you don’t pay it, they will declare you in default. It is based on that default as provided in the UCC that they sell your property for the tax (rent).
# However, the county never goes into court to put into the record the identification of the real creditor. And the county does not state the true nature and cause of the action against you (bankruptcy action disguised as a tax action). Why? Because, under bankruptcy implementation, they have developed a legal procedure which is based upon YOUR PROMISE TO PAY. The procedure provides that they don’t have to come to the court to get a court order authorizing the sale of your property. Therefore, the real creditor never makes an appearance in court.
# The reality is, you are denied any possibility of appearing in court to exercise your right to challenge the creditor. To ask if he became the creditor under “public policy”. To ask if it is under “public policy”, just what is “public policy”? And how did you (as an international banker) become “creditor” to me and everyone else in this country (American people)? They don’t want you to ask the real creditor (the International Banksters), to PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTS upon which your personal debt is established. If they were forced to go into court, they would have to produce the deed or mortgage showing you KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, and VOLUNTARILY promised to pay the corporate public debt. You did not KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, and VOLUNTARILY promise to pay any U.S. Corporate Bankruptcy obligation made in the 1930’s. This would, of course, expose their racket. The fact is, that, there was absolutely no debt connected to you until you agreed to it through their deception and fraud. The deception, in a broader sense, permeates the education system and the news media, etc., to sell you on the idea that you are a statutory “U.S. Citizen” and “resident of the United States”(INCORPORATED).
# Your Signature Is Your Most Valuable Property!
# Your “property” is pledged for the rest of your life, upon your signature and your promise to perform is pledged into perpetual debt. The banksters don’t even bother to go to court. They leave it up to the agencies to administer the agency corporate public policy. It is the public policy of that agency to bill you on your promise to perform. If you don’t pay, they follow up on the public policy on notice of default and give you one more chance to pay. Then they proceed to sell the property at a tax auction. They never go to court or appear in court to back up their claim against you.
# Did any of your government-licensed and controlled teachers ever stress THAT YOUR SIGNATURE IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY? Did your government teachers ever tell you, that any time you sign any document, you should sign it “without prejudice”, or with “All Rights Reserved” above your signature? This means you are reserving your God-given unalienable rights (rights which cannot be transferred) and all other rights for which your forefathers died.
# The Corporate U.S. Government provides, or at least pretends to provide, for this reservation of rights under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) at 1-207 and 1-103. You need more information in this area. It is not in the best interest of the United States Corporate “Public” schools to teach you about their bankruptcy proceedings and how they have set the snare to COMPEL YOU INTO PAYING THEIR DEBT! The Corporate “Public” schools are strictly designed for their Corporate citizens/subjects. That is, the Corporate U.S. Public School citizens. Notice all the emphasis on being a “good” citizen.
# Basically, all their teachers and their students are trained to produce labor and material in exchange for valueless green paper called “money”. It is not money! It functions “AS” money. Lawful money must be backed by something of value. Banksters take your labor, services, and material (homes, cars, farms, etc.) in exchange for their valueless corporate paper. This paper is backed only by the “full faith and confidence of the United States Government” (The Mother Corporation).
# The Cover-Up
# There was a deal struck that, if any person who doesn’t have a lawyer to bring a case before the courts, and this person proves the fraud, and speaks the truth about the fraud, the courts are compelled to not allow the case to be cited or published anywhere. The courts cannot afford to have the case freely available in the public archives. This would be evidence of the fraud. This is why you can’t hire an attorney. An Attorney is compelled to uphold the fraud.
# “Trust Me. I am here to help you. I have the government’s permission to practice law. I am a member of the BAR.”
# The attorney is there for ONE reason. That reason is to make sure that the bankruptcy scam (established by the corporate public policy of the corporate Federal Government) is upheld. The lawyer’s will cite no cases for you that will go against the bankruptcy in cooperate public policy. Whatever the lawyers do for you is a bunch of BULL ROAR. The lawyers have to support the bankruptcy and public policy by supporting it, even at your expense. The lawyers can’t go against the corporate Federal Government statutes of implementing, protecting and administrating the bankruptcy.
# For all cases cited, those in the U.S. Code or the state annotated code or any other source, you may be sure that they only selected those cases that support the public policy of bankruptcy. The legal system has to work that way. After the last 30, 40 or 50 years of cases after cases having been decided, based upon upholding the bankruptcy, how could the legal system possibly allow someone to come into court and put in the record substantial information and argument to prove the fraud?
# America has been stolen. We have been made slaves: permanent debtors, bankrupt, in legal incapacity, rendered “commercial persons”, “residents”, and corporate franchisees known as “citizens of the United States” under the so-called “14th Amendment”. Said “Amendment” (which was never ratified – see Congressional Record, June 13, 1967; Dyett v. Turner, (1968) 439 P2d 266, 267; State v. Phillips, (1975) affirmed a citizenship ?.
# The point of this is to inform Americans of their extreme plight. We have no more country. It has been stolen – along with our lives, rights, and property. That is not paranoia, exaggeration, or hyperbole. It is the tragic truth. As a result, all “officials” are either fools or knaves, and they should no longer be complied with, or the System considered legitimate.
# Suggestions For Action –
# 1. Read and learn as much about this subject matter as you can.
# 2. Realize that the Government is the machinery for administering your permanent conquest, plunder, bankruptcy, and enslavement.
# 3. Do not pay any taxes! Every penny you pay in taxes, to your State or the Federal Government, goes to pay the phony, fraudulent “National Debt”, which is unredeemable. Every cent goes to enrich the insatiable coffers of a group of arch-charlatans, who have stolen our country and us along with it. All taxes go to finance America’s plunder and subjugation. Instead of 1040’s or other tax forms, send a copy of the “Public Servants” letter, with a blank tax form.
# The Following Books Will Help You To Understand More –
# 1. U.S. of A. the Republic – How You Lost It, How You Get It Back! by Lee Brobst. $15.00. Address: Agro-Bio Systems, PO Box 1250, Grass Valley, California 95945.
# 2. Conspirator’s Hierarchy – The Committee of 300, by Jack Coleman.
# 3. Secrets of the Federal Reserve (and numerous other books) by Eustace Mullins, Bankers Research Institute, PO Box 1105, Staunton, Virginia.
# Research Materials To Get Copies Of –
# 1. Treaties between the United States and others in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1928 to 1932.
# 2. Minutes of the same meetings as in No. 1, specifically for the year 1930.
# 3. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
# 4. House Joint Resolution No. 192 of June 5, 1933.
# 5. Presidential Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, 6260.
# 6. 31 USC 5112 and 5119, and 12 USC 95a.
# Case Law To Copy –
# Erie R.R. v. Thompkins, (1938)
# Perry v. U.S., (1935) 294 U.S. 330-381, 79 LEd 912
# Dyett v. Turner, (1968) 439 P2d 266, 267
# State of Utah v. Phillips, 540 P.2d 936 (1975)
# Good Links For further Research –
# Queen Elizabeth Controls U.S. Social Security

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Florida’s Official Surrender

This document records the official surrender, on June 7, 1949, of Florida’s third branch of government, the Supreme Court of Florida, to a private professional trade group (formerly known as the Florida State Bar Association – now known as The Florida Bar). This government takeover set the stage for the present day graft and corruption now found in Florida’s judicial system.

  1. Lynn Dartez says:

    We the people have the to power too take down this government and start over! It will take we the people standing together. Charge all the criminals in DC with treason..

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    This is great information! Now we need to get it to our youth so they can learn the truth. God Bless!

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    oops. correction: according to,

    There are more than 86,400 active members of the State Bar of Texas.
    More than 13,700 attorneys are inactive members.
    The State Bar of Texas is the fifth largest bar association in America.

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    Great post – only once concern: lawyers are not licensed. they’re certified by the bar association. Private corporations cannot give license. for example, Texas Department of Insurance issues policyholders’ counselors’ license…a/k/a life and health insurance counselor’s license. i believe that is the only type of license that is issued to “counsel” in law as well as a host of other policies’ safety-nets/insurance and risk exposures that affect our life and health…i.e. taxation, pension plan, estate/trust planning, economics et al. In texas there are only about 530 licensed life and health insurance counselors while there are nearly 180,000 BAR certified attorneys…..

  6. Actual property is placed with all the court as safety for your defendant’s release from custody. This release choice commonly needs prior approval through the magistrate along with a full home profile disclosure like but not minimal to an appraisal. Nearly always, the fairness of the property needs to be twice the quantity on the bail set. It is pretty time consuming rather than supplied because of most states.

  7. Seeing that we already happen to be discussing points regarding Lawyer’s Secret Oath The Betrayed, Positivism places strength on the rules as they are laid down, on the premise that the process of the legislature is the time for challenge and interpretation. Although this may generally be the case, it does throw up some problems in relation to the practical consequences of certain enactments, which reflect better with experience the level of effectiveness. Another feature of the positivist movement is that rather than be guided by moral considerations, the law can be used in certain circumstances to determine what is right and what is wrong, on the basis of its status as in accordance with or against the law. Again this causes problems that have formed the basis of much academic argumentation in the area.

  8. tuxkabin says:

    You finally discovered the real truth.Good for you all. Now that you know that most Lawyers believe to have a legal lic. to steal from us all.
    While they laugh in our faces.

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