Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz

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By Jim O’Neill  Wednesday, April 21, 2010

imageIndividuals Named Below Are Hereby Declared Domestic Enemies Of The United States Of America In Commission Of Treason

[At the end of a rather lengthy list]: [Adm.] Michael Mullins (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff), [Adm.] Gary Roughhead (Chief of Naval Operations), Robert M. Gates (Defense Secretary), [Adm. Ret.] Dennis Blair (National Security Advisor), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives), Joe Biden (purported U.S. Vice President), Barack Hussein Obama (also known as Barry Soetoro, also known as Steve Soetoro), illegal alien, infiltrator, and impostor United States president.


From the Affidavit of Criminal Complaint filed by Walter Fitzpatrick III (Lt. Commander USN Ret.) sworn, signed, and issued Monroe County, Tennessee, 0945, Monday, March 29, 2010

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…. So help me God.”

From the U.S. military Oath of Enlistment

“Presidents and congressmen come and go; our Constitution lasts forever.”

Miles, Olson “Citizens are rising up to defend Constitution

According to the Cornell University Law School website, a person guilty of “misprision of treason” is legally defined as: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same…is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.”

In addition, withholding knowledge of the commission of a felony, is known as “misprision of felony,” and, of course, carries a jail term as well. Identity theft and social security fraud are both considered felonious crimes. If you know of someone who has committed either crime, and you stay silent, you can be prosecuted for misprision of felony.

Obama’s lack of concrete proof for eligibility to be POTUS

“Aiding and abetting,” “collusion,” “misprision…” these and other terms are perhaps of little importance, but the penalties are not.  You might think that more people would be concerned about their participation, either active or inactive, in covering up Obama’s lack of concrete proof for eligibility to be POTUS.

Nonetheless, the Lame Stream Media has been committed to sweeping the issue under the rug since day one. No surprise there, as the media is almost exclusively slanted to the left; the only question is to what degree—hard-core left, or only mildly anti-American.

What has been a surprise, and a disappointing one, is the “roll-over and play dead” acquiescence of the only TV news network that has any claim to journalistic integrity—Fox News.  Sean Hannity has at least kept quiet on the subject, but Bill O’Reilly has been smug, condescending, and dismissive of any attempts to question Obama’s legitimacy to be POTUS.

Most disappointing of all, has been the fact that Glenn “Question with boldness—Hold to the truth—Speak without fear” Beck, has taken the same tack as O’Reilly.

So, the fix is in—across the board. Nobody’s going to ride to our rescue.  It’s up to “we the people”—WE are the cavalry riding to America’s rescue.

The good news is that more people are joining the “cavalry” every day, and far from going away, or being swept under the rug, the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, is growing rapidly into thee cause célébre.

O’Reilly et al. had best decide quickly, just how much egg they want on their faces, and others might want to start looking at their careers, and decide how much longer they’re willing to continue sticking their necks out for a lost cause.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, “Colonel Birther” to the left

Some heartfelt thanks are due to those brave souls who have kept this issue alive, and suffered a torrent of abuse in the process. The names are too numerous to list here individually, but surely a “short list” would include Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Philip Berg (former Deputy Attorney General for Pennsylvania), Walter Fitzpatrick III, and most recently, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin—called “Colonel Birther” by the Left.

Margaret Hemenway, Lt. Col. Lakin’s spokeswoman recently said, “…people continue to be enthralled” by the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. Ms. Hemenway is deadly earnest about defending Lakin, and her comment shouldn’t be misread as making light of the topic. Her comment merely points out that Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS is NOT going to go away because the “powers that be” wish it to, or the Left ridicules the topic.

Seldom will the Left argue the facts straight up—the facts seldom, if ever, favor their position. Instead they throw up straw men, toss out red herrings, and lash out through ad hominem attacks and/or ridicule. A word to the Left—you ridicule Lt. Col. Lakin at your peril—“we the people” will not stand for it.

Lakin’s “issue” with the POTUS is succinctly stated in his official letter to the President: “…until an original birth certificate is brought forward that validates your eligibility and puts to rest the other reasonable questions surrounding your unproven eligibility; I cannot in good conscience obey ANY military orders.”

Man of integrity and honor

Lt. Col. Lakin has a stellar record. According to Ms. Hemenway his record puts him in the top 10% of U.S. Army doctors—he is undoubtedly a bright, articulate, man of integrity and honor. He is a mere couple of years away from being eligible for full retirement—why would he put his entire career on the line, in order to question his CINC’s (Commander IN Chief’s) eligibility?

Because he IS a man of integrity and honor.

If you haven’t yet seen the short video that Lakin made to go with his letter, then I urge you to do so. CJ Graham, a fellow vet, describes Lakin’s facial expression as he makes his statement before the video camera:

“I have seen that look before. It is the look of a man who did not advance enthusiastically to a fight, but did not shirk his responsibility, when the fight was brought to him. …It was the look of a man who knows he has just risked everything he is, all he has stood for, worked for and loved, for his country. A man resolved to the fight, resigned that it must be him, and though he did not seek it out, he would not waver.”

U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General George “Diversity First” Casey, should take note as well. If the Pentagon’s top brass think that Lt. Col. Lakin’s attitude represents only a small minority among the U.S. military, then they need to think again.

According to an article in the “Army Times” this past January, six out of ten military personnel feel “uncertain or pessimistic” about Obama’s role as CINC (survey run by the “Military Times”). One Marine remarked “…nobody has confidence in this guy [Obama] as Commander in Chief.” Many see the current administration and Congress as being rotten to the core, (or in this case, rotten to the Corps).

POTUS has been blatantly hiding his past from the American electorate

Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re not all being treated like mentally challenged six-year-olds, and that it’s out on the table that the current POTUS has been blatantly hiding his past from the American electorate. Let’s also pretend that neither the media, nor our judicial system, find it laughably funny when “we the people” insist on knowing the REAL history of the person running America’s economy, military, and domestic/foreign policies.

Let’s pretend as well, that America is still a republic, ruled by law as filtered through the U.S. Constitution.

If we pretend all those things, then it makes perfect sense to question Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, and expect our concerns to be treated as legitimate, vitally important issues .

Unfortunately, in all too many cases, our legal system has been so twisted and perverted over the years, it no longer represents a republic ruled by law, and “we the people” are being treated like dim-witted, unruly six-year-olds, and mocked and ridiculed by the media, pundits, the judicial system, and politicians.

Speaking of twisted and perverted legal systems, Walter Fitzpatrick III (Lt. Cmdr. Ret USN), who single-handedly took on the U.S. Navy’s courts-martial system, has recently taken on the Tennessee grand jury system as well.  Here and here.

Mr. Fitzpatrick considers the military courts-martial system, and Tennessee’s grand jury system to be rigged, corrupt, and stacked against any honest patriot “playing by the rules.”

Commander Fitz’s experiences, claims, and findings, hold profound implications for anyone who has been court martialed (or faces courts-martial), anyone who has dealt with, or is currently dealing with, a Tennessee grand jury, and those seeking to make Obama accountable for his citizenship.

Commander Fitz’s run-in with the Tennessee legal system began when he attempted to have Obama tried on charges of treason. In the beginning of his case against Obama, Commander Fitz was a lone voice crying in the wilderness, and scant attention was paid to his efforts. Such is no longer the case.

According to law, the grand jury in Monroe County (where Mr. Fitzpatrick has filed his complaints), should convene for no more than a year (two years under exceptional circumstances)—the jury foreman supposedly is limited to the same one or two year time-table. Mr. Fitzpatrick informs me that the current grand jury foreman in Monroe County has been in place for over 27 years.

On April 1, while attempting a citizen’s arrest of Mr. Pettway, the Monroe County jury foreman, for “fraud, treason, and forgery,” Commander Fitz was arrested (“kidnapped” in his words) and held incommunicado in jail for almost a week. He was not Mirandized, or supplied with an attorney.

Most recently, on April 20, Mr. Fitzpatrick had his first day in court since his arrest. At this point Commander Fitz was no longer a lone voice, and people are definitely “sitting up and taking notice.”

According to an email I received from Mr. Fitzpatrick, there were “at least 200 uniformed police present.” There were also helicopters, tactical troops in BDUs, Tennessee State Troopers, and K-9 units. We won’t mention the plainclothes.

I think it’s safe to say that Commander Fitzpatrick has got people’s attention.

Commander Fitz told an assembled crowd of supporters, “It’s just beginning.”


According to Mr. Fitzpatrick, the “Pendleton Eight,” Lt. Behennna, and the three SEALs accused of being too mean to a Muslim terrorist, are victims of military politics, disingenuous propaganda, and corruption within the military legal system. There are, of course, other victims of military injustice.  Here, here, and here

It looks like the American legal system, in and out of the military, might be in need of a thorough washing, and perhaps squeezed through a wringer afterward.

If you would like to help support Commander Fitz, you can find his website at The JAG Hunter—the

I’ll finish by quoting Pastor James Manning, (at the end of a video in support of Commander Fitz).

“Praise God, and Boomshakalaka!” (I’m not sure what the “shakalaka” part means exactly, but I’m sure it doesn’t bode well for certain folks).

Laus Deo!


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