The Long Legged Mac Daddy Motors

Posted: 04/22/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

We Want To Welcome You To The Long Legged Mac Daddy Motors.

If you need it, We don’t have it. If you want it we can’t find it. That’s our moto. We aims to please no body. We also have a not so good reputation on service, we has none. All sale will be final we’s don’t give any monies back. All’s you gots a do is fill out this 200 page form and get it back too us. Soon as you get it back the sooner we can find out if your illegal or not. All illegals get every thing free here at TLLDMD.

Now I would like you to meets one of my number one sells man today. He could sell you a wart off of a frog. Here to bring you the Low Down on what’s happenin Barney (Pimp Daddy).

Hoooo, Yo,Yo, Bro, The low down it be all good main. Let me take you on a walk around the lot homies.Ever one all ways ase me about my bling bling. I says man if you want to know about that I can tell ya. I Tell them I’ll kick your a**. Well you no good blip me out will ya. I’ll show ya *%^$^@#@$#@#$#$@#@!@#$#@$#@. Sorry bout that hom’s.
Take a look at this real beauty.

Hey now Homie that’s not funny she scares me ? Now let’s get down to see what’s really nice vehicle.

Yo, Bro you trying to be funny who’s you think you be man..

A man that’s my ride man your brain fried or some thin.

Long Legged Mac Daddy says, Hold on boy now you getting personal. That’s my ride you ani’t funny.

Our custom care professionals will take care of your vehicles like they are our own.
Jester Joe is in charge of this department.

Jester Joe says,Yes we have a service depart like none other. lets look them at work.

Jester Joe says, Also you can see we careless about you vehicle. Oh no should I have said that?

Pimp Daddy replies, Well homies as you can see in the picture below some kids test drive one of our fine used cars.

Long legged Mac Daddy responds, “As Pimp Daddy said we don’t stand behind what we sale. Soon as you leave the lot your on your own. We reserve the right to not sell to right wing extremist. Also have a few more pictures to show you. I leave you with these words come and see what we have for you while the hard working man will soon pay for your free car. All illegals are welcome. Have no credit we will give as much money as you want.While we drain the American Tax payer of every cent they have.We will also give a social security card too don’t forget your free food stamps and healthcare.”

Also see this fine Vehicle.

Here’s a real clunker.

And also one more Clunker and we are out of here.


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