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By Greg Evensen

April 16, 2010

I am not one to mince words. We are standing on the doorstep at the Memorial to our Republic. The shadow of this great nation is waning and those who have gone before us are standing at attention as the flag draped casket of freedom sets on the horse drawn caisson winding through the streets of eternity. We are watching this tragic and solemn procession while the socialists, communists, leftists, drug dealers, porn kings, illegal aliens, corrupted corporate, pharmaceutical, and banking heads, abortionists and politicians snicker and gloat over their “victory.” We have patiently waited for someone to rescue us and talked this thing to its death. We have run out of time and options. If we have the will, we must now begin the resistance.

At a recent conference, I heard a valiant police trained pastor who specializes in occult crime lead our group through a discussion of EXACTLY why free America is referred to in the past tense. Much of it has to do with politics, treasonous acts of surrender to world forces by the vast majority of elected officials at every level of government. They have been bought off thousands of times and have done so to the complete degeneration of our republic system and the American people.
That alone, calls for a cleaning of the government—top to bottom. The literal handful of legislators across the land who have done the right thing during their tenure should also step aside and allow fresh patriot blood to populate the state and federal government. The same should happen in the judiciary—complete and without exception. Governors are pawns and must retire. Military leadership above the rank of full colonel should also step down. In order to flush this system, ALL elected and appointed positions should be vacated. That is my view. If local folks feel a few should return, that is their choice, but it must be VERY clear that business as usual is a one way ticket out of town. Sheriff’s, police administrators and state police commanders are in this same category. They are “yes” men to conspirators and are incredibly dangerous to moral, constitutional government.

The other side of this dark leadership cadre is the roughly 65 million Americans (200 million worldwide) who participate in some form of “New Age” religion and have sought, tolerated or looked the other way as cults of every kind and persuasion have lured good people to spiritual death. For those of you who do not accept that this is a spiritual battle of the highest order, then stop reading and do something else. Do NOT write and lecture me on the “inappropriate place” I have given this issue within these thoughts. You may hold your view, but understand you are part of the problem. You and the tens of millions of Americans who have chosen to abandon all reason, a selfless lifestyle, and a belief in Godly leadership that translates into trusted leadership. YOU are the reason we have the desolate White House dictatorship that we do, and an idol worshipping Congress that is CONSPIRING to end sovereign America and replace it with rulers that desire Babylon on the Potomac at any cost regardless of our dissent.

All of the defensive plans and instruction in the world will not complete your readiness without spiritual defenses found in Ephesians 6. Do not deceive yourselves into believing that whatever lies in front of us, we are “alone” and without a greater power to see us through.

In Nazi Germany before the outbreak of war, there was an unprecedented outbreak of occult writing. This was followed by a form of worship given by the German people to their new Messiah. Sound familiar? The buildup of the German police state was necessary ONLY to subjugate the citizens and end all forms of dissent. The Reich government was populated with twisted men who held and promoted evil concepts that were directly tied to the occult beliefs of the people and their acceptance of racial superiority as practiced by the SS, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher. My list of Homeland Security and F.E.M.A. personnel reads just as notoriously as does the list above.

Our own SS (Security Services) are a direct link to the need of those in power who MUST at some point; respond to patriotic Americans in the same way the German SS responded to dissenters in Germany and the occupied lands. Their goal was elimination of the protestors not tolerance of their rights to disagree. It is always that way with dictatorships, corrupted governments of any kind, and those who have obtained their position by money or high appointment through sold out philosophies. We are seeing the rise to power of the “defeated” Nazi agenda by those who have given their souls to the world elite driving our destruction using the same methods perfected in Europe. This outcome MUST be different.


Now, what to do? Look, would you allow a gang or a cult to kidnap your two year old daughter for a ritual abuse or sacrifice? Some of you might. I would shoot them dead as hell right then and there. Is what is happening to our nation any different—really? Our children and grandchildren’s future have been taken from them by traitorous, soul selling, nation murdering cultists who care only for their power and feel nothing for the rest of us. It has gone on and on for generations of two party accomplices that talk us into voting for them over and over again. NOT THIS TIME!

I will say it again. Are you of the “left hand path?” Are you a radical Agenda 21 cult leader in your county? Did you rejoice that the “Health Care Bill” was passed on the cultic 3/22 (Skull and Bones Crypt inscription) date? A darkened America engages in black rituals millions of times a year. An evil multiple personality (oppressed or possessed) janitor brings 12 occultists into a church to perform satanic rites between midnight and 3:00am. This is happening across this nation in stupefying numbers while the “church” of God, worries that anything they say may jeopardize their 501 (C)3 status or that the pastor might offend someone by preaching truth and real Scripture—for a change. We have offended God Almighty by our inaction and denial of our sorry state of personal and national sin. Yet, who is left to cry—ENOUGH! ENOUGH! God forgive us—ENOUGH!

America and Congress DO reflect a dark heart and soul. With 53,000 Masonic lodges, more than any total denomination of churches, evil symbiology is abundant on “public” buildings across America. We rejoice in pagan ceremonies that honor any number of dead, baseless religions and will sue to make sure THEY are protected while true, Godly congregations wither and shrink because they are assailed by sodomites, demonic covens, and ritual bearers of the Illuminati carrying the torch that will ignite the next round of persecutions of patriots, constitutionalists and believing Christians.

You see, that is what this government and the security services are gearing up for. It is the shutdown of all things Christian and patriotic. The sole goal is to exterminate the culture of Jesus and His message of triumph, victory and sacrifice for all who will accept and believe on Him.

Those in the corridors of power in America who have sold out to money, position and the plaudits of men, have sacrificed our nation to the powers of darkness so completely that I believe that God has begun to withdraw all possibilities that our nation might be saved. It has come to that point. Whatever fate may await us, we must now begin to fight our way out of the pit. Win or lose, we must not be led into that chamber of death with no option except to die at the hands of murders ordained by Satan himself. I will NOT go that way.

I continue to train groups of real patriotic, principled and mostly Christian people who will not go into eternity to face our forefathers and military heroes who thought that they were fighting for their families, home and a free future. I will die resisting these beasts and their evil plans for a defeated America. That much these evil bastards can count on.

Leaders, please call us to confirm Anthony, Texas, Somerset, Pa., Salt Lake City, Ut., Ruidoso, N.M., and Vermont. Crystal Falls, Mi., is still a training site for this summer as well.

Our final effort to bring you every possible tool to use for your own Castle Defense is now in and being sent out. It is a massive 380 page Castle Defense 3 Instructional Manual that completes our in-field “how to” course. Highly detailed and informative, this five pound, red covered, easy to read and implement book, will give you the best tools available for your use during difficult times. Please check the website for this and other components available to you for the BEST possible combination of bug-out essentials you will find anywhere. We are finished doing DVD’s, and seeking out the products that will get you through the next great crises. Whether or not you want these tools, do something and do it quickly.

The final assault on America is coming. The glue that has held the banks and the government together is gone. My goal is to get through the summer and train those who are scheduled for our efforts. If we make it, the rest of you are on your own……..steady is almost gone as well. Be strong, don’t quit—grab the hand of Jesus while He still has it extended your way. As Winston Churchill said, “It is better to die fighting than to exist as a slave.” Let’s win this war and live again in real freedom.

© 2010 Greg Evensen – All Rights Reserved

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by Paul Joseph Watson

Radio talk show host and former Reagan cabinet advisor Mark Levin has slammed President Obama’s bizarre announcement that he will be sending SWAT teams to deal with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, alleging that the response is part of a plan to grease the skids for government takeover and nationalization of the oil industry.

In a move that has shocked and dumbfounded political observers in equal measure, Obama said yesterday the “Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs.”

Obama has also dispatched Secretaries of Interior and Homeland Security as well as Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency to the site “To ensure that BP and the entire U.S. government is doing everything possible, not just to respond to this incident, but also to determine its cause.”

Reacting to the announcement, Levin expressed his amazement that the Department of the Interior, which he worked under, even had SWAT teams.

Levin labeled the response to the oil spill “a stunner,” asking, “What are these SWAT teams going to do….doesn’t this sound like Hugo Chavez to you – we have an environmental problem, we have a leak, and we’re sending SWAT teams to the platforms and the rigs – SWAT teams are not environmentalist experts, they’re not scientists, they’re not engineers, they’re law enforcement – so why are we sending SWAT teams to all the platforms and rigs in the Gulf of Mexico?”

Levin alleged that the response was a precursor to government nationalization of the oil industry via the back door. “I think those SWAT teams are there in coordination with the attorney general’s office, the Interior Department, Homeland Security, maybe the EPA….to seize records at these sites and to lay the foundation for more government takeover,” he stated.

Levin added that he was stunned with the media’s nonchalant reaction at Obama’s flagrant abuse of power.

“It just stuns me that we’re sending SWAT teams to all platforms and rigs, not ecological experts, not various scientific experts, not engineers – we’re sending SWAT Teams – we don’t even send SWAT teams to the border….you don’t send SWAT teams to rigs in the middle of an environmental problem,” he said.

Levin paraphrased Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s quote about a crisis representing an opportunity, suggesting that the administration is exploiting the accident for political gain.

Levin concluded by pointing out that no government action, regulation, or SWAT team is going to prevent accidents which are inevitable.

As Levin suggested, a move against offshore drilling by oil companies is already in motion. White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod told ABC News, “No additional drilling has been authorized, and none will until we find out what happened here and whether there was something unique and preventable here.”

Listen to the clip via You Tube below.


In 2008, Mexican authorities rejected a shipment of U.S. beef because the meat exceeded Mexico’s regulatory tolerance for copper. The rejected meat was returned to the United States, where it was sold and consumed, because the U.S. has no regulatory threshold for copper in meat.

Incidents like this are why the food safety arm of USDA, known as the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), is under USDA scrutiny. While the public has gotten used to microbes like E. coli and salmonella threatening the nation’s meat supply, and while food safety agencies make food-borne illness a high-profile priority, contamination of meat by heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides has been slipping through the bureaucratic cracks.

Microbial contaminants can be killed by cooking, but chemical residues aren’t destroyed by heat. In fact, some of these residues break down into more dangerous substances when heated, according to the FSIS National Residue Program for Cattle, a recent report by the USDA’s Office of the Inspector General.

The report is full of bad news about the ineffectual attempts that are being made to keep chemical residues out of the food supply, but optimists might point to the report’s tone as a sliver of good news. The report is sharply critical of the efforts to keep our meat free of chemical residues, and shows determination to shore up this gaping hole in food safety.

“… The national residue program is not accomplishing its mission of monitoring the food supply for harmful residues,” the report says, noting that thresholds for many dangerous substances, like copper and dioxin, have yet to be established. “We also found that FSIS does not recall meat adulterated with harmful residues, even when it is aware that the meat has failed its laboratory tests.”

The routes by which veterinary drugs make it into human food trace a disturbing portrait of how large dairy farms operate. Sick dairy cows are given medications to help them recover, but if it appears an animal will die, it’s often sold to a slaughterhouse as quickly as possible, in time to kill it before it dies. That way, “[the dairy farmer] can recoup some of his investment in the animal,” according to the report.

In such cases, medications may be consumed along with the meat. Such drugs include Ivermectin (which can act as a neurotoxin in humans), Flunixin (which can damage kidneys), and penicillin (which can cause life-threatening allergic reactions in some people).

The meat from sick dairy cattle is low-grade, and is usually turned into burger and sold to the sorts of buyers who stretch their dollars furthest, like fast food chains and school lunch programs. But veterinary drugs are also finding their way into an upper echelon of meat: veal.

The milk produced by medicated dairy cows is barred from sale to human consumers — a sensible rule, given the dangers suggested above. Unfortunately, no law prevents this “waste milk” from being fed to veal calves, the meat of which sometimes tests positive for these drugs. As with sick dairy cow meat that tests positive for antibiotics, no measures are taken to recall such veal or penalize the slaughterhouses that produce it. One slaughterhouse, according to the report, amassed 211 violations in 2008 and was still considered by FSIS as a place where contamination “is not reasonably likely to occur.”

Such failings can be traced to a 1984 memorandum of understanding between FDA, FSIS and EPA. These three agencies agreed to appoint senior executives to oversee a group called the Surveillance Advisory Team (SAT). The SAT was supposed to manage interagency collaboration aimed at preventing the entry of chemical residues into the food supply. But according to the recent report, “…high-level officials from the agencies involved do not attend [the annual SAT] meetings, and there is no mechanism for elevating issues, making recommendations, and ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to solve identified problems. Without such a mechanism, many problems requiring interagency coordination have not been dealt with despite the agencies’ awareness of the problems.”

In addition to veterinary drugs and heavy metals, agricultural pesticides also find their way into the meat supply, often through contaminated food and water. While the SAT agencies jointly determine which pesticides should be tested for, it’s the FSIS that actually conducts the tests. In recent years the FSIS has tested for only one of the 23 pesticide classes it is charged with testing for: chlorinated hydrocarbons/chlorinated organophosphates. FSIS blames its limited budget and a lack of guidance as to minimum levels the agency is supposed to enforce. The Office of the Inspector General report dismisses the excuses and calls the oversight unacceptable, saying “the SAT needs to seek executive-level involvement from all three agencies to resolve differences, and, if necessary, to determine the best method for obtaining the needed testing resources to ensure that the highest priority substances are tested.”

Several other chinks in the food supply’s armor are noted as well, including faulty testing methodologies, bureaucratic smothering of innovative testing techniques, and failure of FSIS to share testing results. After raking the muck, the report makes recommendations on how the interagency collaborations behind the SAT could be improved. The report also mentions that the FSIS has agreed to many of its recommendations, such as increasing testing at plants that slaughter veal calves and dairy cows–where 90 percent of the residue violations have been detected.

While the Office of the Inspector General appears to be making a sincere effort to improve the framework that’s supposed to protect our food, it could also be argued that these efforts amount to enabling an industry that remains rotten at its core. Rushing sick cattle to slaughter before they die, or feeding tainted “waste milk” to veal calves, are practices that would be better eliminated than improved, but in fairness that isn’t within the mandate of the OIG to decide. So while improvements appear to be in the works for the production practices behind mystery meat and mystery milk, the system shows little sign of becoming inherently less disgusting. As long as customers keep demanding cheap meat, cheap meat will probably continue to be produced.