Levin: SWAT Team Response To Oil Spill Is Government Takeover Plot

Posted: 05/03/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

by Paul Joseph Watson

Radio talk show host and former Reagan cabinet advisor Mark Levin has slammed President Obama’s bizarre announcement that he will be sending SWAT teams to deal with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, alleging that the response is part of a plan to grease the skids for government takeover and nationalization of the oil industry.

In a move that has shocked and dumbfounded political observers in equal measure, Obama said yesterday the “Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs.”

Obama has also dispatched Secretaries of Interior and Homeland Security as well as Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency to the site “To ensure that BP and the entire U.S. government is doing everything possible, not just to respond to this incident, but also to determine its cause.”

Reacting to the announcement, Levin expressed his amazement that the Department of the Interior, which he worked under, even had SWAT teams.

Levin labeled the response to the oil spill “a stunner,” asking, “What are these SWAT teams going to do….doesn’t this sound like Hugo Chavez to you – we have an environmental problem, we have a leak, and we’re sending SWAT teams to the platforms and the rigs – SWAT teams are not environmentalist experts, they’re not scientists, they’re not engineers, they’re law enforcement – so why are we sending SWAT teams to all the platforms and rigs in the Gulf of Mexico?”

Levin alleged that the response was a precursor to government nationalization of the oil industry via the back door. “I think those SWAT teams are there in coordination with the attorney general’s office, the Interior Department, Homeland Security, maybe the EPA….to seize records at these sites and to lay the foundation for more government takeover,” he stated.

Levin added that he was stunned with the media’s nonchalant reaction at Obama’s flagrant abuse of power.

“It just stuns me that we’re sending SWAT teams to all platforms and rigs, not ecological experts, not various scientific experts, not engineers – we’re sending SWAT Teams – we don’t even send SWAT teams to the border….you don’t send SWAT teams to rigs in the middle of an environmental problem,” he said.

Levin paraphrased Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s quote about a crisis representing an opportunity, suggesting that the administration is exploiting the accident for political gain.

Levin concluded by pointing out that no government action, regulation, or SWAT team is going to prevent accidents which are inevitable.

As Levin suggested, a move against offshore drilling by oil companies is already in motion. White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod told ABC News, “No additional drilling has been authorized, and none will until we find out what happened here and whether there was something unique and preventable here.”

Listen to the clip via You Tube below.

  1. I for one was totally behind the new Democratic government thinking that there was going to be some action taken to solve a lot of our economic, social & pollution of our environment.
    My main interests were the ending the military takeover & occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan. The entire event, as well as many more situations that have occured, with little or no action taken since the start of our new Democratic government has made me a little weary of my choices that I made to assume that the new Democratic government would take action to stop these military actions that I believe are illegal for our nation to do. This I believe also would also include enforcing an existing law that says any business that is owned by a Leading Politician in our government shall not make a profit from doing business from any type of business from or during a war. I believe this was also an international law that was created and enforced by the NATO Org. against the Krupp family and the Rothschild family concerning making a profit from WWI & II whereby they manufactured much of the weaponry and supplies which the old addage that my Grandpa George had, stating; an “Army marches on its stomach”.

    As I recently found out, the entire “Government takeover” or more precisely, taken over by the secret government takeovers by the socalled “New World Order”, actually started back in the ’60’s with the murders of the Kennedys and the beginning of the hostileties for the government takeovers when Nixon came in to power and started the new FCC takeover of the news organizations of TV, Newspapers & Radio. We, as American citizens, had no idea just how bad that move would be. As we soon came to realize, the serious situation of control over what the American people are allowed to see on the news began then. Virtually everything we saw in the news was geared for US Government takeover by large business interests, not to even mention the fact that these big business interests, along with their lobbyists, were paid to sell, or allow, bad or inferior products to the American public. Their control over the adds that advertise foods, additives, drugs, alcohol, etc., were also controlled information. This is so the American public would be swayed to, not only buy inferior products, but to focuss on events created, or that happened, was emphasized in the news to draw attention away from the real problems that were plagueing our nation. The Special Interest & Lobby groups, Military Industrial Establishments, and all owners of the existing technology took advantage of the “controlled” news sources that were set up just for them to do just that.

    I am speaking out for American Technology and Inventors that used to be the proud Americans with an affinity towards good old “Yankee Ingenuity” that has always kept America strong. Now, with controlling what everyone sees on TV everynight, or anything they read in the newspapers, American citizens are constantly getting their attention diverted, either away from, or towards, the oil/rocket products and political events and so forth.

    We haven’t sponsored anything new in the R&D level of business here in America, or with new research, in over a decade now. Only the R&D technology that are known to work received any funding. This is all for the benefit for the “Powers that be” and the perpetuation of existing current technology. To heck with any new or competing technology! We are stuck with the same old Industrial products where anything that is new or competes with the existing bussiness products & services won’t be shown by the TV or Newspapers or heard on the radio. They monitor all news & information in the guise of, or with their thought of, keeping Americans safe from being “taken” by scammers trying to push bad products or technology on the American public. Thats their excuse to monitor what they want us to see anyway.

    The latest news release from NASA, who never stops keeping me from the realization of their backward & controlled government system, never ceases to amaze me. As my Sister told me recently, that her and my Brother-in-Law saw in the news, that NASA is still, to this day, using “Whale Oil” to lubricate their rockets. This is not surprizing to me. With their strictly controlled organization controlled by the same Oil/Rocket contractors they’ve had for years. To heck with anything new! Such as our proposed Aerospace Propulsion system design that we have been trying for years to get support from our government organizations & contractors with various grants, etc., is an internationally patented, all-electric system and supported by the top world-class scientists and organizations. The fact that they can sponsor various projects such as the completely ridiculous, 100 mile wide “Solar Sail” propulsion system design, that still would take us 100 Light years just to reach the nearest star? What? With all the comets and space debris flying around in space how do they keep from getting the sail from being destroyed or holes punched in the sail? Yet they won’t even allow any magazines or any news sources for that matter, have anything to do with our so called design they keep saying is a sci fi phoney! Then the topper is their never ending or continuing statement; “We will never see anything related to this technology, that is to advanced, in our lifetime!

    They will say anything to put down or describe any competing design of new energy or propulsion systems. Concerning their treatment of the design that I have tried for years to get their acceptance of our project proposals to no avail. I recently found out that we aren’t the only competing or non-acceptable designs that have been shunned by their organization. Our attempts at acquiring funding or even getting attention concerning our Internationally patented Aerospace Laser Propulsion system wasn’t just turned down for acceptance for any interest in our proposals. Members of these government contracting organizations went the extra mile to put down or bad mouth our design with absolute Slanderous & libelous lies, saying things like; my co-inventor and I are “criminals” and that our firm Unitel, Inc. is a “fraud” to anyone concerned in the entire world and get away with it! I have proof of these damaging statements with various witnesses included where I have tried to get the US Attorney’s Office to look into the matter and got no where. The government Dept., or organization that controls what is allowed to be read, seen or heard, or even broadcast to the American public from the TV, radio, newspapers & magazines. This includes any films digitally streamed on the Internet or discussed anywhere else. Even our technology concerning Quantum Computers and our patented QC design called the “HOLO-1” system, has been banned from being shown or broadcast in the news along with the Israeli’s Weismann Inst. & EIQC QC system, because it would cause panic in our society and disrupt business here in the US. A well known Physicist in the San Francisco area kept at them to admit that they banned our QC technology here in the US, which they finally admitted. If the government agency we applied for a grant from, would have sponsored our Proposed Project of our QC System, with well known world class University Labs and other manufacturers of the hardware & software design for HOLO-1, listed on our contract proposal, our military would not had to deal with the problem of the Chinese military hacking into our Pentagon files. The first incident that occurred (lasting over a week) last year, and again on one day last summer, would have never happened if they had our HOLO-1 QC. Why? because a QC system cannot be hacked. Safety is one of the attributes of our QC HOLO-1 system design that we had to offer, was turned down by the government agency that we applied for a grant to acquire funding to build & test our prototype of HOLO-1 system. This is because it is impossible to have a third party read the message because it will automatically destroy itself (message). This is a well known fact concerning QCs. The other great attribute is that a QC system is way more powerful with the capability to hold a much larger amount of information than a standard chip computer has. They also are much faster than a standard computer. For instance: It would take a standard computer 100 years to break the “Enigma Code” that the Axis countries used in WWII. It would only take a QC system like we had to offer which would take only 12 milliseconds to crack the code in comparison.

    I suppose to surmise the whole situation with our government as it is today; is to stop their empty promisses they continually tell us that they are taking action on solving the problems that have plagued the American citizens for over a decade. They continually instigate group meetings and so-called group telephone and/or Internet conversations with the President which no-one can actually ask anything accept a few selected persons they had chosen supposedly to ask President Obama or another member of his staff or from the Democratic party, questions concerning the current problems our nation is currently, and has been facing for many years. To me it is rather obvious that they pre-selected these people to ask these questions to begin with. That is nothing but the same tactics used by the Republicans. They even had hidden teams of crowd watchers so they can escort any trouble makers out of the room where the lectures were given for instance. this was rather evident when this couple had taken off their shirts to reveal a shirt hidden or covered up beneath it that read “Impeach Bush”. The couple were quickly spotted and escorted out of the building. This reveals to me that the new Administration is just another extension of the same lying stuff that roles out of their mouths that is what the public wants to hear but taking any action is nearly non-existant. I have tried and tried to get an audience with any of the new Administration and got absolutely nowhere. I even went to the Democratic Party ffice here in Portland and asked them to deliver a copy of our tech book: “Laser Propulsion” which the lady secretary said that she would make sure the book and other materials were delivered to President Obama. I have not heard anything from Pres. Obama or anyone else concerning our proposed projects and designs. Its kind of funny that I along with our Associate Paul kirsch in Santa Barbara, CA sent materials and a book to California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger and recieved a very positive reply from him. I also have several copies from our former Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield, who also was a Republican. He tried very hard to help us when our Attorney back then Ken Schumann, asked Sen. Hartfield to help us deal with the DoD, which he actually did go way out of his way to help us in whatever way he could. Unfortunately I ran across an old Official warning by the Oregon SEC Agent to not show copies of anything Sen. Hatfield sent us or anything that former Dean of Business School at the U of O, Eugene sent us as well. This fiasco all started when I had met with Score Rep. who told me that it was okay to sell stock without an expensive Prospectus which admittedly the person at Score that I met with that gave me the wrong information was willing to testify on our behalf that it was his fault giving me the wrong info. I was moved by his honesty and we did not sue Score for that particular fiasco and we were fined and warned not to sell any more stock. To me, this was another move to eliminate us from getting anywhere with our technology proposals here in the US. To save any of our esteemed, world class Associates listed on our contract proposals I omitted their names along with the only political persons to help us get funding and help us out with our business & technical proposals. We are also well aware that our government is still using our “mistake” against us. The remainder of our small investors have stayed with us through all the years of bad economy and failures. It is also well known that our former contractors and scientific people and firms have made it to currently be accepted as the tops in their fields of endeavor. Perhaps someday we will get help from a political person to evaluate our technology and efforts to take makind to explore Spacetime much like the popular TV show “Star Trek” to bring this technology to fruition and allow the “Yankee Ingenuity” to keep us on top of the advancements in technology. We have been and still are willing to debate the feasibility of our Quantum Technology applications in any open public forum. Of course when we ever get any approval from our government leaders to see the feasibility and say “why not?” like our former beloved President John F. Kennedy said so long ago when he gave his famous speech in Berlin concerning the search for a real way to explore the stars in space.

  2. tpgow says:

    My personal opinion is that it was government sabotage, to Nationalize The Oil Companys and never drill on our soil and get our natural resoucers. Obama said he wanted gas at $8.00 a gallon. It’s on it’s way people. mark my words. My daughter just returned from Holland and gas is $8.00 a gallon and only the rich have cars. The whole country rides Bicycles and Ray La Hood already made that statement for energy saving in the USA. We are not being taken over, We have been took

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