Obama “Madoff” with our tax dollars

Posted: 05/19/2010 by Lynn Dartez in CFP

By Neil Braithwaite  Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don’t you just love it when “rich” executives get implicated in corporate scandals and the media starts asking obvious questions like: Didn’t anyone see this coming? Who is responsible for watching these guys? And, why weren’t they caught sooner?

While this scenario seems to play out every several years or so, the tale of Bernie Madoff and his billion-dollar Ponzi scheme seems to have topped them all.

It was reported that when questioned in federal prison by a group of lawyers about his Ponzi scheme, Bernie Madoff said, “I’m surprised I wasn’t caught sooner.” Madoff went on to say that on several occasions when he met with the SEC he thought, “They got me.”

Madoff’s confessions present the best insight of how someone carries-off such an enormous Ponzi scheme right under the noses of family, friends, employees, business associates and state and federal regulators.

It should give every American pause when they consider that Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was enabled not only because a number of highly trained professionals missed so many obvious signs, but also because many of Madoff’s powerful connections actually turned a blind eye to the facts regarding his illegal financial endeavors.

What we had in Bernie Madoff was a well-connected financial guru, who for all intents and purposes could do no wrong. Included among those who believed Madoff could do no wrong were: Madoff’s loyal employees, the financial establishment (including the SEC), the United States Congress (including his buddy Sen. Chuck Schumer), many prominent business executives and a large social network of rich ultra elites.

What we have in Barack Obama, is an American President pushing billion dollar financial policies that exhibit many of the same characteristics of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Similar to Madoff’s powerful elite and business establishment connections, President Obama has many powerful and loyal connections in both business and government as well, many of who are clearly overlooking obvious signs of trouble, with some even turning a blind eye to the facts regarding the President’s financial policies.

Within President Obama’s sphere of influence he, like Madoff, seems to do no wrong. Included among those who believe President Obama can do no wrong are: The entire liberal media, the Obama administration, 57 Democrat United States Senators, 254 Democrat United States Congress members, 28 Democrat State Governors, and upwards of 53% of the American electorate.

After all, President Obama is young, he’s cool, he’s been called the smartest person on the planet, and he was elected President of the United States. So why would anyone ever suspect this upstanding and well-connected young President of any wrongdoing?

While Madoff took billions of dollars from people and told them he was “investing” it on their behalf, and that the returns would be well above average, President Obama took billions of taxpayer dollars and told people it was an “investment” in jobs and the economy, and that the returns would be well above average.

The problem is, the multi-billion dollar investment and the big payoff President Obama promised the American taxpayers has not paid out—just like Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. And the billions of taxpayer dollars President Obama told America he needed immediately to “fix the economy” have been all but lost on what can only be defined as the “biggest ponzi scheme” since Bernie Madoff.

On the other hand, while Bernie Madoff was a smart enough captain to understand that his ship that would eventually hit an iceberg and go the way of the Titantic, Captain Obama isn’t quite bright enough to figure out that his minimal nautical charting skills are heading America toward the same fate as the SS Madoff.

On the contrary, believing his financial policies are unsinkable, President Obama’s ship of fools has been heading full speed into uncharted iceberg filled waters since his election. Even his most basic nautical charting skills should tell Captain Obama that it’s only a matter time before he runs full speed into an iceberg, sending America down faster than you can say, “man overboard.”

Unfortunately, America will continue on its perilous voyage into those uncharted iceberg filled waters because many of its citizens, business leaders, liberal media members, elected Democrat representatives and the liberal elite at large have been duped into believing President Obama and are willing to turn a blind eye to their savior’s obvious Ponzi scheme.

For the rest of us Americans who have caught on to President Obama’s Ponzi scheme, we need to make darn sure our voices are heard loud and clear this November so we can get America’s ship of state headed back on course and into safer waters.


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