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More Obama Well Sabotage Thanks Longknife

Posted: 05/30/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Lame Cherry

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The lies of Obama concerning his Gulf Oil Slick staged event are coming out and proving the first assessment of this blog correct.

We now know that the original “methane ice” event was so bogus that it is the fecal matter from every bull ever producing poop in the world.

For the facts, Obama’s BP which he was in cahoots with over the Libyan terror release for oil wells there, was ordering the Transocean rig staff to remove the heavy drilling oil to be pumped out of the shaft and replaced with saltwater.

There was a tremendous fight on this oil rig over this and Obama’s BP representative won the fight to set the stage which caused the deaths of Americans, blew up this rig and is now polluting the Gulf Coast.

The evidence now points to criminal homicide as everyone knew this was a high pressure gas well, which if the heavy drilling oil was removed before it was completely capped would blow the saltwater out of the shaft in exactly the manner it did.
This would be followed by crude oil in a geyser and a tanker size cloud of natural gas which would ignite, which it did.

None of this was by chance. Every single safeguard on this rig was terminated and in the final pyrotechnic show, BP ordered the literal gassing of that oil rig as certain as if he opened a valve into a house and then lit a match to blow it up.

It appears Swiss Transocean had no knowledge of this Obama operation. I do not even believe the “Americans” of BP were aware of what was being undertaken as they almost were murdered too.
This was played close to the vest and key inspectors and key BP executives in league with Obama set the stage to detonate this rig and pollute the Gulf so America would be buying foreign oil and not American oil.

It is not in the least hard to connect the dots on staged events as they are deliberate and fill history. B. Hussein Obama is revealed as a knowing conspirator in this, by his absolute dithering in this just like telling American Soldiers to not even have their firearms loaded in Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama implements a policy of “exploration” for oil and within weeks an Obama connected BP rig blows up after every safety measure is shut down and the way to turn it into an environmental bomb is initiated deliberately by a BP “company man”.


Rig workers regularly conducted safety drills, and sometimes lowered empty lifeboats to the water for practice, but the tests almost always occurred at the same time, Sunday mornings, and never at night, Mr. Brown said.

He said some people were unaccounted for, and he wasn’t sure anyone went to look for them.

Why would they go looking for them? They were witnesses to ecological terrorism and needed to be silenced just like the Branch Davidians were burned alive to silence them.

This was planned. It was sabotage. It was deliberate and it is murder with crimes against the entire ecological world.

Katrina was nature generated. The Gulf Oil Disaster was Obama generated.

The evidence can not be denied.