Bus-bound PR Press Poolies Miss the Boat in Chicago

Posted: 05/31/2010 by Lynn Dartez in CFP

By Judi McLeod  Monday, May 31, 2010

imageQuestion to the Press Poolies holed up in a bus in front of Marty Nesbitt’s mansion yesterday: Where was the big welcome to the returning Son-of-Chicago President Barack Obama?

Co-poolies: Did you see one Welcome Home banner, any balloons, a marching band with fifes and drums? Anything to indicate that Chicagoans were happy to have the Obamas back?

Strange homecoming indeed for the Obama family in Chicago together for the first time in the last year and a half and a far cry from Election Night at Grant Park.

Did you find out anything other than while the Obamas were barbecuing at Marty’s, the mansion next door is home to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan?

Did you devise a way to see who might be slipping through the back door, or were you all too hot and bothered in your Secret Service protected bus?

We weren’t hoping for any poolies to go scouting for DNA from the prez’s martini glass, just why Obama would head straight for buddy territory at Nesbitt’s.

Since it was hardly likely that Farrakhan’s 22 bodyguards could do you any real harm, why the unidentified co-pooler blow-by-blow timeline on the Drudge Report this morning?

You made it sound as though Motown Baptist minister and Pool Report reader Rev. Gary Hunter saved you from ravening wolves.

Do we have any proof that while you were fending off his “machismo” bodyguards that Farrakhan didn’t slip into the POTUS barbecue through the back door?

Searching the address of the house next door via Google and finding notfortourists.com and taxexemptworld.com is something any teenager could do from his family’s basement.  That’s as much ingenuity you could come up with?

Now that we know that you can use search engines, how about using it to investigate Obama’s mysterious past?

It was you press poolers who got all the attention to the macho bodyguards, making it appear that you needed rescuing by the Secret Service.

Did you ever stop and think that the bodyguards were providing a distraction to keep you from knowing who was at the barbecue at Marty’s?

When the bodyguards told the Secret Service they did not know Obama was at Nesbitt’s, did you ever wonder how this was even possible.  Nesbitt did not do the neighbourly thing and tip off Farrakhan that POTUS would be there?
My journalistically naive IT Guy asks: “Isn’t it the first rule of journalism not to make yourself the story?”

Meanwhile, oh the horrors of having to report on the President of the USA from a Secret Service-protected bus in a 90+degree not-so-windy Chicago.

  1. ILoveAmerica says:

    Oh I’m sure Farrakhan showed up and was warmly greeted by our wonderful POTUS. The guest list probably also included Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, and of course Tony Rezko.

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