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Portland woman says Al Gore groped her in hotel room

Posted: 06/24/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011
Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 9:45 PM
dated: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 8:55 AM

A Portland massage therapist gave local police a detailed statement last year alleging that former Vice President Al Gore groped her, kissed her and made unwanted sexual advances during a late-night massage session in October 2006 in a suite at the upscale Hotel Lucia.

The woman told investigators that she informed two friends and kept the clothes she wore that night, including her black pants with stains on them. But Portland police didn’t contact any of the woman’s friends, obtain the potential evidence or interview anyone at the hotel, records show.

“The case was not investigated any further because detectives concluded there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a prepared statement Wednesday, responding to inquiries from all over the world after the National Enquirer broke the story on its website.

In her detailed Jan. 8, 2009, statement to a Portland sexual assault investigator, the woman said she was called to the hotel about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 24, 2006, to provide a massage for Gore, who was registered under the name “Mr. Stone.” Once inside his ninth-floor suite, she said he pushed her hand to his groin, fondled her buttocks and breasts, tongue-kissed her and threw her down on the bed as she tried to thwart his advances.

She also said Gore had finished a beer and opened a bottle of Grand Marnier while she was in the room.

While the Police Bureau considers it a closed case, it said it would reopen it if new evidence is received.

Portland police spokeswoman Detective Mary Wheat said police didn’t go to the hotel or talk to the woman’s friends because it wouldn’t help prove or disprove the woman’s allegations.

“We’re not disputing Al Gore was in the hotel room with this woman,” Wheat said. “The two people in that room were Mr. Gore and this woman. If a bellhop came in and saw something, that would be different.”

The Multnomah County district attorney’s office was aware that the woman’s attorney filed a complaint with police about two months after the encounter, but the woman didn’t show up for three scheduled interviews with police investigators. At that time, police were told the woman didn’t want to proceed with a criminal case and would pursue a civil case instead.

Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk said Wednesday that his office was not informed that Portland police had taken another statement from the massage therapist in 2009 and only received those reports once the National Enquirer story broke.

“If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution, additional investigation by the Bureau will be necessary and will be discussed with the Portland Police Bureau,” Schrunk said in a prepared release.

Gore family spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said the former vice president has no comment. Gore and his wife, Tipper, announced June 1 they were separating.

The 54-year-old massage therapist, who lives in Southeast Portland, refused to talk to a reporter from The Oregonian when approached Wednesday afternoon. She emerged from her home about 4:30 p.m. wearing a large floppy hat and sunglasses and was accompanied by a young man, who was carrying a bag. The two drove away in a car with Washington license plates.

According to a lengthy transcript of the woman’s Jan. 8, 2009, statement to a Portland detective, the therapist said she arrived in the suite about 11 p.m. Earlier that evening, Gore addressed a near-capacity crowd in the Rose Garden’s Theater of the Clouds, telling the audience that man-made global climate change is the most important moral challenge of our time. She said Gore changed into a bathrobe, spoke of his grueling travel schedule and need to relax and told her to call him “Al.”

While giving Gore an abdominal massage, she said he demanded that she go lower and soon grabbed her right hand and shoved it under the sheet.

“I felt like I was dancing on the edge of a razor,” she told Detective Molly Daul.

She tried to use an acupressure technique to relax Gore and thought she may have nearly put him to sleep. She went into the bathroom to wash up and came out to pack up.

That’s when, she says, Gore wrapped her in an “inescapable embrace” and fondled her back, buttocks and breasts as she was trying to break down her massage table.

She called him a “crazed sex poodle” and tried to distract him, pointing out a box of Moonstruck chocolates on a nearby table. He went for the chocolates and then offered her some, cornering her, fondling her and shoving his tongue in her mouth to french kiss as he pressed against her.

She said he tried to pull her camisole strap down.

She said she told him to stop it. “I was distressed, shocked and terrified.”

She said she was intimidated by his physical size, calling him “rotund,” described his “violent temper, dictatorial, commanding attitude” — what she termed a contrast from his “Mr. Smiley global-warming concern persona.”

Later, she said, he tried to lure her into the bedroom to hear pop star Pink’s “Dear Mr. President” on his iPod dock. She said Gore sat on one end of the bed and motioned for her to join him.

Suddenly, she said, he “flipped me on my back, threw his whole body face down over a top me, pinning me down.”

She said she loudly protested, “Get off me, you big lummox!”

The therapist said she injured her left leg and knee and sought medical care for several months.

The therapist later told detectives she did not call the police because she was afraid she wouldn’t be believed. “I deeply feared being made into a public spectacle and my work reputation being destroyed,” she said.

As it was, she said, even friends of hers who had voted for Gore didn’t necessarily support her. She did call the Portland Women’s Crisis Line, which encouraged her to call police.

She told detectives last year that she was not out for money but only wants “justice.”

“He should not get a free pass merely because of his position. People in power are not to be given a license to behave in ways that the rest of us are not.”

Randall Vogt, a Pearl District attorney who specializes in sexual misconduct cases, said he represented the massage therapist in 2006. “That file was closed and put to bed and forgotten,” Vogt said. “She and I parted on friendly terms as best I can recall.” He was not aware that his former client reactivated her claims against Gore last year.

Wheat said police didn’t investigate the woman’s 2009 statement further because “they didn’t feel there was any additional evidence that would change what they saw in 2006.” That’s also why the police didn’t consult with the district attorney’s office about the 2009 statement, she said. Wheat added that the woman received a lot of attention from police and a victim’s advocate, who made sure she had counseling.

In 2007 or 2008, then-Portland Tribune reporter Nick Budnick made a public records request and obtained the Portland police report, but the newspaper did not run a story.

Mark Garber, the Tribune’s editor-in-chief, said the woman was not willing to talk on the record or press charges and the paper considered the time lapse between the incident and when the paper received the police report. “In the end, we decided not to proceed with a story that we could not document,” Garber said.

The statute of limitations for third-degree sex abuse, which is the classification Portland police gave to the complaint in 2006 and 2007, is four years after the commission of the crime. However, if the accused is not an inhabitant or usually a resident in the state, then the statute of limitations is extended for a maximum of three years. So, in this case, the statute of limitations would not run out until 2013. No civil suit had been filed.

Maxine Bernstein

Helen Jung, Kimberly Wilson and Lynne Terry contributed to this report.

Original Portland Police Bureau report

Portland Police 2009 investigative report


Too Small To Matter

Posted: 06/24/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Land of The Free
by Jim Quinn
by Jim Quinn
Recently by Jim Quinn: Two Decades of Greed – The Unraveling

As I watched the documentary GASLAND last night on HBO my blood began to boil. I’m sure my blood pressure went up dramatically during the 1 hour and 40 minute film. After watching our corrupt government decide that the biggest baddest banks on the planet were too big to fail over the last two years and giving my children’s and their children’s money to these behemoth criminal enterprises, I was not surprised to see poor working class Americans treated like dirt by these same corrupt politicians. Big corporations can buy off politicians to ensure profits. The “small people,” as the Chairman of BP likes to call them, are expendable and can be ignored. They are too small to matter.

Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton from 1995 until 2000, when he became VP of the United States. Halliburton had invented a new process for extracting natural gas from shale formations. The Halliburton-developed drilling technology of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a “Saudi Arabia of natural gas” just beneath us.

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a means of natural gas extraction employed in deep natural gas well drilling. Once a well is drilled, millions of gallons of water, sand and proprietary chemicals are injected, under high pressure, into a well. The pressure fractures the shale and props open fissures that enable natural gas to flow more freely out of the well. Horizontal hydrofracking is a means of tapping shale deposits containing natural gas that were previously inaccessible by conventional drilling. Vertical hydrofracking is used to extend the life of an existing well once its productivity starts to run out, sort of a last resort. Horizontal fracking differs in that it uses a mixture of 596 chemicals, many of them proprietary, and millions of gallons of water per frack. This water then becomes contaminated and must be cleaned and disposed of.

This new process opened up much of the US to drilling for natural gas. Every big oil and gas company in America was falling all over themselves to buy up the land rights for drilling. Chesapeake, Encana, Cabot, etc. saw big dollar signs. This is where the story gets interesting. George Bush signed a new energy bill into law in 2005. A loophole was inserted into the bill regarding fracking. The Bush/Cheney Energy Bill exempted natural gas drilling from the Safe Drinking Water Act. It exempts companies from disclosing the chemicals used during hydraulic fracturing. Essentially, the provision took the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) off the job. It is now commonly referred to as the Halliburton Loophole.

The industry insists that fracking is safe and does not contaminate drinking water. Why would they need an exemption from the Safe Water Drinking Act if their process doesn’t contaminate drinking water? Did the American public benefit from this loophole? The loophole benefitted Halliburton and the massive gas corporations. This jump-started a phenomenal boom in 37 states. My state of PA sits on top of the Marcellus Shale formation. Northern and Western PA are undergoing a drilling boom.

Now the inconvenient truth. The process of capturing this natural gas has consequences:

  • The average well is up to 8,000 feet deep. The depth of drinking water aquifers is about 1,000 feet. The problems typically stem from poor cement well casings that leak natural gas as well as fracking fluid into water wells.
  • Generally 1 to 8 million gallons of water may be used to frack a well. A well may be fracked up to 18 times.
  • For each frack, 80–300 tons of chemicals may be used. Presently, the natural gas industry does not have to disclose the chemicals used, but scientists have identified volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene.
  • The gas comes up wet in produced water and has to be separated from the wastewater on the surface. Only 30–50% of the water is typically recovered from a well. This wastewater can be highly toxic.
  • Evaporators evaporate off VOCs and condensate tanks steam off VOCs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The wastewater is then trucked to water treatment facilities.
  • As the VOCs are evaporated and come into contact with diesel exhaust from trucks and generators at the well site, ground level ozone is produced. Ozone plumes can travel up to 250 miles.

Since the process is “safe” according to the gas industry, they lease the land from the occupants and drill in people’s front and back yards while the residents continue to live on the property. If the process wasn’t safe, these companies would have to negotiate a purchase price for all the land. This would decrease their profits significantly. Josh Fox lives in a small PA town that sits atop the Marcellus Shale. He received a lease proposal that would have paid him $100,000 if he allowed the company to drill on his property. He decided to find out if the process was indeed safe. He went to a neighboring town where drilling was already being done. He found poor people getting sick. Their drinking water was contaminated and brown. He met people who could light their tap water on fire. The mega-corporations doing the drilling insisted that it wasn’t their fault. Josh then went on a whirl-wind tour of the U.S. to see if these problems existed in other parts of the country. The journey was painful to watch. Homeowner after homeowner detailed sicknesses, brain lesions, aches, cancer and horrific smells and air pollution. Multiple people demonstrated the ability to set their tap water on fire.

As I watched the film, it was clear that there are many parallels to the BP disaster in the Gulf. Corporate fascism rules America. Corporations spend billions to generate legislation which benefits their bottom lines. Their lobbyists write the legislation and bribe the corrupt Washington politicians. The American people suffer. The documentary GASLAND leads me to the following conclusions:

  1. Mega corporations are not inherently evil, immoral, or greedy. The men who run the Mega corporations are evil, immoral and greedy. EPS, profits, and bonuses are what drive corporate executives.
  2. Mega corporations use their political connections, highly paid lobbyists, and vast financial resources to steer legislation in order to reap greater profits.
  3. The people that Josh Fox profiles in his film are poor, uneducated, hard working, and helpless. They are no match for a big corporation. They don’t have the financial resources to fight a corporation with thousands of lawyers and billions of dollars.
  4. Corporations see the “small people” as just another cost of doing business. The deaths of some uneducated country folk are inconsequential to the Harvard MBAs running corporate America.
  5. The gas drilling companies have a checklist on how to rape and pillage the land.
    • They low-ball the country bumpkins who occupy the land for the drilling rights.
    • They promise that the fracking process is safe.
    • When they contaminate the wells and people complain, they deny it was their fault.
    • If the complaints persist, they agree to pay for the well water being cleaned.
    • If this doesn’t work, they pay the occupants a lump sum of money and make them sign a legal document saying they can’t speak about the issue with anyone.
    • When people begin to die, they put their high-powered legal teams into action fighting every charge until the victim gives up.
  6. The Federal and State regulators of the gas industry have been instructed by their politician bosses that the benefit of the doubt should always be given to the corporations. They generate the tax revenue. They generate the jobs. They make the political contributions. The people drinking the contaminated water can’t have any impact on a politician’s re-election.

The unholy alliance between Big Business and Big Government is destroying this country. The “small people” do matter. The time is approaching when the little guy is going to rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs. Some people are waking up. Some people are getting angry. Some people care about the future of this country.

If you want to get angry, tune into GASLAND on HBO this month.

June 24, 2010

Jim Quinn [send him mail] is Senior Director of Strategic Planning at an Ivy League university. This article reflects the personal views of Jim Quinn. It does not necessarily represent the views of his employer, and is not sponsored or endorsed by them.

Copyright © 2010 James Quinn

General McChrystal Vs. General Biden?

Posted: 06/24/2010 by Lynn Dartez in CFP

By Yomin Postelnik  Thursday, June 24, 2010

When the actions of the federal government directly affect the economic well being of Americans in every state, their quality of life or their national security, it is the job of local leaders to speak up and to propose sound solutions.  This is especially true in the face of one of the most out of control administrations that our nation has ever seen, one that has jeopardized both our economy and America’s national security as no administration ever has before.

Yesterday’s actions were especially shocking.  Barack Obama summarily dismissed a Four Star General and Commander of US Forces on what is now the central battlefield in the War on Terror.  (I know, there is no “War on Terror.”  Tell that to the terrorists.)

McChrystal was not dismissed because of any issue regarding his leadership.  Indeed, all seem to agree that Gen. McChrysal was a fine commander.  What Gen. McChrystal was fired for was (among other actions that only befit an intelligent military commander) his failure to listen to Joe Biden on military strategy.

Again, Barack Obama dismissed 4 Star General Stanley A. McChrystal, Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, for not listening to Joe Biden on military strategy!

General McChrystal was chosen for his position because he speaks his mind, especially when it comes to winning and to taking care of his troops.  And he was fired for speaking his mind when it comes to winning and to taking care of his troops.

In the course of 17 hapless months, the Obama administration has wreaked havoc on our currency by printing trillions of dollars in new currency, it has made America less safe by kowtowing to terrorists, and it has harmed our international standing by propping up leftist brutes like Honduras’ Ernesto Zelaya, after Zelaya’s own party removed him from office.

Simply put, we have left our economy in the hands of Obama, our military in the hands of Joe Biden, and our banking system in the hands of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.  And at this point, something’s got to give.


Methods of dissent such as passing a resolution condemning the recklessness of the current administration would not only be appropriate.  They are necessary.  If the current United States Congress doesn’t see fit to pass such resolutions, then it is the job of state houses to fill the void in national leadership.

State legislators and local leaders must push for resolutions condemning the devastation of our economy, of our security and of our standing at the hands of the hapless Obama administration.  And when one state legislature acts, five others will follow suit in a matter of days.

It’s time for Barack Obama to stop worrying about illegal aliens in Arizona and to start worrying about the American people who trusted him to keep them safe.  Like many of you reading this, I saw through the smoke and mirrors before he was elected.  But many didn’t.  They elected him on the hope, change, and prayer that he would steward this country well.  None other than Supreme Military Commander Joe Biden attested to his “good judgment” and many believed him.  For that alone, he has a responsibility to keep them safe.

Public Awareness Page “Did You Know…..?”

Posted: 06/24/2010 by Lynn Dartez in We The People

The Restore America Plan

Public Awareness Page “Did You Know…..?”

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SEDM  Sovereignty Education Defense Ministry

Obama Asks America to Commit Suicide

Posted: 06/16/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

By Alan Caruba  Tuesday, June 15, 2010

imagePresident Obama is one of the most articulate we have had in that office. His ability to deliver a speech or a short talk such as his first from the Oval Office Tuesday evening is impressive. He knows how to deliver an address.

What he doesn’t know or doesn’t care about is the difference between the truth and a lie.

His fifteen-minute address was the piling on of one lie after another regarding America’s use of energy and its needs for the future.

It is a lie to say America is “addicted” to “fossil fuels.” Oil is not a fossil fuel. It is not the result of dead dinosaurs. It is created deep in the bowels of the planet. There is an abundance of oil, but with the wealth it creates there is also massive corruption in many of the nations that possess it.


We are no more addicted to oil than we are addicted to oxygen. This extraordinary mineral is a part of every aspect of our lives; used to create plastic, used in pharmaceuticals, used for the asphalt that pave our highways, and used as the fuel for our cars, trucks, and for countless other applications.

Oil is not “finite” as the president suggested. There is no end of oil.

There are, however, tremendous challenges and costs to find it, drill for it, transport it, and refine it. It is an industry that requires huge amounts of money to discover new reservoirs of oil and even more to acquire it. It involves tremendous risk as well. Oil companies that hit too many dry wells are no longer in business.

The president cited China as a nation pursuing “clean energy”, but the president said nothing of the new coal-fired plants to generate electricity that China has been opening every week in recent years and will continue to do in the years ahead. The president did not mention that China is literally drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Cuba. Like every modern nation, China needs oil.

The president is lying. There is no “clean energy future” when he talks of solar and wind energy

America needs oil, but the policies of previous administrations from the 1970s onward have stymied production, shut down existing wells, driven oil companies to seek it anywhere but here!

Instead, he devoted the thrust of his address to tell Americans they must “embrace a clean energy future”, must “transition away” from so-called fossil fuels, and that the nation must, in fact, “accelerate” that effort.

The president is lying. There is no “clean energy future” when he talks of solar and wind energy.

Neither solar or wind can begin to compete with oil, coal and natural gas. If they were viable, the government would not have to plunder the national treasury to provide them with subsidies, requiring that they be included as a source by utilities.

Together, after many years of propaganda, they only provide about three percent of the nation’s energy requirements. They will never provide enough because the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. Every wind and solar farm must be backed up by a traditional plant, be it coal-fired, nuclear, natural gas or hydroelectric.

Instead, this administration has declared war on the most abundant source of energy we have in America, coal. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal.

Coal provides fifty percent of our electricity and it could provide even more; a source that could last for centuries, except that the Obama administration is doing everything it can to thwart the building of new coal-fired plants, to shut down coal mining operations.

If Americans continue to believe this president’s lies, if we continue to believe decades of lies by environmental organizations, many of whom have been the happy recipients of oil industry largess and support, and if we abandon the very sources of energy on which our entire economy and way of life depends, this president will have led America off the cliff.

President Obama is asking America to commit suicide.

Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag Thanks Tpgow

Posted: 06/16/2010 by Lynn Dartez in un

June 8, 2010 @ 12:51 pm

Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag  080610oil

  • Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand
  • Halliburton link, acquisition of cleanup company days before explosion
  • BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment
  • Government uses disaster to push for Carbon Tax, Nationalization talk

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Tuesday, Jun 8th, 2010

Troubling evidence surrounding the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th suggests that the incident could have been manufactured.

On April 12th, just over one week before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, Halliburton, the world’s second largest oilfield services corporation, surprised some by acquiring Boots & Coots, a relatively small but vastly experienced oil
well control companies.

The company deals with fires and blowouts on oil rigs and oil wells. It was responsible for putting out roughly one third of the more than 700 oil well fires set in Kuwait by retreating Iraqi soldiers during the Gulf War.

The deal itself is still under scrutiny with Boots and Coots facing an ongoing investigation into “possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law”

Where this information gets really interesting is with the fact that Halliburton is named in the majority of some two dozen lawsuits filed since the explosion by Gulf Coast people and businesses who claim that the company is to blame for the disaster.

Halliburton was forced to admit in testimony at a congressional hearing last month that it carried out a cementing operation 20 hours before the Gulf of Mexico rig went up in flames. The lawsuits claim that four Halliburton workers stationed on the rig improperly capped the well.

As the New York Times noted on May 26th, “BP officials chose, partly for financial reasons, to use a type of casing for the well that the company knew was the riskier of two options,”

Workers from the rig and company officials have said that hours before the explosion, gases were leaking through the cement, which had been set in place by the oil services contractor, Halliburton. Investigators have said these leaks were the likely cause of the explosion.”

According to a 2007 study by Minerals Management Service, cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 rig blowouts in the gulf between 1992 and 2006.

Another intriguing connection Boots and Coots has to the Deepwater Horizon explosion comes via Pat Campbell, the man BP has employed to cap the well beneath the ruined rig. Campbell worked for Boots and Coots as general manager for many years.

BP has admitted to buying Yahoo and Google keywords in an attempt to control publicly available information in the wake of the catastrophe. It seems that the company is taking all the flack for the spill while the Halliburton link is being roundly ignored.

BP’s prepared testimony briefing, which has since leaked online, also intriguingly notes that the Hydraulic Control System on equipment designed to automatically seal the well in an emergency was modified without their knowledge sometime before the explosion.

“the extent of these modifications is unknown at this time” states the report on page 37.

Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag  080610BP

Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag  140410banner4

Possible prior knowledge of the explosion is also evident via huge dumping of stocks and shares in the weeks and days prior to the incident.

Goldman Sachs dumped 44% of its shares in BP Oil during the first quarter – shares that subsequently lost 36 percent of their value, equating to $96 million.

Other asset management firms also sold huge blocks of BP stock in the first quarter. Though the amounts pale in comparison to Goldman’s holdings, Wachovia, owned by Wells Fargo, sold 98% of its shares in BP and Swiss bank UBS sold 97% of its BP shares.

Furthermore, as reported by the London Telegraph on June 5th, Tony Hayward, the chief executive of BP, sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the spill.

In the days before the Deepwater explosion, Obama had announced a new effort to explore for and lease new drilling locations in the deep Gulf and in Alaska. In the wake of the disaster, these plans have been cancelled and BP is taking a PR bashing.

All of which has been capitalized on by the Obama administration to reinvigorate talk of a carbon tax and has created the opportunity to reintroduce the idea of nationalizing oil, which the Democratic leadership has long sought.

The full story of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is yet to emerge, there are rumours of more spills and an ongoing coverup. The site represents a $2.2 trillion source of wealth and power, a motive along with a plethora of suspicious activity that needs to be investigated further.

Obama Deliberately Did This Thanks Longknife

Posted: 06/14/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I wonder how long it is going to take the good people like Sean Hannity to stop saying Obama is incompetent in handling the Gulf Gusher, because literally Sean Hannity is too good of a soul to ever conclude that anyone would take a disaster and turn it into a catastrophe as Obama did in the natural gas explosion and pressure pipe fissure off Louisiana.

For goodness reasons, Sean Hannity can not link that Rahm Emanuel was using the economic crisis, broadening it to strangle America after Bush 43 had the situation stabilized in January 2009, to as the evidence reveals gut GM and turn it over to union thugs, just like the stimulus was an economic bribe to Obama’s cronies, but linking it to the same situation the Gulf is not mentioned deliberate, but as incompetent.

The evidence clearly shows this was a staged event to shut off drilling in America. The main BP official removed heavy drilling grease from a high pressure well over objections and that is what caused this, along with Obama’s Interior who allowed all the safety valves to be disabled.

That is a clear criminal event, but still people do not want to believe that Barack Hussein Obama deliberately polluted the Gulf for political payback.
For the record, this is the American division of British Petroleum which came under attack. Yes the British version stocks will go down, but no one is asking if anyone was short selling these stocks like George Soros either.
The British version of BP also is drilling and sitting on huge quantities of Libyan oil when
Obama sat back and allowed the Lockerbie terrorist who murdered 300 Americans to be freed, all for Libyan oil contracts from Obama’s number one Muslim cheerleader in Khadaffi.
Exactly like DAY ONE in America, Obama only protested after the fact to cover his ass, just like he has “protested” in silence over Persian Patriots being murdered by the Iranian communist regime.

The Houston Chronicle has broken a story that in the first days of this gusher, the Dutch offered ships, oil siphoning booms and other assistance directly to Obama and BP.
Obama sent an official letter of “NO THANKS”.

Remember after 9 11 that Bush 43 had Norwegian fighters patrolling American skies? Remember after Katrina how Bush 43 waved maritime laws which forbid foreign ships from operating port to port in America?
Yet Obama deliberately has shut down every effort to do anything to cap this gusher.

This blog offered the fix immediately after revealing exclusively the lies being put out this was a methane ice event in capping the well. BP only took like 45 days to do an inferior method, which allowed the complete pollution of the Gulf.

America has not seen the end of this, as Americans are so concerned about a hurricane driving that oil up on American shores, but what happens with Bowbama in a hurricane when this oil floods over Cuba, Venezuela or Brazil, and they haul the American taxpayer in for clean up costs and not “bankrupt” BP still making billions?
Obama will be borrowing more money Americans will have to pay back to clean up other nations for the deliberate criminal dithering he has played out.

There are absolutely no doubts in this. This all could have been handled as the Saudi’s did in their massive spill, but Obama denied, defied and dithered any action to take place to alieviate this until a month into this. It is all so completely Obama motive in repeated criminal process that I honestly wonder how long it is going to take a united voice from the pundits to point out what this blog has revealed from the beginning in Obama deliberately did all this.

Obama is thee most heinous environmental holocaust instigator since Saddam Hussein, and if the Gulf were Jews instead of gulls, he would have even surpassed Adolf Hitler’s final solution.

I state none of that lightly as Obama wiped out deliberately the GOP Gulf States. He is in process destroying 1 million jobs there in a Super Depression.
For those who have not been listening, there is ONE STATE in North Dakota which has been sinking a hundred oil wells, has an economic surplus, has made hundreds of millionaires………AND BARACK

I realize that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are too good of souls to even contemplate that someone like Obama would be in a conspiracy to destroy individual GOP States, and deliberately pollute an entire gulf just to keep money flowing to his Muslim oil mafia and European banking cronies as America is disassembled by him from within so he can set up a thugocracy perpetual power Obamanation, it is time Paul Revere in this ride from this blog echo in the minds of talkers for them to finally grasp how heinous B. Hussein Obama is, as that is what the evidence is.

Goodness people, was it I.G. Farben’s fault what Hitler did to Jews or was it Hitlers?

Was it Stalin’s fault what he did to Ukrainians in starving 40 million to death or was it winter’s fault in freezing the starving masses?

Was it Pol Pot’s fault in the killing fields of Cambodia or was it the local wooden club manufacturer whose clubs beat people to death?

One should get the point by now, that when someone named Obama strangles the American economy, loots the Treasury for payoffs to cronies, divides up GM for unions, enslaves Mexicans, bribes the Democratic Congress for rationed death and pollutes the entire Gulf of America, that it is all a pattern of criminality which surpasses the most murderous despots in history, and Obama is not done yet.

Listen my children, those lamps in the Old North Church burning here are not pretty lights, but warning signals.

What is it going to take for good people to simply repeat the reality, Barack Hussein Obama did this deliberately.

Posted by Lame Cherry at 9:05 AM