Obama Deliberately Did This Thanks Longknife

Posted: 06/14/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I wonder how long it is going to take the good people like Sean Hannity to stop saying Obama is incompetent in handling the Gulf Gusher, because literally Sean Hannity is too good of a soul to ever conclude that anyone would take a disaster and turn it into a catastrophe as Obama did in the natural gas explosion and pressure pipe fissure off Louisiana.

For goodness reasons, Sean Hannity can not link that Rahm Emanuel was using the economic crisis, broadening it to strangle America after Bush 43 had the situation stabilized in January 2009, to as the evidence reveals gut GM and turn it over to union thugs, just like the stimulus was an economic bribe to Obama’s cronies, but linking it to the same situation the Gulf is not mentioned deliberate, but as incompetent.

The evidence clearly shows this was a staged event to shut off drilling in America. The main BP official removed heavy drilling grease from a high pressure well over objections and that is what caused this, along with Obama’s Interior who allowed all the safety valves to be disabled.

That is a clear criminal event, but still people do not want to believe that Barack Hussein Obama deliberately polluted the Gulf for political payback.
For the record, this is the American division of British Petroleum which came under attack. Yes the British version stocks will go down, but no one is asking if anyone was short selling these stocks like George Soros either.
The British version of BP also is drilling and sitting on huge quantities of Libyan oil when
Obama sat back and allowed the Lockerbie terrorist who murdered 300 Americans to be freed, all for Libyan oil contracts from Obama’s number one Muslim cheerleader in Khadaffi.
Exactly like DAY ONE in America, Obama only protested after the fact to cover his ass, just like he has “protested” in silence over Persian Patriots being murdered by the Iranian communist regime.

The Houston Chronicle has broken a story that in the first days of this gusher, the Dutch offered ships, oil siphoning booms and other assistance directly to Obama and BP.
Obama sent an official letter of “NO THANKS”.

Remember after 9 11 that Bush 43 had Norwegian fighters patrolling American skies? Remember after Katrina how Bush 43 waved maritime laws which forbid foreign ships from operating port to port in America?
Yet Obama deliberately has shut down every effort to do anything to cap this gusher.

This blog offered the fix immediately after revealing exclusively the lies being put out this was a methane ice event in capping the well. BP only took like 45 days to do an inferior method, which allowed the complete pollution of the Gulf.

America has not seen the end of this, as Americans are so concerned about a hurricane driving that oil up on American shores, but what happens with Bowbama in a hurricane when this oil floods over Cuba, Venezuela or Brazil, and they haul the American taxpayer in for clean up costs and not “bankrupt” BP still making billions?
Obama will be borrowing more money Americans will have to pay back to clean up other nations for the deliberate criminal dithering he has played out.

There are absolutely no doubts in this. This all could have been handled as the Saudi’s did in their massive spill, but Obama denied, defied and dithered any action to take place to alieviate this until a month into this. It is all so completely Obama motive in repeated criminal process that I honestly wonder how long it is going to take a united voice from the pundits to point out what this blog has revealed from the beginning in Obama deliberately did all this.

Obama is thee most heinous environmental holocaust instigator since Saddam Hussein, and if the Gulf were Jews instead of gulls, he would have even surpassed Adolf Hitler’s final solution.

I state none of that lightly as Obama wiped out deliberately the GOP Gulf States. He is in process destroying 1 million jobs there in a Super Depression.
For those who have not been listening, there is ONE STATE in North Dakota which has been sinking a hundred oil wells, has an economic surplus, has made hundreds of millionaires………AND BARACK

I realize that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are too good of souls to even contemplate that someone like Obama would be in a conspiracy to destroy individual GOP States, and deliberately pollute an entire gulf just to keep money flowing to his Muslim oil mafia and European banking cronies as America is disassembled by him from within so he can set up a thugocracy perpetual power Obamanation, it is time Paul Revere in this ride from this blog echo in the minds of talkers for them to finally grasp how heinous B. Hussein Obama is, as that is what the evidence is.

Goodness people, was it I.G. Farben’s fault what Hitler did to Jews or was it Hitlers?

Was it Stalin’s fault what he did to Ukrainians in starving 40 million to death or was it winter’s fault in freezing the starving masses?

Was it Pol Pot’s fault in the killing fields of Cambodia or was it the local wooden club manufacturer whose clubs beat people to death?

One should get the point by now, that when someone named Obama strangles the American economy, loots the Treasury for payoffs to cronies, divides up GM for unions, enslaves Mexicans, bribes the Democratic Congress for rationed death and pollutes the entire Gulf of America, that it is all a pattern of criminality which surpasses the most murderous despots in history, and Obama is not done yet.

Listen my children, those lamps in the Old North Church burning here are not pretty lights, but warning signals.

What is it going to take for good people to simply repeat the reality, Barack Hussein Obama did this deliberately.

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  1. Longknife 21 says:

    I have seen reports that Obama also refused help from British flagged vessels and equipment (and others) citing the Jones Act. The rumor is that American Unions strongly encouraged him to do this, “to protect American (Union) jobs.” I believe it is just to exploit this crisis to demonize the Petroleum industry and to punish Gulf States that did not his Usurperous/ Socialist presidency and unConstitutional administration, as well as furthur his planned destruction of our economy for his implemention of the Cloward-Pivens Strategy.

  2. ILoveAmerica says:

    I agree. The gulf oil spill was not an accident. Most of the charges in your article are very logical and probably true. Never let a good crisis go to waste even if it is a government generated one.

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