Public Awareness Page “Did You Know…..?”

Posted: 06/24/2010 by Lynn Dartez in We The People

The Restore America Plan

Public Awareness Page “Did You Know…..?”

Below you will find the list of the educational files and some links.  Click on each to download or open them.  More materials are soon to come.

Check here often.  For news and official updates Click Here.

Classes (Online Courses) are now being developed.  Click Here to find out what classes are currently available.

Grand Jury 4th Branch of Govt.pdf Unanimous Declaration of Independence-1.pdf Roberts Rules.pdf Grand Jury power take it back.pdf Jury Duty Handbook.pdf constitution circa 1787.pdf Constitution of the uS with orig 13th.pdf An oath for Juror.pdf FIJA Fully informed jury.pdf Proverbs NAS.pdf Corpus Juris Secundum On Grand Jury.pdf The Bush Cheney Police State.pdf USAvsUS.pdf AffCitDomTax.pdf Cert of Exemption-Sanatized gov.doc Exhibit 4001 America is property of britain.doc Historical time line sheet of facts.doc M1 Gold Brief.pdf Pledge of TBS sample test.doc Secrets of the bank of england revealed at last.doc Senate Report 93-549 Emergency Powers.pdf Structure of the Birth

SEDM  Sovereignty Education Defense Ministry


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