“Little Obama” a poster child for UN Poverty

Posted: 09/08/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

By Judi McLeod  Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The world’s “Global Citizen” numero uno President Barack Obama will be taking center stage to address a summit to lead the achievement of U.N. goals to combat poverty and the annual ministerial meeting of the General Assembly, later this month.

The meeting on the Millennium Development goals will be held from Sept. 20-22, with Obama addressing the high-level session on the afternoon of Sept. 22—his second appearance before the 192-nation world body.

The anti-poverty goals, adopted by world leaders at a summit in 2000, including cutting extreme poverty by half, ensuring universal primary education, halting and reversing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and cutting child and maternal mortality — all by 2015—has faltered.

The last time UN delegates met to wipe out poverty, they gorged on steak and lobster tails with African children trying to quench their thirst from a nearby spigot, during the 2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit.  These were back in the days when Obama had not pledged his loyalty to the UN by turning in Arizona on human rights complaints.

The Obama hype preceding his address to the Millennium Development session is similar to the hype that marks the work in progress known as the reinvention of Barry Soetoro.  A banner ad,  which was submitted to,  but didn’t win the UN-sponsored We Can End Poverty 2015 Millennium Development Goals,  portrays Obama as a poor African child looking out through the windows of a luxury car.  The entry by artist Stefan Einarsson had 176 votes.  Einarsson did not win on the Obama entry but did win on another entry.

“All is not over,” We Can End Poverty states on its homepage.  “We are sending some of the ads to major European newspapers to be published in your countries. We also have partners who will be doing exhibitions of the ads in different cities. If you are interested in organizing an exhibit contact us at info@wecanendpoverty.eu// ‘;l[1]=’a’;l[2]=’/’;l[3]=”;l[28]=’\”‘;l[29]=’ 117′;l[30]=’ 101′;l[31]=’ 46′;l[32]=’ 121′;l[33]=’ 116′;l[34]=’ 114′;l[35]=’ 101′;l[36]=’ 118′;l[37]=’ 111′;l[38]=’ 112′;l[39]=’ 100′;l[40]=’ 110′;l[41]=’ 101′;l[42]=’ 110′;l[43]=’ 97′;l[44]=’ 99′;l[45]=’ 101′;l[46]=’ 119′;l[47]=’ 64′;l[48]=’ 111′;l[49]=’ 102′;l[50]=’ 110′;l[51]=’ 105′;l[52]=’:’;l[53]=’o’;l[54]=’t’;l[55]=’l’;l[56]=’i’;l[57]=’a’;l[58]=’m’;l[59]=’\”‘;l[60]=’=’;l[61]=’f’;l[62]=’e’;l[63]=’r’;l[64]=’h’;l[65]=’a ‘;l[66]=’= 0; i=i-1){
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// ]]>. Also you can still vote for your favorite works on our Facebook page. And we warmly invite you to participate in next year’s Unleash Your Creativity competition. Watch this space for more info.”

“MDG Summit: 
UN Europe’s Unleash Your Creativity campaign is to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals and also to make European citizen’s voices heard by World leaders gathering in New York on 20 September at the MDG Summit to take stock of the progress achieved towards the Goals. And although the competition is finished, it is no time for flat lining, we need your voices and your active participation more than ever. Some of our MDG Advocates and Millennium Friends have taped short interviews to talk about the MDGs, check them out. Last but not least on the week end of 17 to 19 September, millions of people all across the world will Stand Up Against Poverty.”

Also included in the hype department paving the road to Obama’s address to the UN Millennium Development Goals is an official trailer for a video entitled Obama Anak Menteng (Little Obama) now circulating the Internet.

It is well known that “Little Obama” never endured poverty in his childhood but grew up to be president whose White House parties include $100-a-lb.  waygyu steak.

Meanwhile, Obama who was elected as U.S. President in 2008, but who has been coming on like King of the World ever since, could do the world a favor by relocating United Nation headquarters from Manhattan to Mecca.


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