Congressman John Boehner has agreed to hand deliver petitions to demandObama’s resignation!

Posted: 09/11/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Friday, June 25, 2010

This is not an online petition, it must be printed, signed, and mailed, Please Read the Instructions on the Petition.

ObamaRelease YourRecords on 11:01 AM [update(s) below] The Obama resignation letter drive that Major General Paul Vallely spoke about is now in full swing.  This project is being spearheaded by Chalice Jackson of Patriots Heart Network, whom is also partnered with Veteran Defenders, Stand Up America, 20 Turns, The Captain’s AMERICA, United States Justice Foundation, The Post & EmailThe Birther Report, Act! for America, The Regulators, The Gold Coast Chronicle, America Coast to Coast, Well Regulated American Militias, You Have Tread On Me, and Sonoran Weekly Review.  The goal is to send a message to Obama & Gang that we the people are serious and we demand action.

It was also reported that Congressman John Boehner’s office confirmed that Rep. Boehner would present the Obama resignation petitions to the House, WHICH HAS NOW BEEN RETRACTED BY PHN, SEE PRESS RELEASE! It must be noted that Rep. Boehner is not involved with the petition drive itself.  This is a grassroots movement.  *PLEASE READ(7/1): A press release was posted by the Patriot’s Heart Network regarding the Congressman Boehner situation, here;

Now, it is up to we the people to get the petition letters sent.  This is something that can be done in the comfort of your home, with ease.  PHN is looking to sign-up at least 1,000 participants by Sunday, just to get started, help make that happen… The instructions on what to do, posted below full text of the ‘No Confidence We Demand Resignation Petition Letter,’…

[note: this project is time-sensitive, act now, you can print directly from embedded docs below or use direct link for PDF(s) below]
The No Confidence We Demand Resignation Petition Letter for Obama et al.

No Confidence We Demand Resignation Petition Instructions and Worksheet


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