Obama’s Threat to America

Posted: 09/11/2010 by Lynn Dartez in 2011

By Christopher Massie  Saturday, September 11, 2010

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” With these words, Barack Hussein Obama would hear the sound of cheering voices erupt from every corner of the room he was working. He stood before a podium that was dressed with the now famous banner carrying the moniker, “Change We Need.”

The campaign managers organized the audience perfectly so that as the cameras captured the throngs of cheering audience members – these folks shouting in unison for the virtually unknown Senator from Illinois – there would be no question who in America was supporting Obama.

Young, overwhelming Caucasian, enthusiast Americans, unquestionably there for their moment of glory, were swept up by the very thought of changing America. These folks cheering for the squeaky clean candidate they knew precious little about were positioned as intelligent middle class America; fed up with the status quo. Ask a single member of the Obama multitude the definition of “Fundamental Transformation”, however, and the verbal javelins of “Racist” would be hurled with pure vengeance.

The entire country was so gripped with the fear of being labeled a racist or bigot that the media handled Obama, his background and the very people Barack associated with, with the thickest kid gloves ever afforded a candidate for the Presidency. When Rolling Stone Magazine revealed the character of Pastor Wright – the pastor who leads the church Obama attended for many, many years – Obama would simply utter a few well-placed words and the country went about its business. Obama’s own books, too, reveal much about Obama’s principle character; never discussed by the mainstream media during the campaign. Crave more? Campaign interviews reveal Obama describing his own maternal Grandmother as a “Typical White Person”; turn the tables and see how far the media would allow Bush to roam after uttering a conversely racial statement. For a country that considers itself so vastly removed from the days of Selma Alabama and Rosa Parks, it was fascinating to witness the freedom allowed Obama to be so openly racist.

Another of the more perplexing ironies of the Obama condition was the way in which even his opponents handled the race against the black president to be. There can be no questioning the strength of Clinton in the south. I recall living in Louisiana, just outside the Quarter, when Bill’s first term win was announced. The streets filled with revelers, gunshots could be heard in joyous celebration, and throughout the streets of New Orleans black men and women would gleefully chant for days on end that there was a new sheriff in town. Bill Clinton was the black man’s president, there was no questioning it.

Hillary was furious to learn of Obama’s quote one afternoon during the campaign when it would be made public that her rival was praising the work of the Republicans over what had been accomplished by the Democrats in recent years. Hillary called her aides to announce her thoughts for commercial ads decrying Obama as a flip-flopper; she wanted the ads to depict him as a “Chameleon”. Before the campaign folks would even discuss costs, the idea was scrapped. Why? An ad that stars an animal changing “color” will be immediately labeled as racist, they concluded. We’ll be crucified, the aids demanded. The First Lady of the black man’s president had been reduced to running a campaign in fear of the first potential black president.

And so it would go throughout the campaign for Obama. The fear of reprisal that hovered over white America would be a major aspect of the outcome of the election for the Presidency of 2008. As the promise of fundamental change – which would only later be understood to be much more of a threat – continued to fall upon deaf ears, Obama won primary after primary, racking up wins in state after state. Strangely, quietly, eerily, the man from Illinois took over the country; and the transformation began.

Eighteen months into the “Fundamental Change” that Barrack Hussein Obama threatened to level upon this country, America is beginning to understand the sermon.

For the minority few who remain blinded to the truth, there is an important document that is required reading. For the majority who now understand the mistake voted into office, this document should be shared with your acquaintances that are not yet exposed to the light.

That document is here:

Pat Toomey for US SenateIt’s time for principled, balanced
leadership in Washington.


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Christopher Massie, BS, CS, Founder & Patriot of Drain The Swamp 2010
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  1. any videos basically demonstrates nonsense, you guys Would you mind nicely with my I will

  2. mutuelle says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ;)…

  3. Jack says:

    The voters who elected Barack Hussein Obama never bothered to do any research, or check his background. All they heard was Hope and Change. If voters had bothered to check, Obama would not have been elected. I don’t know if they have learned their lesson or not – I sure hope so. America and the World cannot afford another Obama. I pray we can weather the storm until November 2012.

  4. Longknife 21 says:

    By now it should be clear to all that Obama is an anti-capitalist, anti-Constitutional International/socialist/totalitarian. He has been “sugar-coated” by the media for public consumption, while the Democratic Party leadership knew of his Alinskyite/communist beliefs and goals, and throughly agree with him.
    I consider myself to be a ‘Jeffersonian Democrat’ but our party has been stolen by Liberal?/Progressive/socialists and radical leftists until it has become the Communist Party. Anyone that runs for any office at any level as a “Democrat” is actually running under the leadership of Communists. If they try to describe themselves as ‘conservative’, ‘patriotic’ or ‘moderate’ Democrats they are either a liar or a damn fool! If they march under the banner of the Democratic Party, they are really under the banner and leadership of Communists.
    Local and state candidates should run as Independent Democrats and cut all ties with the National Democrats. This is the only way we can take back the Democrat Party from these One World totalitarian Elitists.
    It pains me to say this, but I will not vote for anyone that runs as a Democrat, even if I know them personally and like them. If they won’t change the parties direction and leadership, they don’t belong in public service. Any support for the Democrats is ultimately support for International Socialism under Totalitarian Elitist control.
    It is time we all faced this fact. I am NOT saying you should vote Republican, they are also equally bad in some cases, and often far too liberal & big-gov’t, but vote for an American. Independent candidates can win, and decent Democrats will be forced to either take back our party or start a new one.

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