Why Carry a Gun

Posted: 09/15/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Guns


Well, if you think that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns for self-defense, you’re essentially in favor of pushing all those folks into that ring with the heavyweight, because that’s the power balance on the street. There are no weight classes, no referees, and no fair fights.

Carry a Gun? – by John Farnum

“Police Protection” is a contradiction of terms! Police rarely stop crimes from taking place. Rather, we spend most of our time investigating offences, after the damage has been done, and after innocent victims have been permanently disabled/deformed or murdered.

Accordingly, I carry a gun, because I’m too young to be murdered, and too old to suffer crippling injury at the hands of violent criminals.


I don’t go armed, because I harbor a secret desire to kill people, any more than I wear a seat belt while driving, because I have some compulsive desire to become involved in traffic accidents!

I don’t carry a gun, so that I can scare people. I carry a gun, because the world is a scary place!

I don’t carry a gun as a delusional response to imaginary threats. I carry a gun, so that I can deal effectively with real threats!

I don’t carry a gun, because I’m evil. I carry a gun, because I’ve already seen more evil than I ever wanted to!

I don’t carry a gun, because I hate government. I carry a gun, because I’ve seen how woefully limited and impotent all governments are!

I don’t carry a gun, because I’m angry. I carry a gun, so that I won’t have to spend the rest of my shortened life being angry with myself for being naively unprepared.

I don’t carry a gun, because I want to become involved in a lethal confrontation. I carry a gun, because I want to die of old age, surrounded by family, in my own bed, not alone and hemorrhaging on a dirty street.

I don’t carry a gun, because I’m a Cowboy. I carry a gun because, when I die (of old age) and go to Heaven, I want to be a Cowboy!

I don’t carry a gun, because it makes me feel like a man. I carry a gun because real men know how to take care of themselves, and the ones they love, and do so without apology!

I don’t carry a gun because I’m “inadequate.” I carry a gun, because, when unarmed and facing three brutish thugs, I am inadequate!

I don’t carry a gun, because I love doing it. I carry a gun, because I love life!

At some point, all of us will have to wager our lives on the outcome of a single event. There are some things worth risking everything to save; some things, without which, there will no longer be anything to live for! At that moment, you either step up to the plate, or slink away. Either way, you’ll never have another chance!

Police are charged with a “general duty” to investigate suspicions circumstances and identify, apprehend, and charge criminals, once a crime has been committed. We also have a “general duty” to answer calls in a timely manner and patrol the community in a good-faith effort to deter crime. Of course, all this must be done within the constraints of our resources.

In some cases, courts are empowered to issue “restraining orders,” but, as we know, the “restraint” is not physical. The court-order is merely a piece of paper. Who compulsively commit violent crimes are seldom deterred.

So, “citizen protection” is, and must remain, a general term. Police do the best they can, but we are never tasked with a specific duty to provide absolute protection to any particular individual at any particular time nor place, nor are we required to respond to calls within a specific amount of time.

And, we get paid the same, regardless of outcome!

Logical conclusion: You’re on your own!

There is a critical difference between being injured as a result of an accident, as opposed to an act of criminal violence.

When I fall off a ladder and break my leg, although in pain, I’m laughing at my clumsiness the next day. Conversely, when I suffer the same injury as the result of some two-bit thug who first pistol-whipped me, and then shot me before departing with my wallet, I will forever curse myself for allowing a scumbag to terrorize me and my family.

The critical difference is the ‘Voluntary Submission to Criminal Violence’ factor.

That is the part that scars victims for life, the realization that they, for whatever reason, willfully allowed themselves to be vulnerable, and that someone would be evil enough to perpetrate such a malignant act.

Victims of violent crime experience genuine terror, and it never ends! They don’t laugh at themselves the next day, nor any day! They forever blame themselves for being weak, naive, self-righteously stupid, and intentionally unprepared. No amount of rationalization eases the pain! They vainly long for the opportunity to ‘do it over,’ but it is forever denied them!

And, past-tense ‘justice,’ at long-last meted-out by the criminal-justice system, is ever of scant consolation!

The exception is the select few of us who regularly go armed and are trained and prepared to use deadly force when necessary. When confronting violent criminals, we may be inconvenienced, even hurt physically, but we are not psychologically ruined.

The next day, we are apprehensive and anxious, but we have a deeply-satisfying sense of personal pride for being able and willing to boldly, and successfully, stand up to depraved felons.

We are more apt to feel like wounded warriors, than raped sheep.

Violent death is one thing you can’t “do over!”

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  2. Longknife 21 says:

    Excellent! Anyone that tries to prevent people from effective self-defense is just telling you that you don’t have a Right to Live unless the Gov’t protects you, and they can’t/won’t.
    Lib/Progressive/Socialist Totalitarians are afraid if the People can and will defend themselves from criminal attack, then they might defend themselves from attack by a criminal gov’t. The criminal totalitarianism they have planned for us.

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